30+ App Marketing Techniques To Get 100,000 Downloads

Every successful app has a successful strategy behind it.

At Mindbowser, we help our customers in not only building their apps but also help them with the strategies to launch successfully. This time though, we decided to go out and list out all our strategies out in the open so that anyone can use them to get better downloads for their apps.

We first start with App Store Optimization ( ASO) and then move on to other external strategies.

App Store Optimization Strategy

Making A Specific App Store Optimization Strategy

Besides the advertisements, the most common way that a person sees an app is through the app store search list. Some ways to increase app discovery are:

Important Aspects Of App Store Optimization

1. Give An Appropriate Title To The App:

To get in front of the users, the title of the app should have a connection with the services that your app provides. A name, as such, not only attracts app store users but also could be the driver of their curiosity. Here are the top 5 app title samples that can give you ultimate title ideas:

  • Zomato – Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App
  • TaskRabbit – The convenient and trusted way to get things done at home
  • Truecaller – Caller ID, SMS, spam block & payments
  • Vigo Video – Funny Short Video
  • BlaBlaCar – Carpooling and BlaBlaBus

2. Primary And Secondary Keyword Research:

It is the process of identifying and analyzing actual search terms that people enter into the search engine. Here the question is how to search relevant keywords for your app? Sincerely, anyone can identify exact keywords by their popularity, general intent, search volume. On the other hand, now, many free and paid tools are available that can give you ideas in a single click. Explore the keyword research tools:

3. See How Your Competitors Are Getting Rank For These Keywords:

If your competitors are ranking for some specific keywords, that can be beneficial for you too. Make a list of your top competitors and list the keywords they are ranking for. You now have a keyword list to choose from.

4. Put Up An Accurate Description:

The description of the application should be clear and understandable. The description has to have clarity on what the app does and what it does not. The key points should include the features that make the application different and better from others.

5. Ensure Your App Is Crash-Free:

The app crash is a big let down. Test well before release and if you find any issue, fix it. Respond to user complaints Here’re the metrics that you should track:

  • Crash rate
  • Retention rate
  • User heatmap

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Next Get Good Reviews, Ratings, And Downloads For Your Mobile App. Here Are A Few Tips

6. Create Your Own Snowball Effect:

It’s very important to get some good reviews. Initially, request your family, friends, and early users to post some reviews to get the ball rolling. Later you can push review notification at intervals to your users, asking them about their experience.

7. Connect With Influencers In The Same Domain:

We call this technique “The content roadshow”. It goes this way, look for the bloggers who might have reviewed other apps similar to yours. Contact them using their contact page or by any other possible means. Tell them about your application and the good things about it. Convince them to review your app too. Always keep a polite tone. If they agree to do it, then send them all the required info to make their job as easy as possible.

8. Pay Attention To The Negative Reviews:

Users give negative comments when the application cannot provide them with the services that it promises or when the application does not work correctly. These reviews tell about what is there to fix, which could help in making the user experience better for the future. Sometimes your app store copy could be faulty as well, overpromising what the app does. Keep on the lookout for such errors. When you get negative reviews, do the needful to fix it and make sure to then revert to the review as well. Negative reviews unattended are the worst.

9. Reply To The Reviews:

Adding to point 8, when one presents a reply for a specific review, the application user feels more satisfied that he is being heard and the team is focusing and working on his feedback. This pacifies the user avoiding further damage to the brand.

What Are The Ultimate App Marketing Strategies?

Techniques To Get More Users
Techniques To Get More Users

10. Use Localization To Get More Downloads:

People use apps that are in their native language, and publishing your application in different languages can help at a massive level in increasing the number of downloads.

11. Give Out Free Trials:

Before spending their money on a service, every user today expects a trial to get their mind clear for what they are paying. The free trials not only allow the users to get an idea for what they are going to pay for but also provides them with security in mind that the service they are paying for is not spam or fake.

12. Give A Creative Curve To The Pricing Ranges:

When launching an application, the prices should be a dollar or two higher than the decided price as people like discounts and the price of the app can get a discount after some time, such as on special occasions, matching the decided price point.

13. Use Online Platforms For Advertising And Promoting:

Online platforms such as Youtube and Facebook connect you with millions. Use social networks to target your audience. Most of these tools have specific CTA to drive app downloads.

14. Short Advertisements And Promotions:

Short-form mobile videos are a great way to engage millennials today. Use platforms like Tiktok, to push your video content driving users to the apps. Just make sure that your video should be compelling enough for the viewers to remember it.

15. Create Your Pool Of Auditors And Influencers:

Any ad copy should be A/B tested so that you know what works best for you. Create a team of bloggers/influencers who you can reach out for review.

16. Establish A Connection With Customers:

The customers are a massive help while expanding downloads as when the old users feel like they have a connection with the app developers, the recommendation of the app to their friends and family is going to take place, and that would increase the rate of downloads. Strategize that push wisely rather than sending it out on the first day itself. You can also think of adding a benefit for the end-user that refers.

17. Use Social Media To Promote Your App:

Use Social media for the purpose of app marketing. To promote your app for sure, you will need to post frequently on social sites to make a strong presence. A powerful content marketing plan will be the unavoidable aspect of reaching your audience in a short time. Use a mix of paid ads, influencer marketing, and user-generated content along with your own content.

18. Use Video And YouTube To Promote Your App:

One of the best ways to explain how your mobile app works is through an informative video. Your app’s landing page is the place to embed the video. Use a customizable thumbnail with your app video, which will insist visitors to click play.

