All About QASE Test Management Tool For Dev & QA Teams

Test management tools help the tester identify any critical issues or bugs in the project. It standardizes the testing process and enhances productivity throughout. The test management tools perform several tasks like;

  • Maintaining the project cycle and information
  • Creating artifacts
  • Encompassing the coverage of tests
  • Test execution
  • Generating the reports
  • Tracking defects. 

But finding the correct test management tool as per your requirement can be enduring. We are sharing every detail about QASE  test management tool for developers and the QA team. 

You can check the full video on Introduction to QASE here

What is QASE? 

QASE is a cloud-based test management tool that enhances software testing activities. It is a cloud management tool for developers as well as QA teams. The test suite helps you organize the cases, define the test severity and reduce the composition time. The tool reduces both the management and execution time needed for the process. 

With the QASE, you can work efficiently either individually or in a team. The tool combines both manual and automated testing techniques. It enables you to integrate your tests and post them to the app. 

Features of QASE tool

Test case management

With the help of QASE, you can easily manage your test suits and cases in one place. It organizes the cases into logical groups which provide easy navigation. The test suite defines test severity, pre as well as post-test conditions, and also determines the steps to produce a test case. 

Import/export test cases 

You can easily import your test cases from different test management tools and export the same in different formats such as XLSX, CSV, etc. 

Test plans and runs 

Through QASE, you can compose the desired test and execute them accordingly. The tool provides you with a smart wizard which guides you through the plan and checks the cases at one time. You can easily track down your time spent on each case for better understanding. 

Team management

As the tool enables you to collaborate with your team, you can easily invite the team member to the projects. The team members can access through the test as per the role or control access. They can run the test, document the test, and also compose the test plans. 


The tests can be made more productive by the feature of integration. The tool allows you to integrate with various issue tracking tools directly. The bug report can be generated for the development team with instructions for reproducing it. The supported integration includes- Jira, Gitlab, Bamboo, Slack, GitHub, etc. 

Defect management 

As the tests are run, you can have control over the defects. It enables you to manage the defect right from creating a bug to solving those. 

After having to know the features of QASE, it’s time to get yourself registered!

Registration in QASE test management tool

In order to work with QASE, we need to get ourselves registered first. Let’s get started:

Step 1: Go to the official website of QASE.

Step 2: click on the “start for free” button on the home page 

Step 3: You need to fill in all the details and click on the “create your QASE account” button. Enter your details such as; email ids and a strong password.

Note: QASE provides free service if you are setting up an account for a single QA or small company. 

Step 4: QASE sends a confirmation link to the registered email address. Click on the “confirm email” button in the received email. 

Step 5: After having registered successfully, you can now log in through the credentials line (email address and password)  

QASE tool provides different versions according to the size of your team or company. You can either go for a monthly/ annual plan as per your choice. The price ranges from a free plan to a plan for an enterprise. There are a set of features that come with the chosen plans. 

How to create a project on QASE- 3 easy steps 

Following some simple steps, you can create your own project on QASE. The project can be created individually or you can simply add your team members. Given below are the steps to create a project on QASE; 

Step 1: To begin with click on “Create new project” 

Step 2: Enter your details such as; project name, project code, project type (web application, mobile application, website), and description of the project. 

Step 3: Click on the “create project” button. 

Now you have successfully created a project, to begin with! We will begin with creating a test suit and cases in the tool. 

How to create a test suite and test case in QASE

The feature of creating a test case and test suit can be done in one place. With the help of the test suit, we can arrange the test cases into various logical groups. Test cases specify the inputs, execution, procedure, and expected results of a test.  

Procedure to create a test suite

After clicking on the creative project, you are exposed to the options of either creating a new suit or a new case. Here’s how to proceed further; 

Step 1: Click on the “create new suite” button below

Step 2: Enter the details such as; suite name. Then choose the parent suit as per the requirement. Give a short description and pre-conditions. 

Step 3: Click on the “create suite” button after entering the details. 

Procedure to create a test case

Now let’s create a test case!

Step 1: Click on the “create case” button. 

Step 2: Enter the required information in the fields and click the “save” button 

We have successfully created our test suite and test case. Now let’s create some test plans and runs.

How to import or export the test case in QASE

The tool enables importing of the cases from various test management tools and also exporting the cases in multiple formats; XLSX, CSV, etc. 

Import test cases: 

The tools from which the test cases can be imported are; XML, JSON, TestRail, TestLink, Test management for JIRA, SquashTM, etc. Let’s import test cases following the steps below; 

Step 1: Click on the “Import” button from the dashboard.

Step 2: Select the “source type”. Upload the file and click on the “Import” button at the bottom

Export test cases:

You can easily export your test cases in the selected project through these easy steps;

Step 1: Similarly to export the test case, click on the “Export” button in the dashboard 

Step 2: Select the “source type” 

Step 3: Click on the “export” button to finish the export. 

QASE Integration with issue trackers

With QASE you can easily link to the various popular issue trackers. The integration enables you to link the test cases to the tasks and easily create defects from the test run. For instance, integration with Slack helps you to get notified when the test runs are started. 

Each of these integration has its own enabling settings. It’s important to have access to rights to add or update the particular integration. 

How to create a test plan and runs it in QASE

The test plans can be created using both the new or existing test case and suites. The test can be run and tracked down easily from the test runs screen. 

Create a test plan

Step 1: Click on the “test plans” from the menu 

Step 2: Give a title to the test plan 

Step 3: Select the required test suite and cases from the list 

Step 4: Select the user to whom you want to assign the test 

Step 5: Click on the “create plan” button 

Create test runs 

Step 1: Click the “test runs” from the menu 

Step 2: Enter the title for a run 

Step 3: Select the test plan from the list 

Step 4: Now choose the user of your choice to assign them 

Step 5: Choose the test suite and case from the dropdown list

Step 6: Select the user again to whom you want to assign 

Step 7: Click the start button 

Step 8: Click on the “lunch test run” 

Step 9: You can Pass, Fail, Block status or skip the case. 

Note: If the test case fails, you can add it to the same screen. Also if any defect created during the test run can be found under the defects tab. 

How to generate and share reports

Below are the steps to generate and share reports; 

Step 1: Click on the “share” button 

Step 2: To share the link with the team. They can access and view the test run report. 



The QASE test management tool is a comprehensive software solution for the testing process. It provides an easy way to manage the entire testing process and includes features for test case creation, defect tracking, quality assurance, and more. QASE has a REST API that allows integration with other systems. It definitely helps you to automate the process of test execution, tracking, and reporting. 

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