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Mindbowser is a leading Angular development company that offers the finest quality dynamic apps for customers across the market. We build skilled application developers with complete perseverance, enthusiasm, and diligence.

Beginning with the necessary analysis of UX development or design, our team works devotedly to propel success into every development we undertake. We propose complete mobile and web app development offerings to distinction. Its proficient Angular developers can provide the promises of Proficiency, Quality, and Logical Capital and build apps that satisfy customer expectations.

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Our Angular Development Services

Amalgamating Our Technological Proficiency with Our Clients’ Vision, we offer an expanded range of solutions profiting outcomes

Web Portal Development

You can hire our Angular developer for delivering unparalleled solutions for your company whether your requirement is for a modified web portal for clients or a website portal for in-house use. We crop up with innovative concepts and manage all needs in your development suitably.

Angular UI/UX Development

Whether you need to make a web application, portal, or widget, we create an engaging UI/UX project that is instinctive, visually eye-catching, and appealing. Our UI/UX designers build an attractive design while knowing usability in their thoughts.

Real-Time Chat Applications

At Mindbowser, we have sufficient experience in creating and designing speedy, lightweight, and effective chat apps that offer excellent functionality and features. We build chat applications as per your company's requirements.

Custom-made Angular Development

We have years of proficiency and experience in Angular development services, we can create secure, fast, and adaptable web apps for clients. We apply the best functionality of this website framework to build custom solutions.

eCommerce Application Development

We build robust e-commerce applications and websites that are simple to implement, intuitive, and customer-friendly by uniting Angular with other back-end and front-end technologies. Our Angular developers use the best functionality and features that engage in improved personalization.

API Development

We build tailored APIs that fulfill your business expectations. With our tailored API, your internal team can update the workflow and manage work to make it quick and productive. We build APIs that will be simpler to function with.

AJAX Development

We can hire Angular developers who are skillful at handling diverse AJAX development facilities like CSS, XHR, JavaScript, XHTML, XML, etc. We take benefit of AJAX web development with Angular techniques to build asynchronous web apps for customers.

Web Plugin Development

We develop and design custom web plugins for your Angular development services to extend the current functionality of the application. Our Angular developers understand your project needs and create the correct solution that fulfills business necessities.

Angular Migration & Porting

We also offer migration and porting services. We hire Angular developers to help build a port or migrate your present web app from one platform to an additional platform flawlessly with the quickest change time.

Benefits Of Choosing Angular development Service

Enhanced Design Architecture

Some of the apps contain over 60 elements and it’s still simple to accomplish despite new developers associated with the development. It provides knowledge of the app & its functionality. It becomes simple to hire angular developers in a stress-free manner.

Helps Coding Re-usability

Hired Angular Developers can re-utilize the components or the codes scripted before in different apps, thus building Angular development into a very exceptional framework.

Better Components

If you want to add your present components to a new app, you have to just paste them into the latest one! You are completed! Its works mystically! All properties can be accessed automatically and applied in the Angular development company.

Quicker App Development

The MVC structure ensures that app development, maintenance & testing is quick. It allows for enforcing the efficiency of the Angular developers.

Manages Dependencies

Dependency instillation is something Angular development is well-known. It excels in two areas namely Single Page App (SPA) design and testing.

Enable Parallel Development

You already know that Angular development can handle needs and couple with MVC structure, allowing quicker app development and enabling the developers to perform equivalent app development. This is where Angular developer notches over other structures!

Allows Controls For Developers

Directives offer developers a free hand to experiment with HTML & attributes & give them complete independence to make their web development process a responsive & dynamic one! You can test, construct & inject or do just anything!

Helps Manage Condition

Whether disillusioned or illusioned app states. It allows you to manage just everything. On top, it aids you to manage permissions, properties, and other big concerns across your app awesomely well.

Case Study

Our Angular developers have successfully completed hundreds of web applications for different industry verticals. Have a look at some of our Angular case studies:

Our Technologies

We have skillful Angular developers who have functioned on modern technologies, systems, and tools to engineer extremely robust, secure apps efficiently and quickly. Our massive success in application development is qualified to our sheer proficiency in the following:

Angular material

Our Dedicated Angular developers’ Skills

If you are an expert Angular developer, below is the list of proficiency that you have to know. If you hire Angular developers in the company to develop a solution.

Node Package Manager

It is the ah-needed tool all website developers download several customer-side web development data packages. It is the initial tool that is implemented to install Angular development.

Angular CLI

It is one of the commonly used data packages which is possibly the initial package that you may download with NPM. The Angular CLI makes things simpler when you need to script code to construct your application.


