How To Create a Dating App: Best Practices And Advanced Monetization Methods

Dating apps have become the primary way of meeting people in the modern world. The demand for such applications has been increasing with every passing day. However, there are very few players competing for the top position. The bottom line is that the market for dating apps is not very saturated as of yet. With over 20 million matches a day, these online dating tools are creating more potential relationships every day than ever before. Amidst this high demand, lies the opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to get a shot in this industry. With determination and the use of the right strategies, you can even become very successful.
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How to Build a Successful Dating App?

You do not just want to know how to develop a dating app. The main goal is to make it successful. Your app can only be successful if people are tempted to use it. Modern dating apps are doing certain things that online dating websites in the past did not do. Previously, using a dating website required the user to be continuously involved. If users got rejected after investing a lot of time, it could be extremely demotivating for them. Tinder solved this problem with its swiping logic. A right swipe means yes, and a left swipe means no. In case a user swipes left, they will never see that profile again. Thus, they ensured that people could use the app without the fear of being rejected. Tinder also uses Facebook for screening and profile authentication. This extra level of security helps most people identify a fake account. These are the factors that make an app like Tinder extremely tempting to use. As a result, Tinder has single-handedly changed the public perception of dating apps. 
Dating App Features

Must-Have Features to Monetize Your Dating App

Other than having security, convenience, and a great marketing campaign, it is also crucial to incorporate certain features during the development process. Unique features that improve customer experience are the key factors that drive the success of a dating app.  Here are some features must-have in your dating app:

  • Premium Accounts

Being on a dating app does not guarantee a relationship to users. By offering features such as a profile boost, the user’s profile is shown to a higher number of potential matches. Such features increase the chances of a user getting matched and also bring you profit.

  • In-app Advertisements

This is another way to monetize your app. Developers can make money off advertising, but it is a sacrifice to user experience. You can also provide an option for a paid ad-free version to users. It is crucial to fit the ads correctly within your app design. Otherwise, it can be very annoying.

  • Promotion

This is a much better way to incorporate advertising by using relevant content. It can be used tactically to offer deals from coffee shops, couple-related services, and other services in the sphere of dating.
Many users are heavily committed to dating apps. Therefore, monetizing your app is a very lucrative opportunity. However, considering the competition in this market, your basic app must be free.

How to Design The UI of Your Dating App?

Features in Comparison with App Complexity


LoginFacebook Sign UpActivation of chat features after a match
User ProfileCount of the number of likesNotifications: New Matches, Messages, Moment Likes
Profile SearchMutual friends from FacebookMoments stay for 24 hours before expiring
Swipe to Like/Dislike a ProfileSet Discovery Parameters: Age, GenderImage Filters
Similar Interests of FriendsUndo Last DislikedText, Scribble
The application interface is the visual part of your app. The visuals are the most critical part of the user experience. The core design of a dating app should focus on making the experience as close to real-life as possible. The design must reflect a safe and inviting environment that sets a romantic mood for users. A simple and functional design will help the purpose of your app to drive user experience and get them hooked. Too much functionality distracts people from the intended purpose of the app. A simplistic design will ensure that user experience is not diminished due to distractions.

Commonly Used Technology Stacks

The best available technologies must be used to create the most fabulous user interface and user experience. Here are some of the technologies that are most commonly used in dating app development:
  • Android/iOS dating mobile app development – Swift, Objective C, Java, Ruby
  • Backend dating app development software – Node.js, JavaScript, HTML5, Python, AWS, MongoDB
  • Website stack – jQuery, Node.js, Nginx

The Cost of Developing a Dating App

To develop a dating app which rivals the top players, you will need a considerable amount of money. Expensive, complex technological solutions are required for dating app development because they need to be cross-platform or hybrid. You must not only be prepared for a high dating app development cost, but even the process can be very time-consuming.

Time Taken to Build Based on App Complexity


Design up 120 hoursDesign up to 160 hoursDesign up to 240 hours
Development up to 6 monthsDevelopment up to 8 monthsDevelopment up to 12 months
Project Manager 10%Project Manager 10%Project Manager 10%
QA engineer 20%QA engineer 20%QA engineer 20%:
Here are the estimated costs of developing a dating app:
  • $55,000 for a basic dating app
  • $70,000 for a single-platform app
  • $100,000 for a cross-platform or hybrid app with premium

Development Cost in Relation to App Complexity


Design up to $3000Design up to $4000Design up to $6000
Development up to $40000Development up to $55000Development up to $80000
Project Manager 10%Project Manager 10%Project Manager 10%
QA engineer 20%QA engineer 20%QA engineer 20%:
Total Cost ~ $56000Total Cost ~ $75000Total Cost ~ $105000

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Wrapping Up

To understand how to build a dating app, you must first understand why people use them and what they expect from it. Before dating apps, not much was known about a person before meeting them. There was a certain amount of risk involved in meet someone you do not know anything about. The birth of dating apps has significantly reduced this risk. Therefore, the most pressing concern and expectation of the user from a dating app is safety. The reason why people get addicted to swiping left and right on dating apps is that it creates a sense of urgency. Since these apps are location-based, a person you like might leave your radar if you do not act fast. Even the user experience of the app is a factor that hugely contributes to the ability of an app to go viral. It is vital to hire a competent development agency to build your dating app.

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