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Mindbowser is one of the leading DevOps consulting services providers in the US with expertise in optimizing efficiency, navigating digital transformation, overhauling infrastructure, improving collaboration, enhancing security, addressing scaling challenges, and encouraging a culture of continuous improvement in your organization.

CTOs, your decisions aren’t just pivotal – they’re game-changers. So we don’t just optimize; we revolutionize. Let’s reshape the future together, one strategic DevOps decision at a time.

DevOps Consulting Services at Mindbowser

At Mindbowser, DevOps consulting is more than a service—it’s a dynamic force propelling CTOs into the future. We empower your IT teams to lead, disrupt, and dominate the digital game with our best DevOps practices, processes, and offerings.

Multi-Cloud Services

Multi-Cloud Services

The larger and more complex your firm’s current infrastructure, maybe it is harder to move to the cloud. We are a cloud migration consulting partner who can help you move your data with security and scalability.

Assessment-and- strategizing

Assessment and Strategizing

We start with a meticulous assessment pinpointing strengths and untapped opportunities. Together, we craft a DevOps strategy aligning your product with industry standards and a roadmap to unparalleled efficiency and innovation, empowering you to lead with confidence.


Process Optimization

Our DevOps services extend a transformative touch to your business by specializing in process optimization. Our dedicated team focuses on refining and streamlining your development and operations workflows, ensuring a seamless and efficient journey from ideation to deployment.


Automation Implementation

We redefine efficiency and innovation by specializing in the strategic implementation of automation across your software development and operations lifecycles. Our DevOps experts reduce manual intervention and enhance the overall agility of your organization.

DevOps services: Continuous integration

Continuous Integration

We help companies with continuous integration and continuous delivery services to safely build, test and release quality code using a variety of tools.

Continuous delivery in the DevOps automation services

Continuous Delivery

We automate the process of delivering a software package to an environment to ensure its Continuous Delivery in the DevOps architecture.

Configuration management for DevOps

Configuration Management

Managing across the state IT infrastructure and apps to automatically rectify any configuration drifts, letting you more time to focus on core business and less time-fighting fires.

Monitoring Solutions in DevOps services

Monitoring Solutions

We keep a real-time view of the status of applications, services, and infrastructure in the production environment. We identify problems and solve them before they cause any major disruptions.

Our Step-by-step Process for DevOps Implementation

With DevOps consulting, we begin by thoroughly assessing your existing development and operations practices, tools, and infrastructure. This assessment helps our consultants gain a deep understanding of your current state and identify areas for improvement. Based on the assessment findings, we create a customized DevOps roadmap outlining the steps and milestones required for successful implementation.

Step 1

Initiating DevOps

Setting up an understanding of the current ecosystem and set up the KPIs for the engagement. A program manager from the customer end is assigned along with Mindbowser’s DevOps expert to design the strategy and monitor progress.

Step 2

Building the DevOps strategy

As a DevOps consulting company, we audit the current development, design, and testing process and discuss common goals with you and all other stakeholders. We communicate the advantages and motives for the change. We automate your IT infrastructure to accelerate the software release cycle.

Step 3


Our DevOps consultants empower your team to leverage the full potential of containerization for enhanced agility, efficiency, and innovation in software development. We use tools like Docker to seamlessly bridge gaps in your software cycle and ensure each container is a plug-and-play powerhouse, making life effortlessly smooth for your operations team.

Step 4

Using CI/CD tools to integrate automation

Once the application is containerized, infrastructure automation tools such as Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef are integrated to make the configuration management and software deployment more efficient. These tools allow us to monitor software updates, faults and health.

Step 5

Aligning QA with development

Further to accelerate, we automate testing. In this way, bugs are found proactively and can be worked upon by developers before release. Not all testing types can be automated and hence there is a mix of automation and manual testing.

Step 6

Ensuring end to end performance monitoring

Constant Application monitoring further provides areas to optimize and fix issues related to response time, memory leaks, runtime errors, etc. Our DevOps expert continues optimizing the process allowing detection and isolation of defects as well as fixing the root cause of problems.

Pipeline a Continual Business Delivery with Our DevOps Solutions

By providing DevOps as a service, we break the barrier between development and operational services. Below we have illustrated the DevOps process in the workflow diagram.


Pipeline A Continual Business Delivery With Our DevOps Solutions
Devops Services | MindBowser

Why Choose to Build Your DevOps Practice with Mindbowser?

Mindbowser is a Cloud and DevOps consulting company. We specialize in setting up DevOps practice right infrastructure for you.  Our team of experts understand the current development workflows of the organization along with the IT operation practices and analyze it. Based on the analysis, Our DevOps services allow us to create a detailed plan which helps the organization to adopt a DevOps strategy.


Save more than 80% in running real-time load


Bring your overall server cost down


Move to Docker base setup


Achieve 2x faster releases to your customers


Build ability to scale services dynamically with no service outages

DevOps Tools and Platforms

The DevOps process relies on the effective usage of tools that help to automate the software development process. These tools automate manual tasks, help manage teams and set up complex environments at scale. Also, DevOps builds collaboration between product managers, software teams and operations professionals.


