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Why Choose MERN Technology Stack?

MERN is an amalgamation of open-source technologies: React.js, MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js. MERN tech stack has increasingly increased recognition for delivering flexible, higher-performance, and one-page apps. Hence, the MERN stack development services combine technologies comprising frameworks, databases, and libraries that settle down the app development course. Build your team of MERN specialists to change your MERN Stack development ideas & needs. We are surely one of the very finest software development businesses that use MERN Stack to deliver success to your website solutions.

Things To Look At Before Hiring Modern Stack Developers

Knowledge, technical skills, intelligence, and the proven aptitude to straddle manifold domains are what you must be watching for when you board on your hire MERN developer process.

Here are the areas your full-stack developers should be able to enhance with effortlessness:

Frontend Development

Full stackers work by providing the customer-end with enhanced usability. Front-end software developers must keep their extremities on the beat with the latest frameworks and languages and third-party coding libraries, such as JSON, Ajax, DOM, etc.

Backend Development Programming Frameworks And Languages

App architecture and deep consideration of HTTP benefit the full-stack developers to run a tight edge on the backend. Also, full-stack engineers utilize NPM expertise to construct their servers and achieve their databases. MongoDB, SQL Server, or Oracle are normally in this memory/ cache storage process.

Programming Frameworks And Languages

Full stackers comprehend the critical part of coding languages such as Java, Ruby, and PHP, and their frameworks, Django, Grail, and Sinatra, within the complete technology stack. They understand that it’s the program that tells the machine what to do and the framework is made on top to aid in the app process.  Full-stack MERN developers understand the main role of programs such as Java, PHP, and Ruby, and their frameworks, Sinatra, Django, and Grail, within the complete technology stacks.

Our MERN Engagement Process

At Mindbowser, our MERN Stack developers implement a logical project development cycle that encompasses requirement gathering, operation analysis and best practice to provide you best results. We assist you in identifying challenges by evaluating your existing web or mobile applications and offer you the best recommendations for your business.

Our MERN Stack Development Services to Meet Your Needs

Our MERN Stack programmers implement a client-centric approach for providing first-class, custom, collaborative and extremely user-friendly solutions that can formulate a measurable outcome.

Custom CMS Development

Custom CMS Development

Our offshore developers are adept at CMS development, so we can build a single platform that manages all of your different channels & assets across your website and social media. The CMS is modular and highly flexible, allowing you to easily create, manage and edit content (text, images, video etc.) in real-time.

MERN Stack eCommerce Development

MERN Stack eCommerce Development

Hire our highly skilled and passionate developers who value integrity, transparency, and quality. We create engaging customer experiences across the globe with the help of our MERN Stack eCommerce development services.

Dedicated MERN Stack Developers

Dedicated MERN Stack Developers

Hire a dedicated team of expert freelance developers who specialize in all aspects behind the MERN Stack and collaborate with them to build a robust and feature-rich application that meets your business needs.

Enterprise Development Solutions

Enterprise Development Solutions

Hire MERN Stack engineers specializing in enterprise app developers who can build a cost-effective, high-performing web or mobile application that can scale on the fly as more and more users sign on and accommodate seamless interactions across different devices is vital.

Migration & Integration

Migration & Integration

We are a full-stack development organization with expertise in building scalable, secure and high-performing web applications and mobile backends using Node.js, Express, MongoDB and Redis for businesses of all sizes across the globe.

Porting & Migration

Porting & Migration

We have a team of Angular and React developers who develop your idea into a workable solution. Our expert engineers can help you port the existing code base to the MERN stack or create an application from scratch.