Many front-end and client-side web apps are usually written in JS. Typescript is the subset of Javascript which backs you to script mistake-free codes while capturing. It is desirable for developers to program code on Typescript, particularly when making apps.


It is a key solution for front-end developers. The aforementioned HTML and CSS are destined to style the user interface or the arrangement of the side, while JavaScript prevents the work.


Though RxJS is the collection of reactive coding, it is packaged with the Angular configuration. The library maintains an observable list to let you achieve common jobs such as HTTP requirements of information and other asynchronous responsibilities.

Process Of Offshore Angular Developer

Hire Angular Developers who implement unique strategies while creating your vision. Our expert team of Angular developers is competent in making enterprise and interesting Web apps.


Our Angular developers have an essential interpretation of applied JavaScript ideas such as Objective, IIFE, and JSON.

Technical Expertise

We comprehend modular Angular architecture designs and can guide the correct optimal libraries.

Capable Development Approaches

Our team is at complete stake which entails developers also having functioning information of the backend.


With many built apps in Angular development, we have reliable experience and comprehend fragments of Angular.

Dedicated Tech Expert

Committed tech Lead appointed to the development means we are looking for solutions to your challenges.

Use Of DevOps Methods

Our development progression implemented DevOps and CI/CD pipeline tactics to build user engagement models.

At Minbowser, we offer adaptable engagement approaches to meet diverse development requirements. Also, we deliver multiple approaches to know ever-changing resource needs efficiently.

Confident Prices

An Angular app development price remains preset in this approach. However, we track all the values without any negotiation while providing this option. Its features include

  •       Charge for Quality 
  •       Price is based on needs
  •       No hidden prices
  •       Higher working values

Resources And Time

This helps you to charge for the entire hours we take to create an application. Therefore, the Resources and Time model has no secure time or economical. Its features are-

  •       Value for your effort and time
  •       Discussion of requirements
  •       Pay per hour approach
  •       Get updates

Cloud Experts

You can hire Angular developers for your application development. It also allows you to make real-time alterations to the existing application. Key features of the cloud team are-

  •       Employ a personalized team
  •       There is the limit
  •       Apply updates immediately
  •       Lucrative hiring choice

Our Engagement Models

We understand your business requirement and provide you with the right customizable engagement models which best fit your style, budget, timeline, and deliverables, to assure that all requirements are accomplished with a predictable path.

Why Mindbowser for Angular Development Company?

We at Mindbowser, a leading Angular development company, are dedicated to fulfilling all your Angular application development requirements. Whether you require any python based mobile, web, or gaming application, our professional and skilled Angular app developers deliver you the finest Angular development assistance with trendy tech and performances. We believe in building customer connections rather than functioning just for financial benefits. 

To accomplish the same, we function with our customers to deliver the kind of product that best fits your company. Our strategic and price-saving approach undervalues the time and expense of the development assignment. It ultimately helps our customers.

Our Angular Engagement Process

At Mindbowser, our Angular Developers implements a logical project development cycle that encompasses requirement gathering, operation analysis and best practice to provide useful and best results. Our expert will assist you in identifying challenges by evaluating your existing web or mobile applications and offer you the best recommendations for your business.

Why Hire Our Best Remote Angular Developers?

Hire Angular Developers who can implement unique approaches while building your vision. Our team of Angular developers is competent in building enterprise and challenging Web applications. The cutting-edge technology offers various advantages that satisfy your business needs.


Our Angular developers have a fundamentals understanding of applied JavaScript concept such as IIFE, Objective, JSON

Technical Expertise

We understand modular Angular architecture patterns and hence able to guide the right choice of libraries

Skilled Programmer

Our team is full stake which means developers also have working knowledge of backend

Experience With 3rd Party Module

With 50+ application build in Angular, we have solid experience and understanding of complex parts of Angular

Assign Dedicated Tech Lead

Dedicated tech Lead assigned to the project means we are finding solutions to your bottleneck

Follow DevOps Practices

Our development process used CI/CD pipelines and DevOps practices to make continues release

Benefits Of Hiring Offshore Angular Developers With Mindbowser

Hire Angular Developers to develop state-of-the-art websites and mobile apps to accelerate your business. Here are few more advantages of Mindbowser Angular development service

Agile Methodology

We follow Agile Methodology to manage your product. This means you have a transparent process with daily update weekly demos.

On-Time Delivery

Our development process is predictable and timely with a guarantee to deliver projects on-time without single discrepancies or flows.

Flexible Environment

We allow our customer to choose among various engagement models according to the needs and stage of the product.

