After Building 350+ Successful Products-This Is Our Winning Process

We are not only technology experts but also product experts. We’ve won many awards and our customers have been featured on ProductHunt, TechCrunch, Discovery Channel, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and have had successful exits. Our client’s have received millions of dollars in funding from marquee investors like Chan Zuckerberg initiative, Simons Foundation, The Carson family charitable trust, and many more.

For the last 8 years, we have continually tweaked our development process. The core of our process is “Bringing Predictability to delivery and value scalability.” With CI/CD pipelines and automated code reviews, our customers enjoy faster feedback cycles and quicker reviews.

Here is our product development cycle at a glance

Fig: Mindbowser Product Development Cycle

The Complete Process is Built on Strong Project Management and Process Fundamentals as Defined Below

Design Sprint

Backed with Design Sprint practice, we help our customers evolve their products and plans. A Design Sprint is a series of meticulously designed steps, conceptualized by Google to build better user experience and design thinking into the products.

Design Sprint is part of a complete idea transformation process that helps you conceptualize your idea and create a blueprint that the development team can follow. While we use the Design Sprint best practices, we do not stop at just providing recommendations. Our Design Sprint leads to a complete mockup version of your idea that can then act as a blueprint that the development team can follow.

Here is typical series of activities that we do while working with our customers during a Design Sprint


Agile Scrum Development Methodology

Once the project plan is outlined, we utilize scrum practices for development. management. Using agile project management methodology we deliver new components every 2-4 weeks to our clients. Within a Sprint, a planned amount of work is completed by our team and made ready for review.

Every Sprint comprises daily Scrum meetings, Sprint Retro, Demo days, UAT, and Code Review. This means that every sprint solidifies your product and does not leave anything for chance.

perfect-software-delivery-processFig- Agile project management methodology

Faster Speed and Predictability Achieved With Automation and CI/CD

CI/CD pipelines implementation at Mindbowser allows merging working copies of code from different developers together in a shared mainline several times throughout the day. These pipelines form the backbone of DevOps automation. Additionally, quality assurance and security checks are automated with tools like CodeGrip.

The process shortens the code-change-result cycle, making the code easier to fix and update as the turnaround is a lot quicker and cheaper. The goal is for developers to receive immediate feedback on any issues found within their most recent code revisions. Fixes can be made at the earliest opportunity (and lowest cost). This all helps ensure the delivery of high-quality, reliable, and competitive software products on time.

Since there is no human intervention in the process, there is no risk of falling off the process. 

Fig: CI/CD development pipeline at Mindbowser

KPIs Based Project Approach

At Mindbowser, we design KPIs for every engagement. These KPIs are defined mutually between the team and the customers and determine the success of the project. The KPIs set up a predictable path for the project and stakeholders to follow and help prioritize key areas.

KPIs then help us generate reports that are shared with customers on a weekly basis sharing the health of the project.

Project Status Report

Launch and Support

At Mindbowser, we help you with your vision by not just developing software applications for you but going beyond it to help you get your product in the hands of the users far and wide.

Throughout the engagement, we share with you the best practices and recommendations on marketing and launch plans. We introduce you to mentors and other useful connections as well as industry peers. Product journeys with Mindbowser are a complete holistic plan for success.

Three Reasons Why We are Not Just Another Development Agency

Mindbowser believes three things really are different in the context of the software industry between agencies. 

Want Us To Build An Award-Winning Product For You?

How Our End-to-end Approach Can Help Your Business

Following a systematic approach to our craft has allowed us to avoid pitfalls that many others may succumb to. The whole process ensures that the applications we develop do not end up having spaghetti code. This makes future revisions a breeze. 

Our rigorous testing and best practices ensure that the product can endure huge amounts of load without crashing and failing. We make it a priority to have a well-defined system architecture and have a clear vision of what we’re building. We utilize industry-standard coding conventions and best practices to ensure readability and understandability. 

Our meticulous planning, thinking, and fine control lead to predictable, surprise-free software. This helps us avoid the issues that come with scaling up and also helps us manage our technical debt to be as low as possible. 

Our customers’ experiences can add more weight to our words. Here is what our customers have gone on record to say

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