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Go’s astonishing and remarkable ability to create and develop streamlined and productive applications have not gone unnoticed at Mindbowser. Mindbowser is one of the top golang development company & is focused on providing the best solutions that meet your Go app demands. At Mindbowser, we offer services for software development and web projects. Golang is explicitly designed for cloud-based platforms. We are one-stop for all your application needs, using Golang we provide leading edge development services. We have a team of Golang experts capable of bringing your project to the frontlines in the field of development.
Google’s Go (golang) programming language is a Procedural, Imperative, Modular, Object-Oriented, Garbage Collected language sharing a similar syntax with the C Language. This free and open source language was developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson who were some of the same individuals who created the C programming language, Unix, and UTF-8. The CSP() style concurrency feature of Go allows users to deal with the complex and relatively large pieces of data in a most efficient way to tackle the software development problem and to make the process more effective and scalable.

Why Golang?

Go programming to be modern language that implements concurrency, uses clean syntax, has a sound memory management, simply compiled language and smart standard library – it has a very lean and user-friendly syntax (check below syntax comparison of Go, C, and Java). Mindbowser provides with golang development services & is considered as one of the top golang development company.
Golang Concurrency
Golang Sound Memory Management
Golang Smart Standard Library
Golang Clean Syntax