Mindbowser’s Augmented Team Helped an E-learning Platform Add New Features at a Faster Pace


CodeREV Kids is an education platform supported by y education and technology experts from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the MIT Media Lab. Coderevkids STEM-focused courses and tech camps provide the basis for a much deeper education in technology than what students receive at their schools. CodeREV’s founder Evan Boorman approached Mindbowser to increase the site’s accessibility. He wanted to fix site areas like server issues, Server cost optimization, and add features like push notification, payment refund, and dynamic tax calculations.

Industry: Education

CodeREV Kids education platform

Key Requirements of the Client

CodeRev Kids Approached Mindbowser to Upgrade Their App For

  1. Server Cost Optimization and Issues.
  2. Push Notification Feature.
  3. Payment Refund Feature.
  4. Dynamic Tax Calculations Feature.



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