Our Clients

Delivering Beyond Expectations: Real Stories of Customer Success

Case Study – GroupM

Transforming Media Strategy for the World’s Leading Media Investment Company

Case Study – BabyG

Developed an application for a Parent Care Company revolutionizing early care

Case Study – Healthlink HHA

How a Custom CRM can Boost the Efficiency of a Home Care Company

Case Study – 3ProngHealth (Wellity)

Revolutionizing Healthcare Communication with LLM Integration

Case Study – MentalBar

We Developed Innovative User-Interface Strategies for a Mental Health Support Platform

Case Study – SDOH2

We Developed a Platform that Facilitates Data Collection and Survey Management

Case Study – LaborIQ

Optimizing Talent Acquisition with AWS Integration

Case Study – Kineseometrics

Developed a Post-Progressive Tracking with a Smartphone-based Application

Case Study – KometDental

We helped a Dental Platform in their Journey to Global Expansion Through Data-Driven Insights

Case Study – KickSnap

Transformed Shopping Experience with Image Recognition for Sneaker Brand

Case Study – BirthModel

We Implemented EHR Integration and automation for childbirth management platform achieving $23,500 average cost savings!

Case Study – Remedy

We Accelerated DICOM Processing, Achieving 99% Success, and Improving Operational Efficiency

Case Study – YouFlerish

We Built an iOS and Android App Empowering Users to Optimize Life Through Flourishing Measures and Insights from a Like-Minded Community.

Case Study – Wellity

We Built a Healthcare Platform Using Tech and Large Language Models Enhancing the Delivery with Personalized Solutions for Providers, Patients, and Parents.

Case Study – ID-QUEUE

We've Developed an App to Connect Healthcare Providers, Streamlining Patient Care and Removing Barriers to Accessing Specialty Services in the Healthcare Environment.

Case Study – TravelRite

We have developed a mobile app that helps users make eco-friendly choices, reducing their carbon footprint through our sustainability platform.

Case Study – LiveBand

We built a smart iOS tool to make your activities smoother on Apple devices, focusing on a better and easier experience.

Case Study – Virtus

We've implemented a solution for an insurance platform that involves seamless document scanning and parsing.

Case Study – Savior Labs

We've crafted a healthcare platform with advanced equipment for improved diagnostics and patient care.

Case Study – Courtyardly

We made a platform that transforms the performing arts, connecting artists, mentors, recruiters, and art vendors for a thriving and engaged artistic community.

Case Study – Our Office

A Deep Dive into Innovative Solutions for Efficient and Inclusive Workplace Management

Case Study – Kroo

We developed a platform that offered an advanced communication medium between vendors and sellers in the telecom industry in the US.

Case Study – Kurvv

We Partnered With An ML Platform To Help Their Customers Explore Data Insights.

Case Study – LiiiT

We developed an app enabling remote light control, dynamic bulb color changes, and synced light shows with music.

Case Study – RecoveryPlus.health

We tailored a platform for remote rehab programs, offering advanced personalized solutions for diverse medical conditions.

Case Study – HROne

We've constructed a modern Human Resource Management platform infused with AI and ChatGPT

Case Study – StartupOS

Empowering early-stage startups to succeed with our virtual platform and resources

Case Study – Turtle Health

A virtual fertility counseling clinic designed to bring fertility care directly to users at their location

Case Study – Wundercare

A cloud-based child care platform for day care centers, after school programs, and other childcare businesses.

