Applied DevOps Practices to Help an HR Tech Company Scale-up

Concept of Shortlist

Shortlist is a web portal that combines technology and human screening to find outstanding talent for businesses. It provides organizations with top-qualified candidates based on the skills and attributes they demonstrate via in-depth performance analysis.

To deliver the ultimate solution we created VPCs in two different AWS regions with multi-AZ configurations. We have configured highly available NAT servers for inbound and outbound traffic. We highlighted auto-scaling policies based on CPU utilization and inbound traffic through ELBs. Defined policies for periodic patching and updates to base AMIs.

Industry: Recruiting, Software

Shortlist has raised a total of $3M+ in funding.

Key Requirements of the Client

Recruitment, hiring, and training of employees

Set up the communications and technology

Ensured adherence to the selected project methodologies

Coordination between the different offices/geographies

Shortlist (DevOps)

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