We have developed a mobile app that helps users make eco-friendly choices, reducing their carbon footprint through our sustainability platform.


We have created a platform committed to pioneering sustainability, empowering individuals to make environmentally conscious choices. Collaborating with Mindbowser, this innovative mobile application enables users to directly impact their carbon footprints.

Industry: Travel and Transportation


Solutions We Implemented to Improve This Mobile App Platform


The app offers real-time CO2 emissions data and multiple route choices with unique CO2 measurements, empowering users to make sustainable decisions.

This enables users to compare walking, cycling, electric vehicle, or traditional gasoline options for environmentally conscious decision-making.

The app shows the positive impact of eco-friendly transportation choices, motivating users with real-time information on emission reductions and fostering incentives for greener travel.

The integration of Google Maps and EPR carbon API for accurate route information and real-time emissions calculations, supporting eco-conscious decision-making.

Result We Achieved: Enhancing User Interaction in the Mobile App Platform

We successfully used advanced strategies in our case study, leveraging gamification elements like leaderboards and rewards. This highlights how adding game-like features can make users more interested and encourage them to do what they want.

Additionally, by smartly connecting to external tools like Google Maps and EPFR Carbon through APIs, we showcase how tapping into existing resources can boost an application’s features and improve its overall value. This reflects our commitment to innovation, demonstrating the effective implementation of strategic features that enhance user experience and app performance.

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