Case Study – ChartBiopsy

We designed a platform to help physicians deliver high-value care

Case Study – Trabus

Mapping the Waves: Water Navigation with Mapbox and DevOps

Case Study – SeqDash [NYGC]

We helped our client to convert the old application into a new stack

Case Study – Giganet

Ideated and built a Linkedin+ Zoom type platform for corporates using Design Sprint

Case Study – Converter Database

Designing and Developing an Online Database Platform Based on XRF Values

Case Study – OnTheHouze

We built on-demand services and deals app for the Israeli market

Case Study – Smapp

We built a mobile app and web-based solution for salespeople to manage product sales

Case Study – Membersy

Elevating Dental Membership by Designing an Interactive Website Journey

Case Study – CodeRev

Mindbowser’s augmented team helped an e-learning platform add new features at a faster pace

Case Study – CureBenefits

Worked with an Insurance Benefits Startup to Augment Their Development Team and Accelerate the Development

Case Study – EHR Platform

An advanced way to track healthcare records

Case Study – Mocingbird

Streamlining the accreditation process for physicians

Case Study – MangoMirror

We developed a smart mirror solution with personal health and daily activity tracker

Case Study – UEI Hub

We helped an equipment device manufacturer build smart devices for industrial probe

Case Study – Doxy.me

We helped launch a Telemedicine platform in 21 days

Case Study – BeaconMedaes

We worked with a fortune 500 company to build a product configurator app

Case Study – JP Logistics

Built an Uber like app for a luxury car transportation company

Case Study – MMR

We helped build a comprehensive, easy-to-use professional survey and reporting solution

Case Study – Tech5

Built the “Monitoring and Management Tool” That is Used to Streamline DevOps Operations

Case Study – The RunDown

We worked with one of the leading online betting platforms that offer real-time odds from the most popular sports events and markets

Case Study – Data Dialogue

We Built a Cutting-edge Solution to Improve Fleet Efficiency

Case Study – Aghora

Web Scraping Service to Streamline data for an eCommerce company

Case Study – TTA

Digital transformation of a training solutions provider to become an HRTech company

Case Study – Jayu Rewards

Jayu Rewards Is A BLE Based Next-Generation Digital Rewards System

Case Study – Phalanx

We applied the “Design Sprint Approach” for Building a Fitness Training App

Case Study – ThriveHealth

We developed a Patient-Centric HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Platform

Case Study – Team8

Disrupting the Construction Industry with Project Management & Measurement Tool

Case Study – Lifetap

Mindbowser helped redesign and develop a martech application that eventually got acquired

Case Study – TotTech

We built an app that integrates with a smart car seat designed to prevent children from being forgotten in cars

Case Study – GymCloud

A US startup required a backend developer to improve and add new features to their Fitness-based platform

Case Study – YouGovi

We developed a completely new and fascinating application with all delegate methods of Apple's video

Case Study – GoTribe

Our staff augmentation model helped a fitness platform accelerate their launch

Case Study – Simons

We Used Shopify to Improve the User Experience and Create a Compelling Interface

Case Study – Checkmarks

We Built an App that can Help Parents Monitor and Monetize their Kid’s Activity

Case Study – Mako

Designed Advanced Software that Manages All the Hardware Requirements

Case Study – Endoluxe

We Built the First State of the Art Endoscopy Infrastructure on Mobile

Case Study – Farbinder

Designed an On-demand Application to Connect Local Merchants

Case Study – Mindworks

We Built a Meditation Application for a Non-profit Organization That is Today Being Used by 250k+ People

Case Study – Unispace

Tracking Employee Activity Through the Application

Case Study – Thirty2Give

A virtual mentorship platform for knowledge seekers

Case Study – Vesica

Simplifying the luggage tracking process for a travel application

Case Study – Shortlist (DevOps)

Our BOT Model Helped an HR Tech Company to Build Their Technology

Case Study – Data Analytics

We Worked with the Largest Genome Research Institute on Building New Interfaces

Case Study – Succulent Studios

We helped an ecommerce company optimize their supply chain using data

Case Study – ProofPilot

We Simplified the Complexity of the Healthcare Industry

Case Study – CLOC

We build an easy-to-use-app to provide tools and resources to parents, kids and their care team

Case Study – Kurvv

Machine learning into your business process without code or data scientists

Case Study – Flex Gym Share

Building a Web Scraper to fulfill data needs for a membership marketplace platform

Case Study – Sundar

Connecting Emerging and Established Designers With Manufacturers Using Data Scraping

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