Virtual Fertility Counseling Clinic Platform Through DevOps

Concept of Turtle Health

Turtle Health is a fully operational home fertility assessment clinic that offers a comprehensive set of home testing options prescribed by a clinician. After completing the testing, patients receive a final fertility report that is reviewed by a clinician.The platform is secure, high-performing with a microservices-based architecture to manage authentication, clinical services,  payment services, and scheduling.

Industry: Healthcare

Modern Fertility Assessment with DevOps and DevSecOps

Challenges We Faced + Solutions We implemented While Building This Virtual Fertility Counseling Clinic Platform

While developing turtle health, we encountered numerous challenges, but we successfully surmounted them. Here are a few of the challenges we encountered:


Design to Development Challenge

Our first challenge lay in finding a development team capable of orchestrating the journey from initial design to final development, seamlessly managing all stages in between. This demanded a cohesive approach to transform the concept into a functional reality.


We addressed the challenge by adopting DevOps practices and assembling a skilled team to efficiently manage the entire development process, from design to deployment. It resulted in a comprehensive product engineering project covering all the important aspects. Our dynamic partnership with TurtleHealth seamlessly combined expertise and vision, resulting in a well-rounded product experience from inception to continuous upkeep.

Technological Challenges

We faced the challenge of needing a partner who could spearhead the technological aspects of our product. We tried someone to guide us in making the best technology choices and implementing best practices. This was crucial to ensure our product's success and to bridge the gap between our vision and the technical execution.


To overcome this challenge, we overboard a professional who helped us implement the Well-Architected Framework approach and meticulously construct an infrastructure that excels in security, performance, resilience, and efficiency.

Dev Team Ownership

Our challenge was ensuring that our development team fully owned the project's quality and outcomes.


To help our team maintain the project quality, we employed a microservices-based architecture that effectively manages a range of functions. With the integration, it was possible to easily deploy authentication, core services, clinical processes, payment handling, a rule engine, and scheduling tasks without compromising scalability, maintainability, and system agility.

Result We Achieved: A Strong Virtual Fertility Clinic Enhanced By DevOps Capabilities

Turtle Health has transformed into a comprehensive home fertility assessment clinic, offering convenient access to a comprehensive range of clinician-prescribed home tests. We guided the evolution of the concept from ideation to prototype, facilitating investor engagement and early user feedback.

This innovative approach enables patients to engage with reproductive endocrinologists remotely, all within a fully HIPAA-compliant framework delivered punctually and within budget by us. The platform’s success is evidenced by its achievement of 5.2M USD in seed funding by December 2022.


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