Secure Your Cloud Journey with Our Comprehensive Security and Compliance Solutions

Mindbowser’s security and compliance services for the cloud help you take care of compliance issues and follow industry standards when securing your data and systems in the cloud.

Cyber Security Compliance

Data breaches have the potential to cause significant harm to organizations, including damage to their reputation and financial standing. The aftermath of a breach can result in complex legal proceedings and disputes that cut across various industries. As such, compliance plays a crucial role in any organization’s cybersecurity program.

Compliance entails adhering to regulations, standards, and laws that govern the security of digital information and systems. By implementing and maintaining a set of robust security measures and procedures, organizations can protect sensitive data and systems from unauthorized access, modification, or destruction.

Failing to comply with cybersecurity regulations and standards can have severe consequences, including financial and reputational damage, legal penalties, and regulatory sanctions. Therefore, compliance is a critical component of cybersecurity, and organizations must ensure they meet the necessary standards and regulations to safeguard their digital assets and maintain the trust of their stakeholders.

Compliance with the Cloud: How We Implement HIPAA

The cloud has become popular for organizations seeking to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase agility. The adoption of cloud services brings with it unique challenges for compliance and data protection.

At Mindbowser, we implement measures to ensure that PHI is protected and compliant with HIPAA regulations. Classifying data according to its sensitivity level, we ensure that PHI is only stored in approved locations and accessed by authorized personnel. We ensure all stored data in the cloud is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Additionally, we implement logging and auditing to track access to personal data and monitor for any unauthorized activity. Our team reports to stakeholders regularly to ensure compliance controls are followed and identify potential gaps.


Automation in Security

With an increasing number of cyberattacks, it has become crucial for organizations to have robust security measures in place. However, manually monitoring and detecting security threats can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Our security and compliance service offers automation in security to help our clients automate their security process and improve their overall security position. We continuously monitor networks, endpoints, and applications to detect real-time security breaches. Our automation tools can automate compliance checks, document management and audit traits.


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