25 Habits to Take Up as an Entrepreneur in 2024

Entrepreneurs, high-profile investors, and billionaires are some fancy terms that make everyone adore them. But what people on the outside do not realize and understand is the hard work, lifestyle changes, and sacrifices made by these people to reach the heights they are at.

Entrepreneurship can get tricky! From the moment of finding an exciting, unique idea to executing it to being motivated throughout the process becomes a task over time.

Hope and self-confidence are the two keywords that every entrepreneur chants.

With this, entrepreneurs also take up certain lifestyle changes and improvise their habits. In the coming time, if you look at yourself to be a successful entrepreneur and wonder what kind of habits would lead you to the path of success, you have come to the right place. This article will bring you certain habits you need to take up before entering the new career path.

25 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs


1. Develop and Maintain a Routine

The list of habits of successful entrepreneurs should start with this! Creating, following, and maintaining a strict schedule helps understand what is about to come next and work accordingly.

The routine and the schedule help the entrepreneur make time for all that matters to him or her. This ensures that they get sufficient time to relax and do things that make them happy, like spending time with their loved ones.

Planning all tasks well in advance helps the entrepreneur work efficiently and get things done more effectively. By planning all tasks well in advance, the chance of missing out is eliminated, resulting in increased productivity.

2. Stay Curious

The statement, “I wonder what would happen if…” is the beginning of new adventures, experimentations, and newness. An entrepreneur’s curiosity paves the way to innovation. Lack of curiosity may also result in boredom shadowing upon losing focus. Thus, to stay focused, one must ask questions, and be more interested. To make curiosity a regular habit, you need to try new things because you do not realize when and how any unique experience would influence or inspire you.

Another great way to teach curiosity in your routine is by reading. The more you read, the more you are exposed to information, increasing your pool of newness. Rather than reading social media posts, try reading reputed blogs, and good books with quality content that will help you connect with new things.

3. Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

A phrase we have heard almost all our lives. But to become a successful entrepreneur, you also need to practice it. Going to bed early is the key factor. Another phrase that needs implementation here is “sleep like a baby.” Getting good, sound sleep is as important as sleeping early.

Researches highlight the fact that lack of proper sleep leads to stress, forcing you to make poor decisions and that is something you need to avoid while running a business. Having a fixed, appropriate sleeping cycle is essential.

One practice that can help you make this a habit is to place your phone or your alarm clock on the other side of the room. This would force you to get up from your bed to switch the alarm off. To be a successful entrepreneur, you should never undervalue sleep. Make and maintain an appropriate sleep cycle.

4. Time Management

Time management and fair use of time help you accomplish more in a shorter amount of time, leading to more leisure time, enabling you to take advantage of learning opportunities, minimizing stress, and helping you to concentrate and focus more. Distributing time to various tasks would reduce the wastage of time.

To better use time, you can use other applications to block social media while you work, allowing you to focus better. Entrepreneurs need to manage their time because it helps them prioritize their work and realize their goals faster.

5. Exercise

Exercising here does not mean bodybuilding, lifting weights, or getting those sculpted abs and chiseled jawline. Exercising here means being active! How your body looks does not matter; all that matters is that a healthy body fosters a strong mind.

You need not get 100 burpees right or try turning your body into different yoga poses; brisk walking or jogging would also do the job. Daily routines of successful entrepreneurs have some type of exercise on their to-do list. Being active and having a healthy mind is important for an entrepreneur and is also important for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

To build a habit around this, you need to stop making excuses immediately. Put a little bit of effort into your body, and give it the attention it needs.

6. Read

There cannot be laid more emphasis on this point! Successful entrepreneurs read more than anyone else. Reading varied content breaks the monotony, connecting you to new things. Along with this, reading also keeps you updated on all that is going around in the world. Rather than hooking onto social media platforms, you should engage yourself in reading good, renowned books that dictate quality content.

