Our Virtual CTO Services

With our Virtual CTO Services, we have helped many founders take every technology decision in their business.

Our Virtual CTO acts as a technical advisor who understands your needs & vision and then converts it into a plan your technical team can follow.

We anticipate the type of support your business will need at every stage and what processes would help your venture grow rapidly and smoothly – By Optimizing Your Tech Growth Curve And Scaling Up.

With a team of executives and industry specialists who have experience both in technology and entrepreneurship, we can ensure that every decision is made keeping the scale and right practices in mind.

What is the Use of a Virtual CTO In Your Business?

A Virtual CTO works with you to support IT initiatives, outline technology strategies and create an approach based on business goals while ensuring technology infrastructure, tools and teams are well organized.

But practically, how can this help? Here are some benefits of hiring a Virtual CTO for your business

Our Virtual CIO/CTO Delivers the Focus Needed

Technology is an important aspect of any business nowadays. Our Virtual CIO/CTO offers a technology planning process and IT strategies that have been proven to work, as well as a road map for your business. With a Virtual CIO/CTO, you’ll have access to expert-level advice and recommendations on how to use technology to your advantage.


The guy is a genius. Pravin is a thought leader and a technology guru. He not only brings technical expertise to the table but also wears a C-level hat - benefiting any project with cost savings and adding more value to business strategy. I highly recommend working with Pravin!

Shaz KhanChief Technology Evangelist, Entrepreneur and Advisor

We Guide Founders at Every Step of Their Technology Decision

"A Virtual CTO is a cost-effective and time-effective solution to your CTO needs. A virtual CTO takes care of all CTO responsibilities like setting up the technology best practices, technology vision, resource planning and so on. The best part of Virtual CTO is getting started with a CTO quickly without having to commit for a long term."


companies for which we have been a Virtual CTO


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How it Works at Mindbowser

Fill in the online application and provide information about business

We set up an exploratory call. We sign NDA beforehand

If you find a match with us, we can sign a contract and start going deeper with the process

Additional Things to Know

We do offer to work on a cash+equity model where we discount our prices

We not only just provide advice but also take responsibility to execute

We can engage at any stage of your journey - just an idea to already launched

Our Clients

What Makes Mindbowser’s Virtual CIO/CTO Support Different?

Our experts have vast experience in the corporate world. We offer project management guidance that is based on knowledge and expertise. We pride ourselves on identifying potential problems early in the planning process to avoid any issues further down the line. 

We ensure that our services comply with your vision and fulfill your business goals. At every stage of your business, we will help you determine what processes you need to implement to grow rapidly and smoothly. We optimize your tech growth curve to ensure that your venture scales up quickly and efficiently. 

At Mindbowser, we have assisted many businesses in making various technological decisions. With a team of executives and industry experts who have experience in technology and ensure that every decision is completed efficiently, keeping good practices in mind. 

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Let’s Bridge the Gap Between Technology and Your Vision!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual CTO?

A Virtual CTO is a great solution if you need CTO services but don’t want to commit to a long-term contract. A Virtual CTO can take care of all the responsibilities of the position, such as setting up technology best practices, creating a technology vision, and resource planning. Plus, you can get started with a Virtual CTO quickly and easily.

How much does a Virtual CTO consulting costs?
Many organizations seek out remote CTO consulting services due to the expansive market of CTO co-founder experts and the reasonable costs. However, on average, hourly rates for consultants differ based on the requirements of the projects.
How can I hire a virtual CTO?

The process of hiring a Virtual CTO from us is easy. You just need to follow the steps:
-Put your inquiry on our consultation form on the website
-Get onboard for an exploratory call. We can sign an NDA beforehand
-If you find a match with us, we can sign a contract and start going deeper into the process

What is virtual CTO as a service?

A Virtual CTO works with you to support IT initiatives, outline technology strategies and create an approach based on business goals while ensuring technology infrastructure, tools and teams are well organized.

Why should I hire a virtual CTO for my project?

A Virtual CTO (Chief Technical Officer) can help your business in several ways regarding IT initiatives and strategies. They will work with you to ensure that your technology infrastructure, tools, and teams are well organized and based on your business goals. This will help ensure that your company can reach its potential.

Will the CTO work full-time or part-time?

A Virtual CTO works part-time, i.e., a specified number of hours based on the client and project requirements. Therefore, working hours can be discussed beforehand and can be flexible based on the needs.

Do we need to arrange a set-up for Virtual CTO?

You do not require any set-up for a Virtual CTO. It is one of the key benefits of a Virtual CTO service. Since the CTO works remotely, you don’t need an office or a workspace which can also save a lot of costs for your company in the long run.

What is the difference between outsourced vs in-house CTO?

The main distinction between outsourcing and insourcing is that when a company outsources, it hires an outside company or contractor to do the work. On the other hand, insourcing is when a company assigns this work to its existing employees. Additionally, there are other differences between the two. You can learn about them in our article – Outsourced Vs. Inhouse CTO What’s The Best Choice?

Why is an outsourced CTO better for your startup or business?

One of the main benefits of hiring an outsourced CTO is that it can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time CTO. Other benefits include the experience and expertise that an outsourced CTO can bring to your startup and their ability to handle technology initiatives. This can be especially helpful for early-stage startups who might need an experienced guide to help them achieve their goals.

I am already working with Offshore developers, Do I still need a CTO?

A Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer) takes care of important responsibilities such as technology vision, best practices, resource planning, and more. If you’re working with offshore developers, it’s essential to have someone who can help you align your goals and ensure that your product is built with the right technology. In addition, a Virtual CTO can collaborate with your offshore developers to choose the best technology for your product and help you stay ahead of the competition.

How does your Virtual CTO work with our team?

With our technology expert working as your consulting CTO, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will have access to specialized technology resources on an as-needed basis. You can also expect our support to be tailored to your time zone and preferred communication channels.

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