We believe that great digital solutions evolve out of a deep understanding of the business and end users. We use design thinking methodology in highly focused design sprints to ensure our solutions are backed by research and collaborative design.

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What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a proven, scientific process of collaborative brainstorming which helps in assessing which features to build first and which ones to eliminate. It helps in saving development time and money by solidifying concepts and building the groundwork for wireframing and designing.

When to Run a Design Sprint?

What Happens In a Design Sprint?

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Here are the steps of a typical Design Sprint. To shorten the time and dependency on resources we focus only on the most critical DEFINE-DIVERGE-DECIDE steps during a typical sprint.


Dig into the design problem


Define the key strategy and focus


Rapidly develop as many solutions as possible


Choose the best ideas so far


Build something quick and dirty 


Get user feedback – learn what works & what doesn’t

Our Design Sprints Are-

  • Short but intense (1 session of 8 hours or two sessions of 4 hours each)
  • Led by a trained and experienced ‘User Experience’ expert
  • Conducted either on-location or entirely remotely using online collaborative tools
  • Focused on ideation and cover the ‘DEFINE-DIVERGE-DECIDE’ steps
  • Based on your business goals and availability of key stakeholders
  • Oriented towards ‘what to build’ and ‘how to build’

Design Sprint Will Help You

Align business vision and goals with design and development
Save substantial development time and money 
Build consensus and collaboration between multidisciplinary teams
Get early stage clarity and feedback for improvement

Remote Design Sprints

Remote design sprints are a very good way to solve design problems when teams are not co-located or scattered globally. We use online collaboration tools to get the team together for a remote sprint.

Fig.1 – Team cardstorming and affinity mapping in progress

Fig.2 – Team ideation and sketching session in progress

Our Webinars On Design Sprints

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Our Design Sprint Expert

Aboli Maydeo is an accomplished User Experience Consultant and HFI-Certified Usability Analyst™ (CUA) with 12 years of extensive experience in the design industry. She has successfully conceptualized and delivered multi-channel, intuitive, accessible and engaging digital experiences to fortune 500 clients as well as startups.

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