To make this an everyday habit, you need to book a slot before you go to bed or after you wake up with your books. Another thing that can help you here if you are not a book person is to listen to excellent audiobooks. Audiobooks can be understood as an evolved version of books where you can sit back and hear the content rather than read it.

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7. Make Time for Yourself

‘Me Time’ or making time for yourself is a moment to focus on your actions and beliefs, turn your brain off for once, and enjoy the things you love doing. This can be the time you spend in your shower while you exercise, write your journal, or just casually sit with yourself.

To make this a habit, you need to decide what would be the best work for you at the time. This practice is essential as it not only keeps you on your toes but lets you understand yourself and introspect. Your ‘Me Time’ ensures that you prioritize yourself, another trait of a healthy, happy lifestyle.

8. Be Flexible and Open to Changes

Even though creating and maintaining a schedule is important, flexibility cannot be ignored. Successful entrepreneurs and founders are known for quick adaptation to changes.

Being flexible helps you to adapt to any kind of situation quickly and ensures that you work efficiently. It also allows you to get back in the game with easy adaptation in a crisis. Along with that, if you are flexible, it becomes easier for you to accept changes and work accordingly.

This also ensures that you have a balanced professional and work-life, which has an appropriate quotient of all tasks. Moreover, in the dynamic world that we live in, rapid responses to the changes around us would help you ace your game.

9. Stay a Step Ahead

Businesses cannot thrive on their own. Founders need to put in their efforts, work accordingly, and help the company grow. For the same, foreseeing the future is one important thing. Foreseeing can be in terms of generating expected future numbers or just planning tomorrow or today.

The smallest of efforts make the big tasks look easy. For instance, before you go to bed, you plan all your meetings, appointments, line-ups, etc. for the next day. With this, you will get clarity about your timings, and meal preps, and help you get ready for the coming day.

This has an added benefit, that is, when you plan your entire day, you do not tend to waste time; you have a schedule to follow, which helps you complete all that you have to do.

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10. Encourage Your Team

You have some sort of team backing up your success, no matter what kind of an entrepreneur you are. Your team can be in the form of partners, co-workers, subordinates, or others. Your team can also be your boss; it does not matter.

All that matters is that you are, in some way, dependent on them in your professional life. Well, as they make up an essential part of your work life, encouraging them is your responsibility.

Your team is your corporate family and as you know, taking care of your family is essential.

Do regular check-ins, make conversations, and try to see that they are growing mentally as well as professionally.

11. Money Management

Money management is one thing that entrepreneurs should be careful about. When they start to succeed, they should try to keep track of cash flow and avoid going bankrupt. This does not reflect inexpensiveness or cheapness. Nor is it the safest option to put money into losses to scale up. It is all about understanding that you are moving closer or away from your goals with every dollar you spend.

These habits can be seen in the housing patterns of entrepreneurs. Many investors and entrepreneurial leaders are very prudent with their housing. Some entrepreneurs also live in their own offices to increase their productivity and efficiency. Moreover, a few entrepreneurs sell everything they own and start living in Airbnbs and Airstreams.

12. Be in Line with Your Priorities

The most typical approach to doing this is by setting your goals and objectives. For the same, entrepreneurs maintain an Excel sheet that includes details of their short-, medium-, and long-term goals. With this sheet at hand, you can easily understand the actuality of your goals and work accordingly.

Another way of goal-setting is through setting time frames ranging between 1, 3, and 5 years. In this method, the trick is to continually pull targets forward as the situation shifts in your life. Setting up goals is extremely useful and powerful as it brings you time and space for what matters.

13. Keep Tracking Your Progress

The safest way to keep track of your progress is by maintaining a journal daily. Writing your thoughts down has become more comfortable with the introduction of digital journals. People can also type down their ideas rather than writing them. With multiple options being available, you need to figure out what works best for you.

