Bluetooth Low Energy

iBeacon technology, that makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a feature that has been common in most phones manufactured since 2013, can be used to deliver path-breaking customer experiences and generate more revenue in retail stores, museums,hotels, malls, theme parks, airports etc. You don’t want to delay your first BLE app development as the opportunities offered by this technology are limitless and innovative use cases are being built around it every other day.
When it comes to BLE app development we are the leader with our first app built and launched in mid 2013- the early days of technology itself. We started small with BLE app development and grew very quickly to create large scale application in different domains such as Retail, Public Sector, Health & Fitness, Social etc. We have worked on all sorts of devices such as Estimotes, , TI Sensor, NODE, CC2541, StickNFind etc and can help you build custom hardware as well.




When it comes to BLE app development, we have a rich experience in developing apps and identification of compatible hardware. Our expert team of developers make sure that you get the best experience out of your BLE project may it be smooth functioning, UI and UX of the app or any other functionality which makes or breaks your project. Our design sprint led approach has always made our clients greatly satisfied with our BLE app development work.

Featured Work in BLE

Jayu is the digital rewards platform that does all of the work. What do we mean by this? Jayu makes it possible for businesses and customers to build relationships without lifting a finger. We believe that people consider their time valuable, and don’t always have time to digitally interact with a business when they want to. While keeping this in mind we developed a simple and stimulating rewards platform that works for businesses and people behind the scenes. Case study for Jayu.
Escali SmartConnect™ helps you create a food journal, analyze nutrition information, as well as track your weight, BMI and body composition. Use the Escali SmartConnect™ Kitchen Scale and Body Scale to send wireless measurements to mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Update your UP by Jawbone™ profile or Apple Health with body weight and food journal entries created in Escali SmartConnect™.