Mindbowser's Data Analytics Consulting

Mindbowser is a data analytics consulting company that specializes in helping customers identify and obtain meaningful insights from the data and turn them into a competitive advantage. 

We provide consulting services for all stages of the analytics process, from data collection and preparation to modeling and visualization, as well as support for project management, training, and communication. 

We provide a comprehensive range of services to help you make the most of your data, which help you identify and obtain meaningful insights from the data and turn them into a competitive advantage.

Our Offerings In Data Analytics Consulting Services

Effective business strategies demand a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences. Armed with new insights based on advanced analytics practices, your business can discover hidden opportunities to drive revenue, maximize ROI, mitigate risk, and enhance customer experience.

Mindbowser’s data analytics consulting services transform your raw business data into actionable insight for strategic decision making, anticipating risk, and meeting consumer demands. 

As a data analytics consulting company, we provide information in a way that best suits decision-makers. Various tasks are optimized in such by leveraging collected data. This is done using different methodologies understanding the requirements thereafter. The analytics consulting services balance the business and analytics in such a way that delivers value-added solutions. 

The Step-By-Step Data Analytics Process

Data Cleansing

The data may include unfinished & unreliable data. Incorrect data that requires to be reviewed and put in actual format with the support of data cleansing techniques.

Data Exploration

This process manages model preparation, evaluation, estimation, and tuning, which provides robust data insights that allow our clients to make successful business decisions.

Feature Engineering

This process helps to convert raw data into features that show a better solution to the underlying problem. it allows us to give flexibility, better results in the data analytics process.

Meet Our Data Analyst

Sandeep Natoo

Head Of Emerging Tech

Sandeep is a certified, highly accurate, and experienced Data Scientist adept at collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large datasets, developing new forecasting models, and performing data management tasks. Sandeep possesses extensive analytical skills, strong attention to detail, and a significant ability to work in team environments. Sandeep has 12+ years of experience in building software products and juggling with data.

He has been known for translating complex datasets into meaningful insights, and his passion lies in interpreting the data and providing valuable predictions with a good eye for detail. He is highly optimistic and an avid reader.

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Our Data Analytics Services Help You Reach Your Goals

Modern Analytics Platform

The role of analytics is constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. You can modernize your analytics with the cloud, flexible architecture, and the latest technologies. Therefore, modernization will help you streamline business insights from data while reducing costs. 

Data Quality

Data quality is a huge challenge for businesses. This makes it difficult to manage the business effectively. Data quality can manifest in different ways, like reporting, metrics, formulation, business definitions, etc. We can help you reinforce quality across data governance and technology aspects. 

Machine Learning

You may have always suspected that your data holds valuable insights, but extracting that predictive power can seem impossible. However, machine learning and data science can make it possible. Furthermore, you can achieve cost-effective improvements by automating key processes and implementing machine learning. 

Business Intelligence And Visualization

Business intelligence can surface the right information to help you make decisions more quickly and effectively. And with well-designed visualization solutions, you can explore even more data and get to the heart of what’s driving your business results. As a result, we help you deliver actionable insights across your business. 

Select Your Suitable Data Analytics Option With Us

Data Analytics Implementation

Data science and analytics service providers are able to offer a time-effective solution that is sufficiently compliant according to your business objectives. Our experts can implement a data analytics solution to advance your business or entirely revamp the existing one.

Data Analytics As A Service

Data analytics consulting services help our clients to receive first meaningful insights from the raw data within days. Our top-notch analytics solution reduces the burden of cost and time for developing and maintaining a considerable analytical solution.

Data Analytics Support & Evolution

Data analytics services advance your existing analytical solutions within an effective time frame by studying the current analytical setting, determining the stumbling blocks and fixing problems that limit you from using data analytics.

Data Science Guide 2022 | MindBowser

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This ebook will answer all your questions about data science and how to put it to use for your business.

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Our Expertise In Data Analytics

With the support of advanced technologies, we help you get the most out of data.

