Our IoT App Development Services

As we often experience a human error in the procedure which is complicated in nature and can result in heavy loss. Our IoT services will provide automation in the systems and processes. This will reduce human intervention and mistakes. The IoT app development services provided by Mindbowser are more customer-oriented. This delivers more focus, scalability, and dynamic solutions. Our application will fill various communication gaps between systems or physical devices. We analyze the existing technological infrastructure and map the further development of the IoT apps. IoT applications are developed as both mobile applications and web-based applications. 

IoT development consists of both hardware and software, which requires to be built from the scratch or optimize existing ones. We will be providing all the services with major development in a cost-effective way and carry out analysis, modeling, prototype development, and testing of the applications. 

IOT App Development Process | MindBowserIoT App Development Services

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As an experienced IoT service provider, we have successfully shipped diverse IoT solutions across different industry verticals.

IoT App Development Technology & Tools

IoT is a rapidly growing technology with new developments and concepts being added every day. There are a lot of platforms where you can build your IoT applications and we at Mindbowser have in-depth knowledge of it. The IoT app development has transformed into an industry in itself, which calls for a need for valuable tools and technologies. Also, IoT develops complex products/ applications demanding a set of tools and technologies.  As an IoT application development company, we provide tools and technologies that excel the solutions for businesses. There are ample platforms and protocols that are utilized by the team. These platforms are considered as per the need and requirements of the solution as well as the business. 

IoT Platforms

  • Azure IoT Hub
  • AWS 1oT hub
  • Google Cloud
  • ThingWorx </li
  • Predix


  • Bluetooth
  • ZigBee
  • Sigfox
  • Wi-Fi
  • LAN
  • NFC
  • REID
  • Ethernet

Hardware & Sensor

  • Arduino
  • iBeacons
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Eddystone Beacons
  • OBD Devices
  • Miniature Boards

Protocols & Standards

  • LoRaWAN
  • TCP
  • BLE
  • MQTT
  • DDS
  • AMQP
  • Homekit
  • OpenloT
  • Nest

Our Industry Specific IoT App Development Solutions

With 20+ industrial IoT implementations, we have deep experience to create an end to industry-specific IoT solutions. We provide end to end solutions including software and firmware development to different industries. Here is an elaboration of our offering in major industries-

IoT In Healthcare

Our IoT Healthcare solutions offer clinicians, hospitals, and pharmacies, secure medical care infrastructure and allow them to deliver superior care services to the patient.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • NFC-based IoT Solutions
  • Connected Advanced Medical Devices & Wearables
  • IoT Medical Device Integration
  • Integration with Apple’s, Samsung Health, and Google Fit
  • Post hospitalization home care management

We Built The First State Of The Art Endoscopy Infrastructure On Mobile

IoT In Retail

Deliver connected retail experiences with retail IoT solutions by Mindbowser. We enable you to leverage sensors like beacons to create a more compelling in-store shopping experience.

  • Customer experience personalization
  • Innovating in-store experiences
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Store management efficiency
  • Indoor geolocation mapping
  • Hyper localized marketing and promotion

IoT In Logistics

We develop IoT enabled applications that allow on-demand fleet management to increase efficiency and increase business transparency for the Logistics industry. Sensors can provide critical data from the vehicles that can help to manage their path, optimize routes, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Route Optimization
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Security and surveillance
  • Vehicle Health
  • Fleet management
  • Real-Time alerts

Built An Uber-like App For A Luxury Car Transportation Company

IoT In Insurance

We develop IoT devices and applications that detect and prevent risks proactively. Our IoT solutions help our clients assess risk better and leverage analytics.

  • Connected cars and homes
  • Smart health data
  • Develop new business models
  • Curb fraud
  • Data analytics

We Developed A Mobile App And Backend Dashboard For An Insurance Tech Company

IoT In Market Research

We develop IoT devices and apps that can help you capture better moments of truth to capture from your surveys and initiatives. to simplify data analytics, data scraping, and advanced sensor technology to reduce data theft chances.

