Revolutionize Your Web Design Workflow with Webflow CMS

Ashfak Inamdar:

React.js developer with around 2.5 + years of experience developing web applications. He is self-motivated, a quick learner & result oriented. He likes to learn new technologies and grow with them. He is good at developing clean, reusable, and latest technologies-oriented code with interactive apps.

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What All We’ve Covered In This Webinar?

  • What is Webflow?
  • What is CMS?
  • CMS in Webflow
  • Content structure in Webflow
  • CMS Dashboard walk-through
  • Case study – Demo (flow chart)
  • Advantages of Webflow
  • Advantages of Webflow CMS
  • Disadvantages of webflow
  • Difference between Webflow vs WordPress
  • Difference between Webflow vs Joomla

Who Can Benefit From This Webinar?

  • Small business owners who want’s to create and maintain a professional website.
  • Developers who need to create and manage websites for their clients.
  • Marketing professionals who wants to create and maintain a website that effectively promotes their products or services.
  • Designer’s who want’s to customize the look of their website and edit content, without having to worry about technical details.

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