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Leverage the benefits of cloud technology to meet your specific business needs and goals. We assess your current infrastructure and determine which workloads and applications can be moved to the cloud.

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We are committed to helping you get the most out of your investment in cloud technology. We know that cloud services are about more than just the technology itself- they also require changes to your workforce and company culture to be successful. Therefore, our solutions encompass all aspects of the cloud, from technology to culture change. With our help, you can make the most of your move to the cloud.

Transform Your Business with Cutting-edge Cloud Solutions


We evaluate the organization’s IT infrastructure and systems to determine the suitability for migration to a cloud computing environment. The team identifies any potential issues or challenges that may arise during the migration process and develops a plan for addressing those issues to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.


Cloud infrastructure services allow businesses to rent computing resources on-demand rather than investing in and maintaining their physical servers and data centers. We handle the maintenance and management of the underlying infrastructure, allowing users to focus on their applications and workloads.

Strategy & Consultation

Our team of experts guides you on how to utilize cloud computing resources best to meet your business goals. The guidance is provided on selecting the right cloud provider, designing and implementing a cloud architecture, and developing a plan for migrating existing systems and data to the cloud.


To optimize the performance, cost and scalability of cloud computing resources. We monitor, analyze, automate and orchestrate the tools and algorithms that help optimize the allocation and use of cloud resources. Cloud optimization aims to maximize the performance of applications and services while optimizing costs and improving overall efficiency.

Security & Operation

The services are designed to protect data and applications from unauthorized access. Our team has expertise in encryption, identity and access management, threat detection and response, and compliance management. As a result, you can easily streamline the process of managing cloud infrastructure and applications, which allows focusing on their core operations.


Moving data and applications from an organization’s own data center to a public cloud or from one public cloud to another. We help in planning, designing, testing and executing the migration. As a result, Mindbowser allows businesses to achieve better performance, reduce costs, and improve the ability to respond to changing business needs.

How We Work?

Identify & Strategize

We identify and understand your needs and requirements to help you make decisions related to cloud services. Then, our team works with you to strategize your plan to achieve those goals.


The team assesses your technical requirements for the project, including scalability, performance and security.


We use the best tools and industry practices to make the process quick and efficient. As a result, customers can experience a seamless transition and implementation of cloud services.


Our team applies best operational practices to optimize and improve the existing services. Every resource and process is optimized to have unlimited usage and provide governance.

Cloud Migration

We help businesses move their IT infrastructure, applications, and data from on-premises environments to the cloud. The services typically include various solutions, such as


Analysis of the current IT environment to determine which systems and applications can be moved to the cloud.

Improve Code Quality


Configuring the cloud infrastructure, creating tests and staging environments, and testing the migration process.

Cloud Migration Services


Executing the migration, moving data and applications to the cloud, and testing the functionality of the migrated systems.

Achieve HIPAA Compliance for Your Cloud Service

HIPAA compliance for a cloud service can be achieved by implementing certain technical, administrative, and physical safeguards. We identify potential vulnerabilities and threats to the integrity and accessibility of Protected Health Information (PHI).

The process includes implementing technical safeguards such as encryption, secure data transmission, and access controls to protect PHI. Administrative safeguards such as HIPAA policies and procedures, team member training, and incident response plans are implemented gradually. Other than that, regular monitoring and auditing of the service to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.

With Mindbowser, you can consult with qualified experts to ensure that you have implemented all of the necessary safeguards and comply with all the relevant regulations.


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Delivering the best solutions starts with understanding the business needs. Our approach is tailored to meet your unique goals and objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a cloud-based application?

The cost to build a cloud-based application varies depending on its size and complexity, the features included, the design and the technology stack used. To get an accurate estimate of your project cost, get in touch with our cloud computing experts. They will guide you in reducing your app budget while maintaining the product’s quality.

What cloud security measures do you take?

Our team takes the necessary measures to ensure that our cloud security services are top-notch, such as encryption and constantly monitoring cloud activity. We also follow all regulatory compliance guidelines and have a data backup plan. For extra security, we employ a multifactor authentication system. 

What are the benefits of cloud computing software?

Here are some key benefits you should consider when adopting a cloud computing solution for your business;

  1. Cost savings
  2. Scalability
  3. Accessibility
  4. Collaboration
  5. Automatic updates
  6. Data backup
  7. Increased security
  8. High availability
How do you guarantee code quality?

As part of our sprint, all code goes through a quality audit and review by The reports are available in an easy-to-understand format, so you can quickly see where any issues lie and how to fix them.

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