Ensure Maximum Data Protection Services with Advanced Data Security

Data protection

Data security is a top priority for any business; we help your business protect critical data from undesired access, mishandling and other security threats.

Rule Customization

Data Security Assessments

Our experts conduct interviews with key stakeholders to assess the existing state and identify future concerns related to data security. We assess your data authorization, authentication, encryption methods, password management, backup and recovery processes. By standardizing and automating your security processes, we can help protect your data and keep it safe.

OCR Software development

Develop Security Ecosystem

With more data being created and used than ever and new regulations to follow, it can be hard to keep up. We are security experts who can help you create a comprehensive security environment that meets all your needs. Our team of security experts can help you navigate these challenges and create a comprehensive security environment.

Security Architecture & Review

Security Architecture & Review

The data security landscape is ever-changing, posing new challenges for businesses. Issues within data infrastructure can result in unnecessary risks and cause data exposure. Our data security experts help you understand your current operations, technical requirements and regulatory mandates to develop secure data infrastructure.

Data Pipeline Integration Services

Data Masking

The security measure protects your data from being compromised or accessed by an unauthorized identity. Data masking software replaces sensitive data with non-sensitive equivalent representations, making the data unreadable. We implement such data masking techniques to ensure complete business data protection.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

Our data security solutions are designed to protect data across all environments, from enterprise to cloud to mobile to big data. The solutions are usually called “tokenization” or “data-centric” security solutions, and they can provide a high level of protection for your most sensitive data.

Improve Code Quality

Data Resiliency

Ensure data is protected and can be recovered during an unexpected incident. We implement automated backups, redundant storage systems, and disaster recovery features. As a part of the data security strategy, data resiliency can ensure data protection and availability when needed.

Early Detection of Potential Issues

Data Privacy

We understand that data privacy is essential for our customers to secure sensitive data. We offer comprehensive data privacy solutions to help our clients safeguard their data. The data privacy solutions are designed to help you achieve your privacy goals while minimizing risk and ensuring compliance.



Our experts help you protect sensitive data by replacing it with random characters that are not algorithmically reversible. A centralized server is maintained that generates and manages the tokens. The server can take the sensitive data, tokenize it and store the token in the databases helping businesses to maintain security.

Compliance with Coding Standards

Authentication & Access Control

Every data security plan includes authentication and access control as essential parts. We offer SSO-based authentication and role-based access control simplifying the login process for end-user. We also offer policies and governance services, which establish clear rules and guidelines around data access and use.

A Closer Look at Security Patterns

Security Pattern

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Delivering the best solutions starts with understanding the business needs. Our approach is tailored to meet your unique goals and objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Mindbowser customize data security services based on my business needs?

Absolutely! Mindbowser understands that each business has unique security requirements. We provide tailored data security services that align with your business needs, considering your industry, size, data sensitivity, compliance requirements, and risk tolerance.

Why is data security important for businesses?

Data security is crucial for businesses as it safeguards sensitive customer information, trade secrets, intellectual property, and financial data. It helps maintain customer trust, compliance with regulations and prevents reputational damage and economic losses due to data breaches.

What types of threats do data security services protect against?

Data security services protect against a wide range of threats, including unauthorized access, data breaches, malware and ransomware attacks, phishing attempts, insider threats, and data loss due to hardware failure or natural disasters.

What are the benefits of Data Security as a Service?

Data Security as a Service offers numerous benefits, including access to specialized expertise, cost-effectiveness, scalability, 24/7 monitoring, rapid incident response, enhanced compliance adherence, and the ability to focus internal resources on core business operations rather than managing data security.

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