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With the expertise of BreachLock, we aim to provide an efficient penetration testing solution, empowering you with effortless management of security testing coverage.

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Hassle-Free On-Demand Security Testing

On-demand penetration testing services provide a streamlined approach to identify issues and vulnerabilities in an organization’s network and systems. Breachlock penetration testing follows four steps to ensure an effective assessment.

Easy Onboarding

The onboarding process begins with accessing the client portal, where users gain secure to our platform. Clients meet their certified Penetration Testing Project Manager serving as their dedicated point of contact throughout the engagement.

Product updates & upgrades

Fast Execution

We begin with the launch of AI-powered penetration testing services. We utilize AI to perform automated security evaluation of the target system or application. It helps in scanning issues, weaknesses, and potential threats based on the industrial standards faster.

Security Architecture & Review

Comprehensive Remediation

To enable fast vulnerability resolution, the identified vulnerabilities are integrated into the DevOps pipeline. Security experts share detailed reports that explain the nature of the vulnerability, its potential impact, and steps to reproduce it.

Automated Re-testing

Our automated testing tools and scripts re-scan the system or application, focusing on the vulnerabilities identified. Beyond the one-click retest, the process involves setting up a fully automated follow-up scan on a regular basis.

Benefits of BreachLock’s Penetration Testing to Your Business

Faster Reaction

A simple, cost-efficient annual subscription provides on-demand pen tests whenever you require them. Our service includes online progress monitoring and real-time results, facilitating prompt action.


Experience fast and efficient security testing solutions. We offer an instant and consistent process, incorporating automated patch validation, retesting, and continuous scans that ensure a secure system or application.

Quality Results

Our team compromises a synergy of certified hacker experts and AI technology, resulting in efficiency and precision. The commitment to the continuous introduction of new risk checks ensures you stay ahead of the biggest threats.

Certified Experts

Our approach differs from relying on an assortment of hackers with different tech backgrounds. We have a dedicated team of full-time pen testers who possess certifications in CREST, OSCP, and OSCE.

Compliant Solution

Ensure ongoing compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and other regulatory requirements. Our offerings encompass automated web scanning, providing detailed penetration testing reports.

Accelerated Fixes

We offer extensive solutions for active remediation, allowing you to retain knowledge for future use. The BreackLock platform seamlessly integrates with DevOps tools such as JIRA and Slack, enabling faster development with higher security.

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