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The human resources and management field is changing rapidly, with more organizations considering their employees first, using innovative performance management tools, and making data-driven decisions.

With over a decade of experience developing HR technology products and helping enterprise HR teams, Mindbowser has been instrumental in helping businesses embrace digital transformation and achieve their business goals.

We analyze human resource tech trends to build a user-friendly and functional HRM application for businesses.

Our experts help clients to automate their processes with custom softwares such as payroll services, performance management tools, and reward systems. Mindbowser helps companies hire new employees and maintain and raise employee engagement.

How Can HRIS & HRMS Software Benefit Your Business?

From onboarding to final interviews, Human resources have involvement in all elements of the candidate lifecycle. While it is great to remain busy, it is unthinkable for short HR crews. Especially, as your business develops and grows. Between staying above recent compliance necessities, handling applicant inquiries, overseeing strategic initiatives, processing payroll, and more, Human resources teams require all the aid they can fetch to keep the department running easily and meet business requirements.

Thankfully the HRMS technology area has paved the path for HRIS that match all the HR information in one main place and allows your business to automate redundant administrative jobs. An HRIS and HRMS portal accounts for all your business policies helps information, and company aids in one simple-to-access place, so candidates know precisely where to discover the solutions to all of the questions.

What is HR Tech?

HR technology is an umbrella term for a solution and associated hardware for automating the human resources function in organizations. It includes employee payroll & compensation, workforce analytics, administration management, talent acquisition and management, and benefits administration.

HR tech service helps to make better, faster-hiring decisions. Such software may include an applicant tracking system to manage the hiring process. These tools can benefit your company by sharpening its hiring process and ensuring you are hiring the right applicant for the right positions.

Check Out Our Video On How HR Technology Trends is Evolving the Industry

Technological advancements have changed the traditional way of contact with the employees, communication process, data storage method, and employee performance evaluation.

With the advent of new technological trends and their impact, companies are setting up systems that stemline the work process and make correct decisions regarding their workforce.

The influx of technologies like cloud, mobile, social media, big data, and analytics in different HR processes have streamlined and automated workforce acquisition and management.

This video covered the top HR technology trends our experts assumed to see in the human resources industry.

Technology Offerings from Mindbowser

Here are the top six trends and advancements our experts assumed to see in human resources technology.

From Concept to Launch, Everything Meticulously Planned for You

At Mindbowser, we conceptualize ideas backed with UX research and run Design Sprint sessions with our customers. Once the user flow and features are finalized, we move into development, testing, and release. Here is our complete HR Tech software development process in the picture.

Insurtech Software Process| Mind Bowser
HR Tech Software Process| Mind Bowser

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Our Clients

Watch What Our Customers Have to Say Working With Us

When I was in the US, I needed a team here in India, but not with the idea of having the contractors sitting at a vendor company.

Instead, I wanted to build a team at an outsourcing company and transfer the talent to my company. So that’s where I learned about Mindbowser, where Pravin and Ayush were helpful and thoughtful about the challenge. They came up with the build, operate, transfer model option.

So this came out as a perfect choice for us. We built a team with Mindbowser and grew the talent there. I would highly recommend working with Mindbowser. The professionalism and ethics of both the founders, Ayush and Pravin, are amazing.

Advantages of Digital Transformation in the Human Resource Era

Technological advancements have changed every aspect of our lives; it is not surprising that it has a significant impact on the human resource field. New tech improvements have changed the traditional process we followed with our employees and evaluated employee performance. HR Tech software development services do so by making the HR department more systematic, organized, and efficient.

It comes with many benefits, such as

  • Automated recruitment and hiring processes
  • Talent analytics
  • Enhanced recruitment apps
  • Mobile workforce integration apps
  • Boost your employees’ performances and capabilities
  • Customized alerts and pay rules improve oversight and compliance

We Empower Your HR Tech Software With Different Technologies and 3rd Party Integrations

Why Mindbowser for HR Tech Platform?

Mindbowser we help you build technology solutions around Human resources. HR Tech is an industry poised for disruption and this creates enormous opportunities for founders and corporations alike. Whether you are building solutions for internal teams or for the world, Mindbowser can help.

Here are some more reasons to consider us for HR tech software development-


Experience building highly scalable solutions in HR tech

solution accelerators

Complete in-house team with designers, developers, and testers

In-house experts

Experience with HCM practices

360 degree service

Understanding of GDPR, PCI, etc compliances


Team for advanced technologies such as RPA and Data Science that can help build your data strategy


Complementary dashboard to monitor logs, performance and security

domain experts

One-click deployment process with automated code review

Framework Agnostic

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HR software?

Any company software that allows managing employee details and HR-related jobs can be viewed using human resource management software. It assists with managing employees, automating manual jobs, and keeping information easily. HR software inherently saves labor effort for leaders and HR teams through automation, though it also helps with HR strategies that let for better planning, funding management, and conclusion. HR software creates it possible to notice, for instance, how many workers are required at specific times of year established on historical information so that hiring resources can be distributed and mobilized. There is a myriad of different ways that a business may help by depending on software instead of faulty and illogical paper records.

How to create an HR system?

The expansion of the human resource information platform can take multiple structures, but there are a few common stages. The primary stage of custom app development is when determining the necessary functionality of your prospective system and the path end customers will collaborate with it. Therefore, UX design is important as a feature. The following stage in your expedition is to outsource the professionals who will develop the solution. You can either accomplish this hire a professional HR software development business or in-house.

A minimum viable product is an easy interpretation that keeps you spell and accounts as the development group gets valuable wisdom into actual user anticipations and experience. With a minimum viable product, the outcome will be more comparable to what you require. After the minimum viable product has been experimented with and feedback gathered, the next step is to develop the complete product. The technical team makes all the features and blocks, runs QA trials, and functions on HMRS integrations. Your business HRIS/HRMS software will need updates and changes in its lifecycle. Furthermore, as HR strategies in your business change, you will need to edit your human resources management system. It’s vital to hire a software team that can protect these jobs for you.

What does HR software do?

Depending on the human resource management software that is assigned and the path it is used, businesses may see a reduction in mistakes with the elimination of information entry and advancement in organization with the opening of electronic documents. Further, there may be room and cost protection due to underestimated use of the document, paper pins, ink, and associated stores.

Beyond these great-ranging benefits, organizations may see advantages that arise from the specific kind of software or strategy that were selected, like an advance in series planning and employee expansion after enforcing a robust HR management system. The main universal benefit is the labor spell that’s retained while doing mundane organizational tasks. This measure can be redirected to more lucrative or effective tasks that allow for improving the company.

Companies that choose an all-encompassing HR tech software may see good benefits that appear across several provinces of the company. Processes may be simplified and it might be more comfortable to cross-reference information about various elements of human resources that were groomed before executing a comprehensive solution.

How much does HR software development cost?

Quality arrives at a cost, but it is not essential to pay the loftiest possible price to get dedicated human resource solutions with prosperous functionality for undersized businesses or companies. The moderate cost for an HRIS system depends on per-user usage over the period or per user over a month. For bigger companies, this cost increases per user over years, cracking down to per client per month.

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