19. Submit Your App To Various Sites

Seriously, do this! It doesn’t take that much effort. It can help you the way of app promotion in this competitive world. There’re various sites that allow you to list your app. Google Play store gives certain importance to the number of links to your Play Store listing page. This should help with that too. Let’s explore the App Promotion Sites for Android and iOS.

20. Use Press Kit:

In the factor of app marketing, still, word of mouth is one of the best ways of advertisement. Also, this process has a considerable rate of follow-through. An attractive press kit can make your beginning more powerful that can add benefits in your initial days.

21. Create A Facebook Or LinkedIn Group:

Based on your app’s category and nature, start relevant groups on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also become part of existing groups that are relevant to your app’s category. Share valuable resources and information there to gain more publicity for your app.

22. Apply Growth Hack:

Companies prefer to use growth hacking processes to reach a considerable number of customers. For example: For riders, the referral program is quite straightforward: signup your Uber account, you will get cash credit and refer this app with your friends to get more referral bonus instantly.

Use Social Sites To Promote Your App

Use Social Sites To Promote Your App

23. Content Is King:

If you promote compelling and relevant content in your app, then it can help you reach maximum users in a minimum time frame. You can promote it as a form of the online article, video, sponsored content, or infographics, but it completely depends on your target audience’s consumption habits. For a service app, you can produce walkthrough videos to show off your services to impress your audience. Also share user-generated content to help build a sense of community.

24. Use Of Quora:

According to Quantcast, an American technology company, Quora’s monthly presence alone in the United States is 775,000. It’s a magnificent indication for all the companies who want to promote their business on social sites. Why should you contemplate Quora to promote? Let’s check our points to understand the significance of Quora:

  • More than 700000+ monthly site visitors will know about your business
  • It allows building credibility and reputation in any niche
  • Excellent opportunity to communicate with experienced persons across the world.
  • You can easily find out questions about your service, product, and industry in one place

25. Find Speaking Opportunities:

Never miss any opportunity to highlight your app or business. Highlighting yourself establishes you as the authority and brand ambassador for your app. If you have expertise in anything that helps you to develop your app idea, then this could be the best way to express it in front of all the audience. Infact, at such events, you can ask the audience to download the app. For instance, Tinder threw various parties at different universities in the USA. The smart thing they did was to make Tinder app installation on phones a mandatory condition if you want to enter. It was a brilliant mobile app marketing strategy by Tinder’s co-founder Whitney Wolfe.

Other Miscellaneous Activities

Other Miscellaneous Activities

26. Cross-Promote:

To the purpose of app promotion, start strategic tie-ups with other mobile applications, and cross-promote each other. You can call this process cross-pollination. Users can identify various applications in one place.

27. Local Ads:

Local advertising is a crucial part of staying competitive in today’s convenience economy. Local advertising is also becoming more critical with the rise of mobile search. More and more people turn to Google to find businesses near them, and often they’ll go to the first business that pops up. With advertising, you can jump to the head of the line and get your business in front of these high-intent local consumers.

28. Surprise Your Users:

Customers love surprises – but they also love pleasant surprises. Your job is to identify some positive surprises that can excite them. Here we are going to highlight some attractive surprise ideas that you can implement in your businesses.

  • You can invite loyal customers for a VIP sale
  • In social media repost customer feedback and image accounts
  • Feature your customers on your blog/content and incentivize that prizes
  • Allow your customers to earn badges/tags inside the mobile app

29. Spend Time On The App Icon:

Probably, the app icon is one of the most neglected parts of the mobile app. Design an application icon that is eye-catching and meaningful. In the process of app downloading, the app icon plays a pivotal role. An attractive icon can create curiosity among all the potential customers.

Thomas Hopkins

Co-founder of Superpeer

Your most important growth and branding asset is the “App Icon”. You need to use Google’s A/B testing feature to maximize downloads then apply it to your Apple store as well.

30. Create Informative Infographics:

You can see many companies use infographics to fill the website. But infographics are an important aspect. It can show your work processes in a creative way. To create infographics to engage or attract your customers.

31. Participate In A Tech Podcast:

If you want to define what your mobile app does, why not do it by a conversation. They’re several podcasts hosted on Soundcloud and Spotify. That would be ideal. Here you can target those podcasts that are listened to by your target audience. You can give advertisements on the podcasts, and it could be useful.

32. Apply For App Awards:

There’re tons of companies that offer prizes to new, innovative mobile apps for their design, functionality, and so on. You can register your app at the credible ones. Even if you don’t win, you get a chance to interact with local media. These are some of the prominent mobile app awards sites:

33. Host Interesting Contests:

Tell your audience to complete a specific task and tag themselves with contest-specific hashtags on social media to follow the development. Reward the winners publically. Crowdsourced marketing would help you skyrocket your social reach.

34. Monitor Your App Performance:

Through AppAnnie or Flurry, you can check or analyze your app activity and your user interaction with the application. It helps to prepare an action plan, draw new conclusions, execute, rinse, and repeat!

Todd Bernhard

Founder of NoTie.com

An app is not a business. You cannot just release an app and expect it to be successful. Put as much energy into marketing your app as you did building it. That means building a companion website, paying attention to logos, screenshots, demo videos, YouTube channel, social media. Curate a list of product reviewers and send individual, personalized requests.


Wrapping Up!

We are at a time when developing a mobile app is an essential solution for all companies. Nowadays, mobile app development has become prevalent and opening more opportunities for everyone. We just need the right strategic direction with perseverance to get ensured results. I hope you enjoyed my Tips To Hit 100,000 Downloads. Which app marketing strategy from this article are you going to try first? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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