Top Reasons to Use React Native for Your Mobile App

As a developer, we all know that Native apps are developed separately for different platforms like Android and iOS. Simultaneously, hybrid apps combine both Native and WebView (UIWebView on iOS and WebView on Android). Facebook developed this hybrid framework React Native in 2015, which could be built on both iOs and Android at the same time. You also can use React Native for your app development, let’s explore the facts.

What is React Native?

React Native is a programming framework that uses a universal programming language called JavaScript. React Native gives developers the ability to develop full, native mobile applications for both Android and iOS. The main benefit of applying React Native is that developers won’t have to build the same Android and iOS. Instead, developers can again use the same coding across each platform, and it takes a shorter development time.

What are the Advantages of React Native in Mobile App Development?

1. Cost Efficient

Using React Native solution can be a beneficial option. Most developers prefer to use React Native since it is highly cost-efficient and needs less building time. React Native is cost-efficient as it is compatible with both Android and iOS. React Native is a robust programming framework with the promise of cross-platform compatibility. It allows developers to reuse the code.

React Native is not a mobile web app; it uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as Android and iOS applications. It means that instead of building Java, Kotlin, or Swift, Objective C, we put the same building blocks together using JavaScript and React (React declarative UI). Furthermore, it is easier to maintain and update an application built with React Native as it uses only a single codebase.

2. Fast Refresh & Fast Coding

React Native allows a developer to insert new code directly into a running app, which helps a developer see the changes straight away, without rebuilding the application.

Fast Refresh combines both “live reloading,” which means reload on save and “hot reloading,” which means it will only refresh the changed files and retain the application’s state by avoiding the risk of losing the state during full reload. Fast Refresh ensures that its world reliably.

Fast Refresh enhances Fast Coding as it automatically re-rendering after the file is saved. Developers don’t need to reload the application manually after a runtime error or a syntax error. We can use debugging techniques like console.log or a debugger.

3. Increased Flexibility

The interface used in React Native makes it easier for developers to jump into the code where someone else left off and can continue building the code. It makes React Native more flexible and makes it easier to update and upgrade the mobile application.

React Native is a cross-platform development; it creates flexibility for testers to write the same test scenarios to run on both platforms.

As React Native uses JSX (JavaScript XML), a developer must not learn complex programming languages like Java, Kotlin or Objective-C, Swift to develop an application.

When to choose React Native to build a mobile application?

React Native provide several benefits for mobile app development, such as

  • Saves Time and Money
  • Great Performance
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Fast Refresh
  • One codebase for 2 or more mobile platforms
  • Easy to learn
  • Up to 50 percent less testing
  • The immediate change in view, etc

React Native is the best choice when the client is bound with a strict budget and timing constraints as it doesn’t require a different codebase for different platforms like Android and iOS. It saves a lot of time and is cost-efficient. React Native also provides beautiful UI/UX, responsive design and provides an impressive user experience.

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In this article, we saw how React Native is the best choice as it is faster to build, offers better quality than Hybrid apps, easier to use, and cheaper than native apps. React Native gives the experience of Native apps. Using React Native components makes the rendering and execution of the app much faster.

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