  • Increase market opportunities
  • New abilities to predict and act
  • Improve the monitoring process
  • Improve customer dialogue

We Enabled Smart Office Interior Concept

IoT In Fitness

We offer on-demand fitness web and app solutions that allow your users to stream live video classes, track fitness activity, and build analytics around the data.

  • Device Integration
  • Data Analytics
  • Integration with popular platforms like Apple Watch, Healthkit, Fitbit
  • Video Streaming

We Built A Smart Monitoring Based Fitness Platform That Takes Inputs From Various Devices To Create A Holistic Fitness Profile For The End User

IoT In Manufacturing and Industry

We enable industrial and manufacturing units to become smarter with IoT-enabled apps that can automate tasks, manage production cycles and monitor warehouses and inventories.

  • Making legacy devices smarter
  • Product Packaging Optimization
  • Quality control
  • Production workflow monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance

BLE App Development

EVCharger – IoT in vehicle/electrical charging/automobile
We apply IoT for Electric vehicle charging stations to transfer the traditional VC process. IoT offers easy maintenance & management of charging devices and fueling processes through a user-friendly platform.

  • Collaboration opportunities for station owners, global equipment vendors, local service providers, and EV drivers.
  • Improve traditional VC charging process
  • Transform the EVC maintenance and management process
  • Save time and make people smart

We Partnered With An Industrial Device Manufacturer To Connect Their Hardware Equipment With Mobile And Make It Smart

From Concept To Launch, Everything Meticulously Planned For You

At Mindbowser, our IoT experts follow a logical project development cycle that covers requirement gathering, business analysis, and the best practices to ensure effective and prolific results. Our experienced team will help you identify challenges by evaluating your idea and offering you the best recommendations for your business.
IOT App Development Planning | MindBowser

Nearly 70% Of Leaders Reported To Achieve A Positive ROI With Their IoT Initiative Within The First Year Itself

Why Mindbowser For IoT App Development?

At Mindbowser, we offer IoT solution architecture, IoT consultancy, Application design & development as well as maintenance and support services to transform our clients’ businesses into smart enterprises. Here are some more reasons to hire us


A full-stack team is available inhouse to take care of all aspects


Experience in building highly optimized architecture that keeps your hosting costs low


Mindbowser makes sure that you get quality solutions at the right price


In-depth knowledge of both hardware and software needs


Design Sprint based development, which assured solutions are built around the end customer and are friendly to use


Integration with legacy apps, appliances and devices

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IoT app development?

IoT application development is also popularly known as Machine-to-Machine development. When simplified, IoT is a system through which the data is transferred using devices and involves no human intervention. The applications are built in such a way that the user interface quickly navigates and helps solve the problems of the end-user. The IoT application allows users to gain more insights into the products and services, through data and analytics. This increases productivity generates more revenue and improves the user experience. IoT enables businesses to have a cost-efficient, authorized system, and a more creative approach to decision-making. 

How do I create an app with IoT?

As an IoT application development company, we follow a particular design sprint to develop the application. The process starts with designing, prototyping, and verifying the prototype created for the application. The development of applications should include appropriate tools and technologies. After developing the app, testing the apps and its feature is vital. This ensures the smooth functioning of the application and get an understanding of whether the app fulfills the customer’s needs or not. According to the feedback, the process of maintaining the apps and updating the apps is done. 

Which is the future application of IoT?

Internet of Things is connecting to any physical device through internet connections and sharing data. IoT has become an integral part of life by developing products that can be used in our daily lives to complex procedures. The future application of IoT is emerging with larger scope for the developments in business processes. The applications such as 5G connections, wearable devices, home wireless lighting solutions, robotics, etc. are the future of IoT applications. 

The future of IoT applications can also be seen in making smarter systems in different sectors such as; transportation, hospitals, factories, etc. This application will have the advantage of reliability, convenience to the user, control, and simplicity in systems. 

How much does it cost to develop an IoT app?

IoT app development companies can cost you according to the facility or the features of the application. The cost also depends on what the application is implemented for. It depends on the platforms it is deployed on like; android or ios. The basic application will cost around $25000 and then vary depending on the complexity of the application.  

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