GCCs in India: A Thriving Ecosystem

India maintains its position as the favoured choice for establishing Global Capacity Centers (GCCs). As per the half-yearly analysis by NASSCOM, India proudly nurtures a thriving GCC ecosystem, housing a remarkable tool of 158 GCCs. These centres collectively accommodate an extensive talent pool comprising over 1.66 million highly skilled professionals.

A Billion-Dollar Frontier

The GCC market in India has witnessed remarkable growth, surging to a staggering USD 46 billion in FY2023.

Innovation Hubs: India’s Tier-1 Cities

Tier-1 cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad have emerged as dynamic innovation hubs, with all 18 new GCCs choosing these locations in the first half of 2023.

Unlocking the Advantages of GCC

Access to Global Talent

GCCs encompass a path to an extensive and efficient network of diverse talents from across the globe. Whether your aim is to seek technological experts, strategic visionaries, or innovative minds, we provide you with the means to harness the significant abilities of the world’s finest talents.


GCCs offer unparalleled scalability, empowering organizations to swiftly adjust their operations in accordance with market fluctuations or expansion prospects. We have inherent flexibility guaranteeing that the enterprises can maintain their agility and responsiveness to meet the evolving demands.

Increase Operational Efficiency

GCCs are strategically designed to optimize operations and foster heightened efficiency. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, adhering to industry-landscape practices, and implementing streamlined processes, we effectively augment productivity, eliminate issues, and elevate operational efficiency.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

We will ensure that your GCC is established in strict adherence to the prevailing local laws and regulations, encompassing employment laws, tax laws, and environmental regulations. Our commitment lies in guaranteeing the utmost compliance and adherence to the legal framework governing your GCC setup.


GCCs can provide you with a strong operational foundation for success through their world-class infrastructure. The infrastructure comprises advanced facilities, IT infrastructure, robust security systems, and exceptional scalability. We ensure that organizations have access to top-notch resources to facilitate their growth.

Cost Efficient

The establishment of the Global Capability Center (GCC) offers an opportunity to achieve cost-efficiency. We aim to deliver top-notch services at a considerably lower expense. This enables your organization to allocate more resources towards encouraging innovation and facilitating expansion.

Support Services

To optimize the performance of your employees, it is important to provide them with adequate support. Our comprehensive range of services, including cleaning, maintenance, security, and catering, guarantees the impeccable service of GCC workspace, while also providing the team with a wide range of accessible options.

Defining Mindbowser’s GCC Landscape

Product updates & upgrades

Hub for As-a-service Transformation

Our forthcoming centre will serve as a pivotal platform for various functions, including customer success, facilitating the transition towards an ‘as-a-service’ model.

Brand and Culture

We entail integrating elements like the company’s colour, logo, and branding materials into the office layout, leveraging a cohesive brand-consistent environment.

Improve Customers Trust by DevSecOps Consulting Service

Customer-centric Business Development

We value customer-centricity as a vital driver for growth and value for GCCs. By placing customers at the center of their operations, we are enable to cultivate brand loyalty and effectively monetize their services.

Responsible AI Practices

Generative AI Model

Our GCC model focuses on transforming the post-generative AI era by actively seeking expertise in Generative AI and promoting collaboration between humans and AI to enhance complex problem-solving and foster creativity.

Peer Collaboration

Peer GCC collaboration at Mindbowser emphasizes enhancing operational efficiency, facilitating cost efficiency, and fostering a robust industry ecosystem through increased resilience.

Monetizing the Services

We aim to achieve growth and profitability by prioritizing customer-centricity, harnessing the power of data analytics, exploring new markets, and persistently pushing the boundaries of digital innovation.

Key Pillars of Healthcare GCC

Hire with Flexibility

When it comes to talent acquisition, we prioritize flexibility to ensure that our workforce is not only highly skilled but also adaptable to evolving market demands. Our recruitment strategies have been crafted to ensure agility, enabling us to promptly adapt to evolving business requirements and sustain a distinctive competitive advantage.

Security and Compliance

Our robust systems and protocols are specifically tailored to protect the sensitive information and ensure strict adherence to regulatory standards. By prioritizing security, we not only protect our clients and partners but also build a foundation of trust that is indispensable in today’s interconnected business environment.

In-depth Domain Training

Our focus on Health Level 7 (HL7) FHIR, EHR, FDA, HIPAA compliance and others, enhances our commitment to healthcare, a sector where confidentiality and precision are paramount. Our training programs are designed to empower our workforce, ensuring they are well-versed in industry-specific standards and best practices in HealthTech.

Cost and Operational Efficiency

Through continuous optimization and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we strive to enhance our operational efficiency, resulting in a streamlined and agile work environment. This, in turn, translates into cost benefits for our clients, underscoring our dedication to delivering value and maintaining a sustainable partnership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GCC used for?

The Global Capacity Centre is a strategic initiative for organizations aiming to refine and improve their worldwide operations through effective resource management and optimization. Acting as a center of expertise, it effectively manages the allocation and management of resources, including human capital, technology assets, and investments, across wide business units and geographic locations.

Why are GCCs important?

GCCs are important for several reasons. They enable businesses to dive into a diverse talent pool globally, accessing skilled experts at a lower cost. GCCs foster efficiency by centralizing functions like IT, finance, and customer service, minimizing redundancy, and standardizing the processes. They improve the innovation capabilities of business through extreme collaboration between onshore and offshore teams, establishing new ideas and problem-solving.

What do you need to set up a successful global capability center in India?

To establish a successful Global Capability Center (GCC) in India, you need a strategic approach and the following key factors;

  1. Predetermine a clear and aligned business strategy that outlines the GCC’s objectives, roles, and responsibilities.
  2. Hire and retain top talent, both internally and externally, with the right skills and cultural fit.
  3. Provide a modern and secure physical and digital infrastructure for operations.
  4. Ensure compliance with legal requirements, tax laws, and data protection standards.
  5. Invest in advanced technologies and digital solutions to improve productivity.
  6. Promote a global mindset while respecting the local culture and values.
What are some of the foundational areas of GCC?

Foundational areas of a Global Capability Center (GCC) typically include;

  1. Talent Acquisition: Building and retaining a skilled workforce is important, as it encompasses hiring, training, and professional development.
  2. Governance and Compliance: Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance, including tax laws, data protection, and general regulatory compliance.
  3. Technology: Providing advanced technology, infrastructure, and secure data management systems.
  4. Operation and Service Delivery: Managing day-to-day operations effectively, including process management, quality assurance, and performance management.
  5. Strategic partnerships: Establishing collaborations with universities, industry associations, and government agencies for talent development and regulatory support.
  6. Implementing change management to ensure cost-effectiveness and transparency.

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