Keeping track of your thoughts, goals, objectives, plans, ideas, dreams is crucial to stay grounded in life. Maintaining a journal has its own set of benefits in your professional as well as personal life. In your professional life, a journal works like a road map that helps you know your progress and tracks it. You can easily turn back a few pages to revisit your previous days and acknowledge how far you have come.

14. Learn Something Daily

Speaking of the daily routines of successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to constantly and consistently learn. The world is evolving and by constantly participating in intelligence corridors at the periphery of their skills, the most impactful and powerful entrepreneurs grow their profile.

Entrepreneurship is a combination of various skills and for one person knowing all of them is kind of not possible. With each passing day, you should try and learn one of the required skills through videos, podcasts, or by reading about it. You can look into your future goals and take up new skills and capabilities that can advance you. This not only increases your knowledge quotient but also helps you take up new skills.

15. Team Work

Entrepreneurs are synonymous with leaders, but they are also team players. They understand how to get their team to work up to their best capacity to their advantage. They believe in sharing and delegating the work. Entrepreneurs and successful investors do not hype over their accomplishments and believe in looking at the bigger, better picture.

You cannot do all the work all by yourself so delegate it. Share and distribute duties and tasks with your team so that even they can grow professionally. You can also hire freelancers and outsource a few projects to lay off that access workload.

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16. Take up a Hobby

Efficient businessmen and entrepreneurs all have hobbies. Learning new languages, engaging yourself in some online course, starting an online business, or others. They have different interest areas that keep them on their toes and help them grow. Moreover, it becomes easy to connect with people who have similar interest areas, and finding the same becomes easy with hobbies.

Taking up hobbies also has other benefits. For instance, some people have built million-dollar-worthy kingdoms that are based on their hobbies. Business people turn their hobbies into businesses. This is advantageous as you are already keen on a particular skill and if you turn it into a business, it would be a win-win as you are never going to lose interest in it.

17. Prioritize Deep Work

Every day the most impactful entrepreneurs find the time to focus deeply on their most important goals. Deep work results from your time spent focusing on the most significant challenges to achieving your goals, multiplied by the depth of concentration that you can put into working on it.

All your tasks can be divided into deep work and periphery work. All your important, essential work can be understood as deep work, and once you have sorted that, you can focus on periphery work. You should start your day by dealing with deep work as at that point in the day, you are excited, fresh, and pumped with energy.

On the other hand, all your peripheral work can be done in the other half of the day. Classifying your tasks into these two segments is crucial to begin with.

18. Focus on Your Health

The key to a brilliant mind is following a brilliant diet. Having a balanced diet with all nutrients and water is essential. A diet filled with burgers and pizza would not help you in the long run. Your diet matters! Yet again, it is not just your diet that matters. You need to balance out your diet with some physical exercise to keep up the level of activity in your body.

Moreover, you cannot ignore your mental health too. Maintain a journal to get that mental clarity or try meditation. In the long run, you can practice the ideology of taking a day off, having a cheat day where you eat all that you want and for the rest of the days, you eat clean.

This way, you are not bored with the monotony and get a chill day out of the stress. There is one last thing without which your healthy lifestyle is incomplete and that is sleep. To have a productive day, every day, you need good, consistent eight hours of sleep.

19. Create Success Routines

It always does not seem fancy but it is what works. You did not plan to go to bed early at the beginning of your business routine or college life. Even though your ideal plan would have looked different, you still know that you will reap great benefits when you follow and maintain a routine and work according to your timings. You will do much better and your well-being will be much healthier.

However, that does not mean it has to be dull. You can still take small breaks, smash the monotony, and take a day off. You can take holidays, wake up on a private island, take up adventures, do new things, and explore. Success here is just as much about regularly managing your time and chores to blow off the steam and do motivational things that would keep you going.

20. Setup Predictability

The last point, yet an effective one on the list of successful entrepreneurs’ habits, includes minimizing your decisions. This may sound confusing but what it means is that you should cut down the number of decisions you take in a day.

