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Enabling Digital Transformation In The Insurance Industry

In the era of the digital revolution, the insurance industry is adapting new techniques to sustain growth. Companies and consumers are looking for solutions that can simplify and streamline insurance offerings and bring predictability. Such needs create opportunities for startups throughout the world to build solutions for Insurtech. With our capabilities and experience, we can help you innovate in insurance with our insurance IT services.

What We Do

In this digital revolution, insurance tech companies focus on building innovation by connecting various technology pieces and processes. We help you with end to end product development that creates value for stakeholders and builds digital capabilities. Our
insurance technology solutions help insurance companies to identify, understand, and build business opportunities with greater relevance and personalization

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing can help you to create better availability and accessibility for your platform.
Our Cloud offering helps you set the development pipeline, availability, and backup of the system.

Data Science

Data Science

Data Science helps you to analyze real-time data and process information to create a better and faster ecosystem. Using Data science we offer to build you data dashboards, scraping algorithms, and automation scripts.

Platform Modernization

Application Portfolio Optimization

To deliver better Insurance IT Services, we work with CIOs to optimize and analyze the entire application portfolios to outline strategic goals, lessen technical debt, improve architectures, and support cloud economics to generate business value.

Platform Modernization

Platform Modernization

Data Modernization and Application rearchitecture process resolve bottlenecks to take advantage of newer techniques in ML, AI, DevOps etc. Mindbowser has been helping Insurance companies to upgrade their tech stack and move them to the cloud.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Automated workflow ensures that insurance service providers can digitize paper-based work processes, improve records management systems, and data collection methods with greater security. Mindbowser uses process automation tools and AI to help you get the best out of your automation initiatives.



Mobile apps enable insurance companies to create more opportunities for engagement with push updates, reminders, data-driven solutions, and even data collection.
As a leading insurance technology company, we help you build mobile apps that streamline your customer touchpoints.

How Do We Work?

At Mindbowser, our team follows a logical project development cycle that entails requirement gathering, business analysis, and best practices to ensure effective and best results. Our team will help you identify challenges proactively and offer you the best recommendations for your idea. Here is our process from idea to development

Mindbowser Process
Mindbowser Process

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Emerging Technologies

The insurance tech architects at Mindbowser always use the latest technologies to cater to your IT needs. Our specialists, developers, and solution experts deliver flexible and scalable technology solutions that are the best-in-industry.

Opportunities Of Digital Transformation In The Insurance Industry

There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups to participate in the Digital Transformation of insurance. Some of the areas under

  • Faster access to the market for insurance products & services
  • Synchronous processes that enhance sales, productivity and output
  • Reduced cost and time for business operations
  • Improved insurance claims processes and developed underwriting efficiency
  • Process automation for the core market operations
  • Predictive Analytics that enables significant business insights to make faster decisions
  • Integrated design and operations to improve customer experience

Why Mindbowser For Insurance IT Services?

Building an insurtech company requires an amalgamation of insurance and technology. At Mindbowser, you find both under one roof. Our insurance IT services can help you improve your idea and accelerate your timeline with skills in data science, automation, cloud, and domain knowledge. Here are some more reasons to consider us

Why Mindbowser For Insurance IT Services
Why Mindbowser For Insurance IT Services

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