5 Signs That You Have The Right Outsourcing Partner

As more businesses move to mobility and more new ideas get launched with app first strategy, app-building companies are hustling everywhere and are having irons in the fire now. Finding the right fish to outsource in this sea of companies is an immense challenge.

Here are the 5 Signs to know that you have the right Partner!


1. Having Apps With More Than 100,000 Download!

All companies making apps have their presence in the App/Play Store with a reasonable amount of downloads but apps having more than 100,000 downloads can be an easy parameter to compare success. You will want to partner with people who have built successful apps. The data is out there, why not use it.

2. Having Worked On Similar Functionalities

For Example: If you tell a tailor to stitch you designer wear which he has never done before, your effort to make him understand what you want, will be difficult and the end product might not end up as you desired. So better opt for experienced designer wear tailor. Same goes with your dev partner. If the company has already worked on Modules that may be required in your project it will be easier for them to understand and a wider aspect can be approached.

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3. Know Their Team Experience

It is very essential to know the team who will be assigned to the product. Because their understanding and ideas will affect every concept of your project.

4. Download Their App And Feel It!

It’s one thing to see and another thing to feel. Visualization can be simulated and concocted, but the Feel has never deceived. Trust me! The feel of the app will tell you exactly how far have you reached making them your partner.

5. Find The Company’s Reference

References never lie, because they have nothing to lose. If the reference says they are the best, Take the word.

It is indeed a tough journey to find the right Partner to outsource but if you find the correct one, they will take the weight of your shoulder.

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