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At Mindbowser, our services include creating and improving the overall experience of a product or service for its users, considering usability, accessibility, and engagement. Our goal is to create an attractive, intuitive and functional design that provides a positive experience for the user.

Our experts help you create and improve the overall user experience, including the product’s navigation, user flow, information architecture and accessibility. We understand your customer’s needs and behaviors to inform the design process. We create a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, providing a positive experience for the user.

Innovative Designs Services to Drive Your Business Growth


Expert advice and support in designing and improving digital products and services focused on user experience. We truly understand customers’ needs and behaviors, which helps make informed design decisions. Our experts help you create prototypes and validate ideas gathering user feedback on the product.

Mobile App UI/UX

Our designers are exceptional, and they help businesses build effective mobile interfaces for mobile applications. We create interactive prototypes that are seamless and enjoyable for the customers. With Mindbowser, you can navigate the digital landscape that delivers tangible business results.

Cross-platform Experience

We offer companies to help develop and design cross-platform applications, websites or software. The services aim to provide a seamless and consistent user experience across multiple devices and platforms, such as iOS, Android and web browsers.

Design Thinking

With a problem-solving approach, we combine creativity and practicality to develop solutions to complex challenges. We focus on users’ needs and aim to deliver user-centered solutions. Our experts help you convert your ideas into a testable prototype which leads to the efficient development of your product.

Web-design Services

Our experts have vast experience in creating and designing websites. We ensure that your website is optimized and up-to-date with features. The designs created by the team are visually appealing and user-friendly websites that effectively communicate a brand’s message and meet its business objectives.

Modern Customer Experiences

At the core, good customer experience is based on understanding what your customers need and want. We anticipate these needs using data and predictive insights and deliver engaging digital experiences at every touch point of the user journey. It is designed to create a seamless and personalized experience digitally.

Design Sprint

The design sprint is a crucial part of the Mindbowser idea transformation process. It helps conceptualize your idea and create a blueprint for the development team. We use best practices in Design Sprint and provide recommendations that result in a complete mock-up version of your idea.


We attempt to comprehensively understand our client’s requirements and conduct market research to identify potential gaps in user expectations. We conduct a detailed analysis to help us innovate with our solution and provide a cutting-edge, scalable solution that will meet our client’s needs.

Reduced Technical Debt

Identify User Persona

User personas are important for product development as they ensure the target audience will receive the product well. Our team conducts thorough research to help in gaining a deep understanding of the users, their context, and the problem to be solved.

Improve Customers Trust by DevSecOps Consulting Service

Apply UX Principles

UX principles are guidelines that we use to make designs- easy to use and enjoyable. We apply them to select, create, and organize elements and features in the project. Our design principles ensure that the solutions developed are centered around the user’s needs and grounded in user research insights.

Rule Customization

Finalized User Flow

We create a user flow that is easy and effortless for your customers and ensures that your business needs are met. To make decisions about the user flow that are informed and backed by data, we base our decisions on research and analysis so that our clients feel confident in the results.

Architecture Design

Information Architecture

Information architecture plays a crucial role in the success of a design sprint by organizing and structuring the content and information within a product or service. Our information architecture design is focused on organizing content so that users can easily understand the functionality of the product and can find what they need without putting in a lot of effort.

Data Integration services


Wireframing is an essential tool in our project scope definition and development process. It allows us to map out where the most important elements in the application should be and simplifies communication between our client and us or the development team. It helps our expert designers spot potential issues in the structure or flow of your application.

Our Sprint in Action

A typical design sprint takes 4-5 weeks in total. The sprint in action ensures the success of your sprint. We recommend organizing at least one full day of planning before the actual day of the sprint begins.

Sprinting typically takes 4-5 weeks and is intended to help you develop the best team possible to tackle a project and guide your business through the design sprint. The main purpose of sprint planning is to define what can be delivered and how that work will be achieved within the time frame.

Step 1


We will map out your idea, set a long-term goal to be our guide throughout the sprint in action and make a standalone activity. The team will have identified the challenges and impactful areas where a solution would be most beneficial.

Step 2


The sketch step of the Design Sprint is about the ‘Diverge’ approach, where we will discuss various possible solutions to help solve the pain points addressed on the previous day. We will brainstorm all possible solutions for each challenge and choose the best approach.

Step 3


We will finalize the app’s feature list and specify each feature in detail. The information architecture (IA) is created to ensure all features are properly placed and that navigation between them flows smoothly.

Step 4


Application Integration Services

We will build prototypes that will be more realistic than the storyboards. Our team builds a rapid, low-fidelity prototype using paper, cardboard, or other materials. The prototypes are refined based on feedback and testing.

Step 5


The final stage of the Design Sprint is getting feedback from potential customers. This is where all the work you have done over the previous sprints is tested. At the end, you will know exactly how far you have to go and what needs to be done next.

Modern Design Expertise

Our ability in modern design expertise creates visually appealing, functional, and user-centric designs that cater to the needs of the latest trends and technologies. We involve a deep understanding of the user’s behavior, design principles, and technical skills to produce designs that are aesthetically pleasing and optimized for greater performance.

At Mindbowser, we provide modern design expertise that tailors the specific needs of your business. We implement the latest design techniques and leverage tools which drive the success of your business.

Design Principles

At our company, we believe that focusing on the user is key to successful products. Our UX design offerings concentrate on guidelines that manage our work process for making user-friendly and appealing interfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Design Sprint help?

A design sprint is a method employed to help quickly prototype and test with real users so that you can receive feedback about your product before actually building anything. You can reduce risk and make better feature prioritization and user flow decisions. Design sprints are conducted over the course of five days and include activities such as interviews, prototyping and user testing. 

Why is Design Sprint recommended for business?

Design sprint provides a structured and focused approach to solving complex business challenges and identifying new opportunities. By condensing the design process into a five-day sprint, teams can quickly validate or invalidate ideas and move forward, reducing the time it takes to bring new products and services to market. Design sprints is a highly recommended approach for businesses looking to solve complex problems and create customer-centric products and services.

When should a business make a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is perfect when you and your team are stuck and unsure of the next step. It can help you validate new ideas or features for an existing product, or it can help you find a product-market fit. Design sprints are extremely versatile and can be used in various situations. 

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