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We encompass a range of services aimed to ensure that a product continues to function effectively and efficiently throughout the lifecycle.

Improve Code Quality

Technical Support

We provide customer assistance and guidance in using a product effectively, troubleshooting issues and resolving problems. Our experts are trained to diagnose and troubleshoot a range of issues, such as software errors, hardware malfunctions, connectivity issues and user errors.

We understand the customer’s issues and provide solutions and also ensure customer satisfaction and maintaining the integrity of the product.

Product updates & upgrades

Product Updates & Upgrades

We address bugs, vulnerabilities or other issues discovered in the product after its release. The updates may be released periodically, delivered in various forms. The minor enhancements or improvements to the product includes performance optimizations or feature enhancements.

Upgrades include major changes to the product with significant new features, improvement to user interface or changing the underlying technology stack. You can ensure ongoing effectiveness and competitiveness of a product with frequent updates and upgrades.

Rule Customization


Transfer your data or applications from one environment to another. We offer transferring data, application migration, platform migration, and cloud migration which helps in enhancing the product in the existing environment.

We provide services like assessment, planning, implementation, and support for your migration process. We ensure the product’s effectiveness and usability in new or different environments and help to minimize disruption or downtime for users.

Application maintenance services : application support

Application Support

Our application maintenance and support services ensure the applications and software components are functioning effectively and efficiently. We provide services ranging from performance monitoring to configuration management for your application.

We collect and analyze the performance metrics of your application to ensure customer satisfaction, minimize downtime or disruption and maintain the competitiveness of your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is product maintenance essential for the competitiveness of an organization?

Product maintenance is critical for an organization’s competitiveness because it guarantees that products continue to perform efficiently and effectively, matching consumer expectations. Regular maintenance helps to avoid unexpected breakdowns and downtime, which saves money and increases productivity.

Why are software maintenance services necessary?

Software maintenance services are necessary to ensure that software systems continue to function optimally and meet changing user needs. These services help identify and fix software errors, update software to the latest versions, and improve performance and security.

Why choose Mindbowser for application maintenance services?

Mindbowser’s experienced staff has vast expertise in application maintenance, including monitoring, testing, bug fixes, and upgrades, to guarantee that applications function smoothly and meet changing user demands. 

How can Mindbowser help an organization through its software maintenance and support services?

Mindbowser offers comprehensive  maintenance programs and support services to help businesses maintain their software systems smoothly and efficiently. To keep the software up to date and optimize performance, our dedicated team provides regular maintenance and support, including bug fixes, updates, and security patches.

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