Why Hire Our Best MERN Stack Developers

Hire MERN Stack developers who can implement unique approaches while building your vision. All code developed by Mindbowser is tested for review through CodeGrip.tech – An automated code quality tool. Rapid development and clean, pragmatic design have always been our priority. Few reasons that make us the top choice are:


Our Angular developers have a fundamentals understanding of applied JavaScript concept such as IIFE, Objective, JSON

Technical Expertise

We understand modular Angular architecture patterns and hence able to guide the right choice of libraries

Skilled Programmer

Our team is full stake which means developers also have working knowledge of backend

Experience with 3rd party module

With 50+ application build in Angular, we have solid experience and understanding of complex parts of Angular

Assign Dedicated Tech Lead

Dedicated tech Lead assigned to the project means we are finding solutions to your bottleneck

Follow DevOps Practices

Our development process used CI/CD pipelines and DevOps practices to make continues release

Case Study

Our MERN Stack developers have successfully completed hundreds of web applications for different industry verticals. Have a look at some case studies

Our Engagement Models

We offer customizable engagement models, which are based to fit your style as well as budget, timeline, and deliverables, to assure that all requirements are accomplished with a predictable path.

Major Benefits of Choosing Us as Your MERN Stack Development Company

Hire MERN Stack Developers to develop state-of-the-art websites and mobile apps to accelerate your business. Here are few more advantages of the Mindbowser MERN Stack development service

Agile Methodology

We follow Agile Methodology to manage your product. This means you have a transparent process with daily update weekly demos.

On-Time Delivery

Our development process is predictable and timely with a guarantee to deliver projects on-time without single discrepancies or flows.

Flexible Environment

We allow our customer to choose among various engagement models according to the needs and stage of the product.

Experienced Ecosystem

When you engage with a Mindbowser developer, you engage with our complete ecosystem which involves product architects, growth hackers, community support and more.

Industry Best Practice

We follow automated code review and DevOps practise to ship code every day and make the delivery predictable and timely.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With different types of engagement models available, clients can choose according to their budget and need.

Get Wide Array Of MERN Stack Development Services Tailored To Your Needs

Core MERN Stack Technologies We Work Upon

Our proficient MERN Stack developers have worked on the latest technologies, tools and systems to engineer highly robust, secure applications quickly and efficiently. Our massive success in MERN Stack development is attributed to our sheer expertise in the following:

mongo db

We Cover All Industries

As one of the fastest-growing MERN Stack application development companies, we have vast experience in various industries to give you top-notch software solutions. Here are some of the sectors our MERN Stack developers have worked in:

Brands we have worked with

We have a proprietary process-driven approach and technical expertise that is parallel to none. With Mindbowser, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

37th Avenue
fluent ai
gym cloud

Why Choose Mindbowser For MERN Stack Development Services?

In present ever-changing website development settings, versatility is important. Because it is essential to hire developers capable of managing different stacks, combining several technologies, and highlighting multiple inadequacies.

Also, it’s pretty meek – companies’ necessity for MERN Stack development services.

Besides other aids, taking the MERN stack development services approach allows companies to pick and select which tools they implement to build their technology stack. This development facilitates autonomy, managed advancement, and the amalgamation of cutting-edge tech support. There are many diverse developers in the business; companies often look it difficult to hire a full-stack developer who doesn’t only comprehends their company’s needs but is the correct and culturally acceptable for them.

Hiring MERN stack development services are the best points you can make to use your software development area to the next phase. This workplace expert will use their diverse domain knowledge to control the issues presently impairing your development course. They will also put on their profound consideration of programming to enhance each exceptional layer initiated within your apps.

You will encounter several defies when you board this course of hiring a MERN stack developer. Most MERN developers can use several frontend and backend jobs, but this does not mean that every engineer will be competent to meet your conditions.

Our Happy Clients

Our dedicated Angular experts have won the trust and confidence of all our clients by delivering IT solutions of unmatched quality. Below mentioned are a few client testimonials from all corners of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go through the answers to the below frequently asked questions to get a complete picture of how we work.

