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We are not only technology experts but also startup experts. We’ve won many awards and our customers have been featured on ProductHunt, TechCrunch, Discovery Channel, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and have had successful exits. Our clients have received millions of dollars in funding from marquee investors like Chan Zuckerberg initiative, Simons Foundation, The Carson family charitable trust, and many more.
We have a proprietary process-driven approach and technical expertise that is parallel to none. With Mindbowser, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

How An Award-Winning Product Is Built

Market Research

We believe in developing award-winning products and in order to do so, there are three main components that we address: the consumer, the market and your competitors. Each helps answer the questions crucial to product adoption and feeds our development & deployment strategy.

The goal of market research is to better understand your product and potential changes it might take in the future. This helps revolutionize a product entering a maturity stage or develop a new and innovative product.

Following are some of the activities we perform during the market research phase:

  • Consumer needs analysis
  • Competitor evaluation
  • Market fit analysis
  • Optimizing product offerings

Design Sprint Led Development

We have re-engineered, tweak & upgraded the Google-backed product development process to make it much more effective for our clients. It enables us to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers.

The upgraded design sprint method combined with our industry-standard development practices has enabled us to deliver more than 50+ award-winning products for various businesses ranging from startups to enterprises

Some of our products are backed by:

  • Chan zuckerberg initiative
  • The carson family
  • The simons foundation

Rigorous Testing

We at mindbowser ensure that every product works as intended and meets international quality standards, thus all our products undergo various tests on multiple platforms and devices. Stress testing the product enables us to predict any critical changes that would need to be made to the product.

Various types of testing:

  • Unit Tests
  • Environment Tests
  • Regression Tests
  • Automated Tests

Quality Check

Quality is crucial at Mindbowser, thus we developed a proprietary code quality benchmarking tool that enables businesses to write secure, better & cleaner code. It provides you detailed reports of the code analysis within seconds.

CodeGrip enables you to stay on top of your code quality and monitor your team’s progress at all times! All mindbowser developed products come with a guarantee of CodeGrip.

Codegrip gets rid of:

  • Bugs
  • Codesmells
  • Technical Debt
  • Vulnerabilities

Feedback Implementation

Multiple rounds of user testing and segmented launches enable us to continuously improve your product thus leading to a product-market fit. Feedback is the most important aspect of a development process since it enables us to integrate the users’ needs and wants into the product.

At Mindbowser, Your Product Goes Through Stringent Code Reviews At Each Sprint

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