Ready To Start Your Data Analytics Journey With Us?

Key Technologies That Enable Data Analytics For Businesses

Our data analytics consulting service expert put statistical and mathematical methods and tools to invent services that help organizations automate and optimize processes to extract valuable data insights for your business.

App Strategy & Consulting
Predictive Analytics
App Strategy & Consulting
NoSQL Databases
App Strategy & Consulting
Knowledge Discovery Tools
App Strategy & Consulting
Stream Analytics
App Strategy & Consulting
In-memory Data Fabric
App Strategy & Consulting
Distributed Storage
App Strategy & Consulting
Data Virtualization
App Strategy & Consulting
Data Integration
App Strategy & Consulting
Data Preprocessing
App Strategy & Consulting
Data Quality


We work with all-size businesses— from startups to Fortune500— in industries from engineering and tech to pharmaceuticals, retail and energy.

Other Industries We Have Worked With

App Strategy & Consulting
Finance & Insurance
App Strategy & Consulting
App Strategy & Consulting
Real Estate
App Strategy & Consulting
App Strategy & Consulting
App Strategy & Consulting
Lead Generation
App Strategy & Consulting
App Strategy & Consulting
App Strategy & Consulting
Manufacturing & Engineering
App Strategy & Consulting
Digital Healthcare
App Strategy & Consulting
App Strategy & Consulting

Why Mindbowser For Data Analytics Consulting Services?

Our data analytics consulting services bring Data Science, Data Engineering, and Business Analysis together. This combined approach helps to keep business goals at the center of each engagement and address reliable insights.



Ready models that result in time and cost-saving

solution accelerators


We help you identify & validate viable use cases across your business, guide your model through to deploying your models into production

domain experts


A strong team led by ph.D. holders in data science and AI

In-house experts


We cover the full spectrum of ML and AI that is required to get the right ROI for your business

360 degree service


Our solutions are independent of the framework. You can continue to explore proprietary tools as well as choose among open source options

Framework Agnostic

Frequently Asked Questions

Can duplicate data be automatically detected even if it is from the same site.

We can detect the duplicates based on case number, docket number, and link addresses.

How does the storage of files managed?

The documents can be stored over your AWS s3 buckets. 

What does the deliverable/handover look like? Code? Downloaded Documents? Etc?

The deliverables will be the output file & source code.

What are the exact steps in the process for an engagement like this?

1) Share the website & the list of fields to be extracted.

2) Check the feasibility

3) Scope out the timelines.

4) After the agreement on scope, the development started.

5) Based on the deadline, the output & code will be shared.

How do we track the progress of the project?

Our developers use project management tools like JIRA, Trello, etc. If you want, we can use that to track the project. Or we can manage through an excel sheet as well.

How does Mindbowser denote project milestones?

Based on the scope of work, we divide them into tasks & every task has some deliverables that lead to milestones.


If it's a fixed cost arrangement, what happens if it runs over budget?

The fixed cost budget is calculated based on the scope of work. If the scope of work changes, the budget part also gets affected.

If there is something wrong with the deliverable? Who is responsible for it?

Once the deliverables are submitted, the customer team must verify them. To verify these things, we set some days. If you find anything wrong in the verification period, Mindbowser will be responsible for fixing the issue.

What is Mindbowser's Contingency plan?

We have a pool of developers. If an emergency happens, there are other developers who will act as replacements & achieve the deadline.

We also follow some developing standards so anyone new can easily adapt them.

What is Exploratory Data Analytics?

Exploratory data analytics is a statistical approach that is used to analyze and produce descriptive graphical summaries. The most significant advantage of using EDA instead of a statistical model is that, with EDA, analysts are able to foresee what the data can reveal beyond the formal modeling.

Which tools you use in the data analytics process?

Tools are primarily decided as per requirement. Major tools that we use are

  • Tableau Public
  • Qlikview
  • R Programming
  • Python
  • SAS
  • Microsoft Excel
  • RapidMiner
  • OpenRefine
  • Apache Spark
Do you sign a NDA?

