Saturday Learning Session

Unlock the Power of npm: Turn Your React Components into a Library


Ashish Arora:

Ashish is a Software Engineer with a track record of over 2+ years in the information technology and services industry. His skill set is characterized by a high level of proficiency in HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, and Redux. Ashish has also earned a Master’s degree in Computer Applications, which underscores his solid grasp of engineering principles and practices.

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What topics we will cover?

✔️ Introduction to NPM
✔️ What is package.json?
✔️ What are NPM scripts?
✔️ Dependencies vs. DevDependencies
✔️ What are Peer Dependencies?
✔️ What is Semantic Versioning?
✔️ Demonstration of Creating and Publishing Components to the NPM Repo

Who is this webinar for?

📌 Individuals interested in contributing to the open-source community
📌 Web Development Teams looking to streamline their development process
📌 Professionals seeking to expand their skill set
📌 Anyone curious about the world of web development and the tools

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