Top 10 UX Design Fundamentals That Developers Should Know

Technology is deluging the world, and UI/UX design is becoming increasingly important. Undoubtedly, Many experts have comprehended that it will be the future. Coming years, everyone in this nation will be part of this growing tech scene. Today, As a full-stack developer, I want to highlight some points in UX design that we need to understand to deliver a better product.

In the quest for becoming developers, often we are told, “You just need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript”. But when you are speaking about real-world scenarios and the ability to build products successfully, developers should understand the basic concept of UX design. Having basic design ideas will help developers to build better solutions.

In this blog, I am going to highlight the top 10 UX design fundamentals, that every developer needs to learn and understand to be a better coder.

Be Empathetic

Users don’t want to be scanning your app for a back button, only if they realize that it does not exist. So always make things obvious, purposeful, and discoverable.

Be Human

You are human and the user is human too. Obvious right? Sometimes, designers and developers alike often forget this. It is important to remember that you are developing a product for humans to utilize, not machines. No one prefers to use a complicated product so it’s our duty to provide a product that can be easily accessible.

The Unicorn Power

It is an advantage for a developer who has ideas about product design. It reflects in the products if someone follows design thinking and possesses even necessary design skills. It gives more power and uniqueness to the product.

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Be Contextual

If you open a book, you will see the title, chapter name, and the book page number. This info is there to deliver the user with context. You need to aware of your users about their journey.

Be Clear and Succinct

A developer needs to understand what their user needs. They have to clear up insignificant information or tools before reaching their goals to get to the point.

Be Learnable

So you are building a new product that may overthrow with the likes of market leaders such as Twitter or Facebook. Make it uncomplicated to learn! Try to understand how your users may interact with the potentially revolutionary product. Develop its learnability for people to adopt it and use it easily. We all know the fact that people don’t want to utilize a product that has a learning curve.

Colour Consciousness

Every colour has its essence. You can say designers know to play with these colours to make a project attractive and promising. Likewise, developers need to recognize the significant aspects of colours. Sometimes the developers with the design and sometimes developers could be coding just for the sake of it. To avoids this conflict, the developer should learn or understand the colour theory and colour wheel.

Be Efficient

Are users able to complete their tasks smoothly? Are users able to do it swiftly? Does it work as well on different smart devices? If yes, then it’s a good sign, thumbs up to you. If not, you need to work on it.

Be Better Always

Last but not least, be better. Yes, there is always room for betterment. Strive for it. You can take it as a suggestion to test your product over and over, iron out the flaws, and get feedback. Be it positive or negative or positive both are beneficial! Take them seriously and use it to make your product better — you’ll thank them later for the suggestions.

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Well, here I mentioned the top 10 UX design fundamentals that every developer should learn. I have written this blog to guide developer who wants to become a better developer. Hopefully, the next time when you will develop a product you will be able to contribute to your designer to create something exceptional.

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