Yes, we do. Our developers, too, are covered under NDAs and confidentiality clauses.

What kind of performance guarantees are in place?

We have SLAs defined for projects. This includes performance parameters for individuals as well as key goals for the overall project. We keep revisiting this SLA at regular intervals to ensure that we are in line with the plan. Any deviation is immediately fixed.

Who will be my point of contact throughout the project?

We provide you with a technical project manager based out of the US or India to work directly alongside you. During the initial plan, our CTO, VP of Engineering, and CEO are involved too. Once the project journey is planned, the project manager is your main point of contact with a well-established escalation procedure.
The project manager keeps you updated as per plan on all the development information and acts as your primary quality analyst.

What are the tools that you use for data science?

In data science work, we usually used the following tools.

  • Libraries: Pandas, Numpy, Beautiful Soup, JSON, SKLearn, Keras, Plotly, MatplotLib, Tableau, etc.
  • Tools: Pycharm, Jupyter Notebook
What type/size of data is the team working with?

We deal with structural and unstructured data like SQL, NoSQL, CSV, JSON, Flat Files, Images, etc.

The data size depends on the case-to-case basis, but generally, we handle data records in thousands to millions. We have worked with data in 100s of GBs.

When does a company need a Data Analyst?

A data analyst is a person who can help organizations in decision-making. It can take weeks or even months for an organization to make decisions and it can become a problem, especially for large organizations. Data analysts streamline the decision-making process by not only analyzing the data but also using methods of collecting and gathering information from various sources and channels and presenting them in a well-defined and structured way which helps decision makers to make data-backed decisions.



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Mindbowser helped us build an awesome iOS app to bring balance to people’s lives.


We had very close go live timeline and MindBowser team got us live a month before.

Shaz Khan
CEO, BuyNow WorldWide

They were a very responsive team! Extremely easy to communicate and work with!

Kristen M.
Founder & CEO, TotTech

We’ve had very little-to-no hiccups at all—it’s been a really pleasurable experience.

Chacko Thomas
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Mindbowser is one of the reasons that our app is successful. These guys have been a great team.

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Mindbowser was very helpful with explaining the development process and started quickly on the project.

Hieu Le
Executive Director of Product Development, Innovation Lab

The greatest benefit we got from Mindbowser is the expertise. Their team has developed apps in all different industries with all types of social proofs.

Alex Gobel
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Mindbowser is professional, efficient and thorough. 

MacKenzie R
Consultant at XPRIZE

Very committed, they create beautiful apps and are very benevolent. They have brilliant Ideas.

Laurie Mastrogiani
Founder, S.T.A.R.S of Wellness

MindBowser was great; they listened to us a lot and helped us hone in on the actual idea of the app.” “They had put together fantastic wireframes for us.

Bennet Gillogly
Co-Founder, Flat Earth

They're very tech-savvy, yet humble.

Uma Nidmarty
CEO, GS Advisorate, Inc.

Ayush was responsive and paired me with the best team member possible, to complete my complex vision and project. Could not be happier.

Katie Taylor
Founder, Child Life On Call

As a founder of a budding start-up, it has been a great experience working with Mindbower Inc under Ayush's leadership for our online digital platform design and development activity.

Radhika Kotwal
Founder of Courtyardly

The team from Mindbowser stayed on task, asked the right questions, and completed the required tasks in a timely fashion! Strong work team!

Michael Wright
Chief Executive Officer, SDOH2Health LLC

They are focused, patient and; they are innovative. Please give them a shot if you are looking for someone to partner with, you can go along with Mindbowser.

David Cain
CEO, thirty2give

We are a small non-profit on a budget and they were able to deliver their work at our prescribed budgets. Their team always met their objectives and I'm very happy with the end result. Thank you, Mindbowser team!!

Bart Mendel
Founder, Mindworks

Mindbowser was easy to work with and hit the ground running, immediately feeling like part of our team.

George Hodulik
CEO, Stealth Startup, Ex-Google