WordPress Vs Reactjs: What Should You Choose?

In the current times, WordPress and React.js are gaining appraisal across the planet for their functionality and efficiency for application development. Developers often feel conflicted when deciding which tool is better for developing applications and other content. To help developers make an informed choice, we at MindBowser have created a guide to illustrate the contrast between the two.


WordPress is a user-friendly software package that one can use to create websites, blogs, or applications. WordPress has access to beautiful designs, powerful features, along with the freedom to build anything.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Its features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes. WordPress was originally developed as a blog-publishing system but has evolved to support other types of web content including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, membership sites, learning management systems (LMS), and online stores.

Why Select WordPress For Application Development?

advantages and disadvantages of wordpress

Extensive Support

WordPress has a huge community that is there to extend support whenever needed. People are generously contributing their ideas to constantly improve it. As a result, the community has evolved into a vibrant, open-source community that has helped several developers cut their support costs.


Security is one of the primary concerns for web developers, and WordPress offers robust solutions in this regard. WordPress provides regular updates that protect you from security vulnerabilities. This along with a dedicated and helpful community has led WordPress to become one of the best software packages available for content designing.
Flexibility For Multiple Data Types
The default architecture of WordPress is designed such that it supports features like posts, pages, comments, media, and more. Likewise, people can also create multiple Custom Post Types (CPTs) and Taxonomies for specific needs.

SEO Friendly CMS

WordPress has one of the most SEO friendly CMS available to date. Content quality is essential for website performance and WordPress combines both tools and code to allow frequent content updates. WordPress provides robust and free SEO plugins thus augmenting its advantages.

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Disadvantages Of WordPress

It’s quite impossible to develop any software that is perfect in all aspects. The same is true for WordPress. Some of the cons of using WordPress are:


Installing regular updates is critical to the health of any WordPress site, but can prove to be irksome if not done vigorously. Premium WordPress themes are often updated and improved upon. These updates are essential for preserving security on WordPress websites. Updates may sometimes bring some small problems to a website in which case reverting to an older website version may compromise functionality.


Due to WordPress being an open-source platform, it is lucrative to potential hackers. To mitigate this risk, WordPress has frequent security updates augmented with a knowledgeable community that works tirelessly to solve any potential issues. The idea of security breaches may discourage certain developers to use WordPress.


Certain WordPress themes contain a lot of irrelevant generic code. This leads to a decrease in the speed of the site and causes slow load times. Without prior WordPress experience, it can be difficult to comprehend which part of the code is necessary and which is not.


React (also known as ReactJS or React.js) is an open-source JavaScript library useful for building user interfaces or UI components. It is individually maintained by Facebook and a community of developers and companies.

React can be used as a base for the creation of single-page or mobile applications. React is only concerned with rendering data to the Document Object Model, and hence developing React applications requires the use of additional libraries for state management and routing.

Why Select ReactJS For Application Development?

Advantages and Disadvantages of React Js

Easy To Create Dynamic Web Applications

To create a dynamic web application specifically with HTML strings was tricky because it required complex coding, but React JS solved that issue and made it easier. It requires much less coding and provides more functionality. ReactJS makes use of the JSX (JavaScript Extension), which is a particular syntax letting HTML quotes and HTML tag syntax to render particular subcomponents. It also supports the building of machine-readable codes.

Reusable Components

A ReactJS web application is made up of multiple components, and each component has its unique logic and controls. These components are responsible for outputting a small, reusable piece of HTML code which can be reused wherever you need them. The reusable code helps to make your apps easier to develop and maintain. The components can be nested with other elements to allow complex applications to be built out of simple building blocks.

Performance Enhancement

ReactJS improves performance due to virtual DOM. The DOM is a multi-platform programming API that deals with HTML, XML or XHTML. Most developers face a problem when the DOM is updated, which slows down the performance of applications. ReactJS solved this problem by introducing virtual DOM. The React Virtual DOM in its entirety exists in memory and is a representation of the web browser’s DOM.

Inherent Advantages Of JavaScript Library

Today, ReactJS is being chosen by a majority of web developers. It is because ReactJS offers a very rich JavaScript library that provides enhanced flexibility to web developers to choose the way they want to design their projects.

Disadvantages Of ReactJS

Just like WordPress, ReactJS also has its own set of disadvantages. Some of these are:

Rapid Pace Of Development

The high pace of development is both an advantage and a disadvantage. In case of disadvantage, since the environment continually changes rapidly, some developers do not feel comfortable to relearn the new ways of doing things regularly. It may be difficult for them to adopt all these changes with all the continuous updates. Developers need to frequently update their skills and learn new ways of doing things.

JSX Is A Requirement

ReactJS uses JSX. It is a syntax extension that allows HTML and JavaScript to be mixed together. This approach has its benefits, but some members of the development community consider JSX as a barrier, especially for new developers. Developers complain about its complexity in the learning curve.

Poor Documentation

It is yet another con that is common for constantly updating technologies. React technologies are evolving at such a rapid rate that there is no time to create proper documentation. To overcome this, developers have to write instructions on their own with the development of new releases and tools in their current projects.

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Comparison Between WordPress And React.Js

To elaborate on how distinct WordPress and React.js are, here is a table outlining the basic differences between them both

WordPress is written in PHP, which may be considered outdated by many developersReact.js is written in JavaScript which is very popular amongst many developers.
WordPress is based on WP Engine.React.js is based on the JavaScriptCore engine.
Installation is extremely simple- just plug and playInstallation is complicated and requires beforehand knowledge.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely efficient in WordPress.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is subpar for React.js.
Hosting on WordPress is cheaper.Hosting on React.js is expensive.
Smaller learning curve for WordPress.Higher learning curve for React.
WordPress has a much higher vulnerability to security threats.React.js is much more secure.
WordPress is extremely User- Friendly.Rigid design leads to lower user accessibility
Lack of diverse themes and design options leads to repetitive appearance.React.js has a wide assortment of design options.
Insignificant, blanket code leads to slow processing speeds.Applications developed on React.js have faster performance.
WordPress does not require any additional modules or libraries to be fully operational.React.js requires additional modules or libraries to be fully operational.
WordPress requires frequent updates to be functional.React.js does not require updates to be operational
Applications and content developed with WordPress are known to have a severe lack of scalability.Applications and content developed with React.js are much more scalable.
Reusability is not possible due to WordPress not being modular.React’s modularity leads to greater usability.
WordPress is a fully fleshed-out software package.React.js is still under development.


Delivering a well-defined opinion on which tool is better for content development cannot be theorized. Both WordPress and React.js have different functionalities and frameworks and as such bring different abilities to the table. As a result, developers have to decide which tool to use depending upon their specifications.

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