On average, a single human makes 35000 decisions in a single day. Well, making decisions takes time! And think how much of your daily time goes while you make 35000 decisions. It seems a lot, yeah? This is exactly what we mean.

Cut down the number of decisions, which would further lower the time you put into it. For the same, you should delegate your tasks so that the time to make all the decisions regarding all the tasks spreads out, sparing you some time for other activities. You can also take up a habit of simplifying your choices, that is, fix days for certain things like meals, outfits, workout plans, and others.

21. Take the Most Important Tasks First

One of the great habits that every successful entrepreneur has is the ability to figure out the most important tasks that need to be done to achieve long-term goals. It is important to have a clear idea of the tasks that are important and the tasks that can be done after completing them. 

Successful Entrepreneurs follow this strategy and take up their important tasks as a priority and tackle those things first, which makes them achieve their objectives and goals. Entrepreneurship can be overwhelming and there might be endless tasks at hand, but identifying the most important ones first and completing them first, make a person a successful entrepreneur. 

22. Zero Inbox

Email clutter is one of the most overlooked time killers when it comes to improving productivity. As an entrepreneur, you might be receiving tons of emails that can range from things like spam, or important items that require your attention.

Sorting out emails, and organizing them with priority labels can help a lot, which in turn makes you focus on the important things that need your attention and avoid unnecessary items that are not important. It might require some extra work while trying to organize your mail, but once done properly, it can help you in the long run, and you can achieve zero inboxes. 

23. Pareto Principle

We have all heard about the Pareto Principle which states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts. Finding out your 80/20 rule in your business and focusing on that 20% metric can help you achieve a lot. It all comes down to figuring out how much meaning and importance that 20% effort holds. It can be something like 80% of your income comes from 20% of your customers, so focus on that 20% and generate more income for your business.

24. Reflect

Reflection is a habit that almost all entrepreneurs cherish. It helps in not only identifying what you have accomplished but also allows you to look back and think carefully about the goals that you are associated with. Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, and you can feel that you are not accomplishing much but reflecting on your goals and achievement can help. It makes you mentally step away from your work and give you a new perspective that can help you see things differently. 

25. Plan Obsessively

Execution without a plan leads to nothing but disappointment. An hour of planning can save you hours of doing. All successful entrepreneurs have the habit to plan and plan obsessively. Planning helps in identifying the path you need to take to achieve your desired goals. It gives you a clear idea of what to do next and then next which helps you to move closer towards your goals. Planning does not mean sticking to a plan that you have decided, but it also involves reflecting on the work and then making amendments based on the situations and tasks at hand.



It is a positive idea to dream big at all times, set goals, and work hard to achieve them. You should remember that real success takes time, and you cannot get to where you want to be in a blink. You must be intentional in your thoughts and actions to become efficient and productive.

All poor habits must be eradicated, and all good and positive ones should be absorbed and implemented. You should be in a capacity to set higher and newer expectations and plan accordingly to achieve them.

If you have similar plans, these habits of the successful entrepreneurs mentioned above can make a big difference in your life and take you a step closer to your goals and objectives.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to be an entrepreneur in 2024?
  • Develop a Business Plan
  • Find and Understand Your Target Audience
  • Build Your Network
  • Concentrate on Your Marketing
  • Resourcing
  • Be Aware of Your Risk Profile
  • Make a Lifestyle Choice
  • Believe in Yourself
Is it necessary to adopt all 25 habits?

No, not necessarily. Choose the ones that resonate most with you and your current needs. It’s better to implement a few habits consistently than try to do too much at once.

What are the benefits of adopting these habits?
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Improved focus and decision-making
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation
  • Stronger mental and physical well-being
  • Greater success in achieving entrepreneurial goals
How can I make these habits stick?
  • Start small and build gradually. Focus on one or two habits at a time until they become routine.
  • Use reminders, habit trackers, or accountability partners to stay on track.
  • Reward yourself for your progress.

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