The most widely used project management tool allows teams to plan, track and release software efficiently by creating user stories, issues, and tasks, and using its reporting features. It also features scrum and Kanban boards that dev teams can start using right away.


Kubernetes (K8) is an open-source platform used by teams to deploy and manage containerized applications and services. It can help you deal with many containers in a complex environment like if you had hundreds of them, even if they’re owned by different people on your team.



Ansible is another open-source DevOps tool used for configuration management and deployment automation that helps to cut down the time required for the configuration of CI/CD pipelines by automating it.


Github is used for software development and version control. It has the facilities to make iterations on code quickly without having to commit whole files at a time. This allows quick debugging and rewriting of problematic parts of code easily. 



Jenkins is a DevOps automation server that helps you automate the different stages of your CI/CD process by customizing it according to your needs.


Slack is not only a tool that you can use for communicating with your team, you can also track growth. Using Slack, you can create and manage leads, generate reports and improve customer engagement!


Nagios XI

It can be used within a DevOps framework to locate and address network and infrastructure problems in all the applications, network protocols, services and all critical infrastructure elements on server operating systems and any desktop.



Prometheus is an open-source monitoring solution used to store precise time-series data, among other features that allow IT operations professionals and DevOps teams to perform complex analyses with server metrics.


New Relic

It is used for both application performance and infrastructure monitoring. It is a powerful full-stack data analysis platform that allows to collect all kinds of software metrics, events and logs. It also allows you to detect anomalies, correlate events and log messages and also get a synthetic version of all detected anomalies in order to tackle them fast.


Check Out Our Video to Understand Everything About Monitoring & Management Tools in DevOps

Monitoring and management tools are extremely important for the DevOps team. DevOps helps software teams streamline operations, reduce time-to-market, and improve product quality. Monitoring is a crucial part of DevOps. It helps analyze the application’s performance and the infrastructure it runs.
A monitoring system typically comprises two main parts:
1) A collection of software agents runs on each network host or node
2) A centralized software console.
In this video, Neha helps us to understand monitoring and management tools for DevOps.

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Begin your journey into DevOps with Mindbowser

Our DevOps consulting services improve development and operation efficiency, reduce time-to-market, and enhance software quality.


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Typical DevOps in Action

Devops Implementation Services | MindBowser

How Quality Can be Managed Using CI/CD Automation?

Static code review tools can be part of the process to automatically test code on the predefined parameters. We use the tool CodeGrip for the same. This way a code review is accessible by both the reviewer and the reviewee.

Devops Solutions | MindBowser

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sign a NDA?

Yes, we do. Our developers too are covered under NDAs and confidentiality clauses.2.

How do you guarantee code quality?

All our code goes through a quality audit and review by The reports are available in an easy to understand format as part of the sprint.

Can we get started in the next 24 hrs?

Yes, that is possible. That being said, we, of course, any product would require a proper plan and structure before we start. The sooner we can get through the nitty-gritty and KPIs for the engagement, we can get started.

Can we consider the DevOps solution as an Agile methodology?

You can consider DevOps as complementary in the agile methodology, but not entirely similar.

What is Test Automation?

Test Automation or Automation testing is a well-known process that automates the manual process to monitor the device, system, and application.

How long post-launch support and maintenance do you cover?

Upto 3 months post-launch support is available by default. Feel free to discuss any extension or addon support with your project manager. Yes, we understand the importance of after-sales services; we provide constant support to clients until the projects get successfully implemented.

What kind of performance guarantees are in place?

We have SLAs defined for projects. This includes performance parameters for individuals as well as key goals for the overall project. We keep revisiting this SLA at regular intervals to make sure that we are in line with the plan. Any deviation is immediately fixed.

How can DevOps consulting services help my business?

DevOps consulting services can help your business streamline the software development processes, improve team collaboration, and increase efficiency and productivity, leading to faster time-to-market and better-quality software.

What is DevOps automation consulting?

DevOps automation consulting involves helping organizations automate their software development processes using various tools and technologies, such as CI/CD pipelines, containerization, and infrastructure as code.

What is DevOps as a service, and how does it differ from other DevOps services?

DevOps as a Service is a cloud-based model that offers a range of DevOps services, such as automation, development, testing, and support, as a complete package. It differs from other DevOps services in providing a comprehensive solution rather than individual services.

How can DevOps automation services improve my business operations?

DevOps automation services can improve your business operations by reducing manual tasks, minimizing errors, increasing efficiency, and ensuring consistent processes across teams and environments.

Can DevOps consulting services help with cloud migration?

Yes, DevOps consulting services can help with cloud migration by providing guidance and recommendations on migrating applications and infrastructure to the cloud while maintaining best practices in DevOps.

How can I integrate DevOps into my existing software development process?

You can integrate DevOps into your existing software development process by gradually introducing DevOps practices, such as automation, collaboration, and continuous improvement, and ensuring that all teams and stakeholders are aligned and involved in the process.

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