A Letter By Mindbowser On It’s 10th Anniversary


“A journey always seems short with the right people”

Completing this 10-year journey, I still feel it was only yesterday when it all began with a call from my first customer- A startup founder looking to build an app that told fortune on shaking the phone. This was 2012 and the world was waking up to the potential of mobile apps.

I remember when I just had 2 companions- Ayush and Pravin. I lived only on an IP. 

Then a few people joined and then some more. I had an address soon. 

I was merely known to people back in those years. Then we had more people join me. People visited me for interviews, opportunities, StartupGrind and so on. 

I have seen young fellows carrying dreams in their eyes. They came with passion and fire in their soul to achieve greatness in their lives. 

I am standing proudly completing 10 years, because of these brilliant fellows, who made everything possible. 

I also remember how every client had different problems in hand, indeed some with a bit of complexity yet a lot of possibilities. Some were the easy crackers and some were the hard rocks to push. But this never became an excuse to excel. Every member worked with excellence and held on to those huge rocks with grace. 

I always believed in people and how opportunities can be developed to make an individual grow. From encouraging new skills to developing a program like Mindbowser Mileage (M2) that showed care for my people. 

You know, when I was launched I was just a name of a company with dreams in its eyes. 

But now I am a brand that looks up to innovation and delivers every ounce of it. 

This journey has been an emotional ride with various ups and downs. Can’t wait to spend more years ahead with the same passion and achieve greatness. 

Until next time!

Yours truly, 


Content Team

This blog is from Mindbowser‘s content team – a group of individuals coming together to create pieces that you may like. If you have feedback, please drop us a message on contact@mindbowser.com

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