Experienced Ecosystem

When you engage with a Mindbowser developer, you engage with our complete ecosystem which involves product architects, growth hackers, community support and more.

Industry Best Practice

We follow automated code review and DevOps practise to ship code every day and make the delivery predictable and timely.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With different types of engagement models available, clients can choose according to their budget and need.

Get Wide Array Of Angular Development Services Tailored To Your Needs

We Cover All Industries

As a famed Angular application development company, we help all size businesses to build secure and scalable applications. We have vast experience in crafting a variety of custom Angular applications for various industries. Here are some of the sectors our Angular developers have expertise in:

Brands We Have Worked With

We have a proprietary process-driven approach and technical expertise that is parallel to none. With Mindbowser, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

37th Avenue
fluent ai
gym cloud

Feedback From Clients

Discover what our clients say about work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go through the answers to the below frequently asked questions to get a complete picture of how we work.

Do you sign a NDA?
Yes, we do. Our developers too are covered under NDAs and confidentiality clauses.
How do you guarantee code quality?
All our code goes through a quality audit and review by CodeGrip.tech. The reports are available in an easy to understand format as part of the sprint.
Can we get started in the next 24 hrs?
Yes, that is possible. That being said, we, of course, would require a proper plan and structure before we start. The sooner we can get through the nitty-gritty and KPIs for the engagement, we can get started.
How can I choose the developer of my choice?
Once we have understood your requirements, we will be able to assign a skilled full-stack Angular.js programmer to work on your project, covered under Mindbowser best practices. If you want, you can conduct as many interviews as you want, before you initiate the project.
How long post- launch support and maintenance do you cover?
Upto 3 months post-launch support is available by default. Feel free to discuss any extension or addon support with your project manager.
What kind of performance guarantees are in place?
We have SLAs defined for projects. This includes performance parameters for individuals as well as key goals for the overall project. We keep revisiting this SLA at regular intervals to make sure that we are in line with the plan. Any deviation is immediately fixed
Why choose Mindbowser?
Mindbowser is a company of choice for 400+ companies looking to bring transformation with technology. Our vision is to help build 100+ companies with 10M+ USD valuation and we are already successful in it. Currently, we have 11 companies in our portfolio that have gone beyond 10M+ in valuation. This aligns with our mission to always work on contributing needle-moving changes for you. Our customers have been featured on ProductHunt, TechCrunch, Discovery Channel, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Inc.com, etc, and have had successful exits. Our clients have also received millions of dollars in funding from marquee investors like the Chan Zuckerberg initiative, Simons Foundation, The Carson family charitable trust, and many more.
What website/app build in angular?
Angular has raised in acceptance for its demanding tools, simple learning curve, and consistent features. Many game players in the technology business are building the most out of Angular Framework to make their applications like Gmail. Such huge businesses are YouTube, Google, Microsoft, and many more.
Why Angular is becoming famous?
Angular is an open-source coding language that is recognized for its systematic updates and solid community support that promptly provide solutions to issues. Therefore, if your Angular developers face a compound problem, there are individuals to help. When you make your app with Angular, along with faster development, it offers you endless prospects, standard solutions, and improved scalability.
Difference Between Node JS & Angular?
Angular It’s an operational framework for evolving dynamic web applications. It is completely written in Java. It is implemented to make single-page customer-side apps. It is relied on the model-view-controller pattern and holds that pattern totally. Ideal for creating highly interactive and active web applications. It is the Web Framework. Node.JS It’s the cross-platform run-time setting for apps scripted in JavaScript. It is scripted in JavaScript, C, and C++, and. It’s implemented to build scalable, fast server-side and user-side networking apps. Ideal for creating small-size developments. Angular developers have to download NodeJS on their computer system. It utilizes the incident-driven class of JavaScript to effectively assist nonblocking processes that build the platform. It is sole-threaded entailing the web requests and managed and functions on a similar thread. NodeJS offers different frameworks like Meteor.js, Express.js, Socket.io, Hapi.js, and Sails.js
Difference between Angular Vs React Native
Angular is a completely-fledged framework. The one-way data binding and virtual DOM are implemented by React.js, although, the two-way data binding and real DOM are used by Angular. There’s also a swift difference (React’s is quicker) and an alteration in bundle scope (React’s is minor) (React works faster). Due to its virtual DOM application and interpretation optimizations, React outdoes Angular. It is also simple to switch between React forms; nothing unlike Angular, you do not have to download updates in sequence. Lastly, using React, software developers have entry to an extensive range of pre-created solutions.

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