Experience cutting-edge penetration testing service with BreachLock, the worldwide leader in Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS). We work with certified hackers utilizing the power of AI and human expertise to address scalability and cost concerns through our agile, DevOps-ready SaaS platform. With BreachLock, you can confidently tackle security threats head-on and ensure your systems are thoroughly tested for vulnerabilities.

Elevating Protection with BreachLock

Penetration Testing

BreachLock provides a wide array of penetration testing services designed to uncover any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your systems, network, and applications. Get streamlined penetration testing results and reports, presented conveniently in a single pane view. With this efficient solution, you can effectively mitigate security threats, impress and retain clients, and focus on your core strengths without any distractions.

Application maintenance services : application support

Web Application Testing

The testing entails evaluating the security of web applications, APIs, and other services in order to identify vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and various other potential issues. It combines both manual and automated techniques to evaluate the security of web applications. The powerful combination ensures coverage and accurate identification of any potential vulnerabilities in your web application.

Network Testing

BreachLock specializes in assessing your network infrastructure to pinpoint any issues that attackers may exploit. With internal network scanning and human-assisted testing capabilities, BreachLock enables you to effectively identify potential threats in both cloud and hybrid networks. With its automated external security scanner, the platform examines network perimeters to detect any potential weaknesses.

Application Integration Services

Mobile Application Testing

BreachLock provides comprehensive testing services for mobile apps to identify and address any security vulnerabilities that could potentially jeopardize user data and sensitive information. The mobile app pen-testing reports provide you with the necessary quality assurance to meet security and compliance requirements effortlessly. We ensure that your app is secure and can seamlessly pass third-party evaluations.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Infrastructure Testing

As cloud services continue to rise, organizations are faced with the challenge of maintaining the security of their cloud environments. BreachLock offers a solution by helping identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, ensuring that your organization’s data remains protected in the cloud. BreachLock utilizes AWS to host its SaaS platform helping businesses assess the security of their environments.

Reduced Technical Debt

Social Engineering Testing

The process includes conducting tests to assess an organization’s vulnerabilities to social engineering attacks, like phishing, in order to gauge employees’ ability to identify and react significantly to these types of attacks. At BreachLock, we offer a unique approach that combines an open-source threat intelligence initiative with a personalized phishing exposure assessment.

IoT Security Testing

BreachLock specializes in conducting thorough security assessments for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The experts are trained to identify and address any vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited, ensuring the utmost protection of your IoT infrastructure. By reverse-engineering and exploiting firmware, the ultimate goal is to uncover any vulnerabilities before malicious hackers have a chance to exploit them.

Compliance with Coding Standards

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management by BreachLock plays a vital role in managing vulnerabilities by assisting organizations in prioritizing and resolving identified security issues. You can implement scheduled vulnerability assessments, which can automate the scanning process at regular intervals, eliminating the need for manual management. You have the flexibility to run on-demand scans with a simple click, targeting specific assets.

Early Detection of Potential Issues

Compliance Testing

BreachLock’s comprehensive range of services can effectively support organizations in meeting diverse regulatory compliance requirements. By identifying and addressing potential security gaps, our solutions ensure that businesses stay compliant and safeguard against any threats to their regular operations. The team of compliance specialists assists you with scoping, requirements, and executing your next test for compliance.

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