SaaS Application Development 

For a business to flourish, you need a complete product that really works. User expectations from products are pretty high and hence you need a top SaaS development company. A SaaS product is entirely cloud-based and has to scale up and down as per usage. Other aspects of SaaS software development are continuous enhancements, version upgrades and security. Hence, the SaaS development team has to keep these aspects in mind when architecting and coding a SaaS platform.

Why Does SaaS Product Development Need A Specialist?

Mindbowser Advantage Offerings For SaaS Product Development 

Modular Code

We create modular code so that every module is separate and that making changes in one place does not affect other functions.

API Expertise

Having built SaaS products for the last 10 years, we have experience with most APIs like Twilio, Sendgrid, Stripe etc.

Scalable Architecture

Right from day one, we plan the platform to be able to host million+ users easily so that your product does not face niggles later.

Focus On User Retention

Our UX/UI team helps you make design decisions that increase user stickiness on the platform.

Agile Development Process

Sprint-based development allows you to focus on one area at a time and improve continuously.

Full Compliance

We make sure that the product is fully compliant as per laws and guidelines for the particular domain.

Clean Code

We take pride in writing clean code that separate teams can easily collaborate on and understand.

Full-stack Service

With a team of 120+ engineers in-house, we take care of your complete SaaS product development lifecycle from design to development.

Cloud Migration

We enable businesses to migrate SaaS products to another cloud provider and turn the on-premises app SaaS by redeveloping it into cloud migration.

Key SaaS Application Development Services

The demand for SaaS-based software is growing rapidly because of the various benefits it provides. Being counted as one of the most reputed SaaS development companies, Mindbowser delivers the most advanced SaaS-based products that can combine various moving aspects like mobile and web interfaces, dashboards, AI engines and so on. We adhere to modern software development practices to deliver SaaS products, ensuring product quality and security. Our SaaS app design and development process deliver end-to-end software solutions, transforming your novel idea into a formidable and agile solution.

SaaS Development Team

The number of members needed in the SaaS application development team will depend on the complexity of the SaaS product. You will need to hire a SaaS developer and fill the following positions in the development team to start the project:

SaaS Development Team | Mindbowser
SaaS Development Team | Mindbowser

At Mindbowser, we have a team with extensive hands-on experience in implementing SaaS architecture that delivers flexible, stable, and secure applications. If the need arises, we also use an IT staff augmentation strategy to fill in resource gaps.


SaaS Product Development Process

SaaS product development involves a balance of good ideas, hard work, a pragmatic approach combined with idealistic thinking, and great organization. A SaaS product development process involves the following steps:

Undertaking A Thorough Market Analysis

Extensive research before starting the development work provides several ideas to produce leads that ensure product success after completion.

Discussing SaaS Requirements With All Stakeholders

Based on customers’ requirements, discuss how your software could be adjusted to specific needs or combined with existing tools.

Defining The Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

It refers to the fundamental features that produce quick value to users with reduced costs.

Choosing An Appropriate Pricing Model

This distinguishes you from your rivals as it classifies your product cost as per the customer’s usage and affordability.

Understanding The Technical Aspects

This is the step that will determine how the software will be developed and the decision must be made with MVP and keeping in mind the long-term plans.

Defining The Various Features & Functionalities

The features & functionalities brought in must satisfy the requirements of your customers and must be unique from your rivals.

Knowing Your Budget

It is important to make budget allocations with care while factoring in any potential challenges and setbacks that could burden your finances.

Launching The Prototype & Getting Feedback

The final step involves the pre-launch testing of the product and getting feedback from the customer on user experience, features, and user design.

Why Mindbowser For Software Product Engineering?

Businesses outsource their SaaS product development requirements when:

  1. They lack the essential skills: Shortage of skilled talent is always an impediment to SaaS application development services. This is the time when companies approach us as we have a team of skilled IT talent who can adapt to changing technologies and handle several tasks such as automation, security management, and data management.
  2. They cannot handle the assignment: If a company’s in-house team is running at full capacity, it may have to hire a SaaS developer. Whether it is working on several projects at once or focusing on certain aspects of just one, by partnering with us, companies can work at peak efficiency without bargaining on quality.
  3. They seek quick delivery: When companies work with us, all they need to do is discuss with us their product idea and we will get started on developing the application and finish the project ahead of time.

Over the last few years, we have developed SaaS products for the following businesses:

Outsourcing the development of SaaS products has become a prerequisite to staying ahead of your peers. The ability to expand, implement and scale seamlessly will help businesses succeed. Partnering with a SaaS development company like Mindbowser will ensure your projects are completed on time and using minimum resources. With Mindbowser, you will have the essential skills as well as the intellectual property, which has become a necessity of the modern SaaS industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the development of SaaS related to cloud computing?

SaaS is a software delivery model wherein a cloud provider hosts apps and makes them accessible to users on the internet. Most SaaS development companies build their platforms on the cloud and use cloud computing and other offerings of the cloud such as hosting, data backup, security etc.

What is SaaS application development?

The development activity around building a SaaS product pertains to the SaaS application development service. SaaS products are mostly pay-as-you-go products that the customer can use without any installation and run via a browser.

What level of software development is needed to build a SaaS development company?

Building a SaaS development company could be the plausible next step on the way to business growth. But building a SaaS application development company is not something that you can make casually or without carrying out adequate research. It is essential to know and understand the SaaS development process while assigning a development team and fixing a budget.

How do you understand SaaS product development?

The SaaS product development process involves driving UI/ UX, development, testing and continuous improvement of a SaaS product during its lifecycle. The responsibilities consist of a mix of professional, strategic, and technical duties.

How much does it cost to develop SaaS?

The cost of developing a SaaS solution is contingent on how much you pay to hire an agency or a developer. Roughly, the monthly cost to manage a team with the front end, and backend engineers, along with QA, DevOps and project manager is $15000.

What is SaaS architecture?

The SaaS architecture includes defining the technological aspects of a software product, defining the different services it uses, the 3rd parties it is integrated with and the kind of servers it is hosted on. The architecture of a SaaS product is dependent on many factors such as the type of application, its scale and industry.

Who would be my point of contact?

A project manager would be assigned to you at the start of the project. Your project manager would be a techno-functional person with 10+ years of experience. The PM shall be a bridge between you and the developers to get things done. Additionally, the developers would also be available on the same channel, so you can contact them directly as well.

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The team from Mindbowser stayed on task, asked the right questions, and completed the required tasks in a timely fashion! Strong work team!

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