Do you sign a NDA?
Yes, we do. Our developers too are covered under NDAs and confidentiality clauses.
How do you guarantee code quality?
All our code goes through a quality audit and review by CodeGrip.tech. The reports are available in an easy to understand format as part of the sprint.
Can we get started in the next 24 hrs?
Yes, that is possible. That being said, we, of course, would require a proper plan and structure before we start. The sooner we can get through the nitty-gritty and KPIs for the engagement, we can get started.
How can I choose the developer of my choice?
Once we have understood your requirements, we will be able to assign a skilled full-stack Node.js programmer to work on your project, covered under Mindbowser best practices. If you want, you can conduct as many interviews as you want, before you initiate the project.
How long post- launch support and maintenance do you cover?
Upto 3 months post-launch support is available by default. Feel free to discuss any extension or addon support with your project manager.
What kind of performance guarantees are in place?
We have SLAs defined for projects. This includes performance parameters for individuals as well as key goals for the overall project. We keep revisiting this SLA at regular intervals to make sure that we are in line with the plan. Any deviation is immediately fixed
Why choose Mindbowser?
Mindbowser is a company of choice for 400+ companies looking to bring transformation with technology. Our vision is to help build 100+ companies with 10M+ USD valuation and we are already successful in it. Currently, we have 11 companies in our portfolio that have gone beyond 10M+ in valuation. This aligns with our mission to always work on contributing needle-moving changes for you. Our customers have been featured on ProductHunt, TechCrunch, Discovery Channel, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Inc.com, etc, and have had successful exits. Our clients have also received millions of dollars in funding from marquee investors like the Chan Zuckerberg initiative, Simons Foundation, The Carson family charitable trust, and many more.
What does MERN stand for and why is it so popular?
MERN Stack React.js is right for the UI layer concept. It executes program development rapidly due to its assortment of dynamic UI readily accessible within the coding library. MERN developers act the best in managing and updating huge dynamic JSON databases that can easily map between the front and the backend. MEAN Stack development is highly flexible toward program transfer within other tech frameworks. MEAN Stack is easy and simple to learn with decent community support. It is favored for small-to-medium- larger scale projects. It spreads over a full development sequence, from the customer side to the server. However, the MEAN stack development service is ideal for strong front-end development, relatively for enterprises that need one-page apps but with a dynamic customer interface.
My older system works fine. Why do I need to update to MERN Stack?
Let’s begin with MongoDB, the record database at the origin of the MERN development. MongoDB was made to store JSON information natively (it majorly uses a binary instance of JSON named BSON), and all things from its command interface to its query codes (MongoDB Queryor MQL Language) are made on JavaScript and JSON. MongoDB works fit with Node.js, and crafts storing, manipulating, and signifying JSON data at every row of your app incredibly stress-free. For cloud-native apps, MongoDB Atlas builds it even easier, by providing you with automatically scaling MongoDB collection on the cloud service provider of your selection, as simple as a few button clicks. MERN Stack development is the stack of selection for today’s web app developers looking to move easily, particularly for those with React.js expertise.
Will MERN Stack be in demand a few years from now?
According to a new study, the MERN stack development will experience a major rise in usage in the next years as more and more apps are now made in JavaScript. It is used as the most effective programming that serves both the backend and front. MERN stack can manage every aspect of mobile and web application development. The more this MERN stack is getting wide popularity globally, the more creative experts are showing good interest in MERN stack development learning. This year is also giving birth to innovative opportunities for hiring MERN stack developers, but at a similar time, it requires one to be proficient in connected technologies to learn the MERN stack development services.
I have a small startup. Should I use MERN Stack for it even if my app is not complicated?
As a company’s dependency on technology increases, so does the requirements for effective mobile and web applications. As an outcome, software developers discover different methods to achieve a better customer experience. For instance, even if there is big network congestion, the customer wants an improved UI and a faster solution time for HTTP requests. MERN stack development services are a popular technology that includes four powerful technologies: React.js, MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js. Like any web app stack, you can build whatever you want in MERN Stack— though it’s mainly suited for all use cases that are cloud-native, JSON-heavy, and have dynamic interfaces. Examples comprise news aggregation, workflow management, calendars, to-do apps interactive social/ forums products — and everything else you can think up!

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