Benefits Of EHR Software Development

Our EHR software development works in an easy way. The healthcare expert enters data about a patient into the device, which then generates specific digital information. This record signifies a patient tag, where current health conditions can be updated and magnified in real-time. Automation of medical information and EHR development offers lots of assistance for both healthy patients and providers. 

Patients can get many benefits from EHR software, namely:

  •  Manage and store personal health data effortlessly
  •  Obtain improved and on-time healthcare
  •  Receive a quicker and improved diagnosis and additional treatment
  •  Have fewer blunders in personal medical records
  •  Handle health worries in a time and cost-efficient manner
  •  Receive modified appointments and reminders
  •  Access interactive user portal

Healthcare Providers and Doctors can get the following assistance from EHR software development

  •  Upsurge in practice and hospital productivity and efficiency
  •  Interpretation of work for health personnel
  •  Better quality of medical facilities (e.g. progressive e-prescription competencies)
  •  Up-to-date and unified digital medical information
  •  Interoperability across diverse healthcare departments and specialists
  •  Consistent and easy communication across other laboratories, drug stores, hospitals, protection providers, and more
  •  Likelihood of remote patient consultations and monitoring
  •  Reduced administration and elimination of manual errors
  •  Enhanced patient management
  •  Likelihood to collect and assess patient information for studies, better service
  •  Ability to manage administrative billing and tasks

EHR development upholds many advantages and this record can be extensive. All things considered, digital health records are recognized to be dependable, simply accessible, and incorporated across medical experts, patients, and practices.

Essential Functionality In EHR Software Development

EHR development offers several functionalities and technology aspects. Built on the particulars of the medical care provider, the EHR software system can be modified to suit their right needs. This can be applied in the following health projects.

Apps For Wearables

Medical Schedulers

Software For Charting And Reporting

Telemedicine Options

E-prescription Tools

mHealth Applications

Patient Portals

Effective EHR Development Includes Many Features

Seamless System Integration

As the EHR software manages a lot of healthcare data across diverse platforms and institutions, it is crucial to combine the services and systems that exchange information. Implementing integration will improve various difficulties such as billing and reimbursement services, transforming information between laboratories, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, documentation systems, etc. 

Digital Test And Laboratory Results

Medical test results are accessed electronically from separate vendors. Therefore, the EHR software links the practice with diagnostic and laboratory services, notifies the healthcare providers and patients about the received outcomes and records the corresponding data into the EHR software. 


Through e-prescription, healthcare professionals can make essential decisions for the treatments. The patient gets a prescribed medication from the dispensary accurately. It identifies the medicine for the patient according to the medication history, probable side effects and drugs prescribed earlier. 

Time Scheduling And Management

The healthcare providers, mainly the doctors need to have the capability to optimize their time intervals to increase efficiency. The nurses and doctor can set their schedules to organize their job effectively. The team can significantly book appointments for the patients and also enable patients to book appointments online for themselves. 

Health Consoles

Health consoles in EHR softwares allow the healthcare professionals to design treatment results, practices and treatment for the patients. More detailed patient information available enables the providers to make a well-informed decision faster, which helps improve the care and reduces the risk.

Access Control Management

It is essential to outline and regulate the access to EHR systems on different points and platforms. Healthcare professionals should have access to the information within their ability The softwares make it possible for the concerned entities and healthcare professionals to access and update the data. 

Patient Portal And Profile

A personalized profile in EHR development is important. It contains personal details, medical records and fitness records. The cloud-based services enable the user to access information from any device. As the cloud-based platforms are applied, the information is stored in a highly secure and encrypted way. 

Report Generation

The EHR software helps create reports with accurate information like medications, demographics and procedures. It generates administrative and clinical information reports for treatments and work improvements in healthcare institutes. The EHR develops other services like lab tests and results and treatment history. 

Specific Features Of EHR System Design

The design is important for EHR development. It is essential to build the EHR design through the lens of human data perception and processing.

Iterative EHR Design Process

An excellent EHR design focuses on user needs, which is why a well-planned software idea and detailed practical documentation are created. Our dedicated EHR software team can give the right direction for instinctive design with different functions. 

Easy Reporting Layouts And Documentation For Specialists

Since the EHR solution deals with large amounts of data, it must be relevant. Healthcare practitioners can document and report data easily. EHR development helps doctors with frustration regarding complex solutions. 

Deliberated Roles, Responsibilities, And Processes

EHR workflow can start with analysis and update of   the patient’s medical data. Thus this data can be quickly allotted to the person before making the appointment. Visual alerts and notification systems manage the EHR solution development and work in a clean way. 

Patient-centric Interpretation In EHR Design

New EHR programs provide the patient history as important data. All the information should be accessible, easy to use, presented in constructive order, and understandable for doctors and patients. It interprets the data in a patient-centric approach for better practices. 

Feasible EHR Interface Design

The software and its application prevent the inadequacies and costly variations in the system and can advance a solution’s speed and operational efficiency. The interface design is expected to be user-centric. 

Access Control

As per the privacy rules, only the concerned person can access the information. We develop EHR solutions with a certain set of restrictions on the data in line with HIPAA. Therefore, you need to add access control features that provide the required access only to the concerned individual. 

 How To Build An EHR System?

To make an EHR system successfully, finding a good software vendor and involvement in every step of EHR system development is important. This way, you can learn about the collaboration model and Development procedures.

Stages To Build An EHR Solution

If you employ a vendor like us for EHR development, our partnership will function following stages –

 Cost To Develop EHR System From Scratch

When considering building an EHR solution, the initial thing you should understand is the hourly charges. If you count the avg. hourly prices, the rate to make an EHR system development will begin based on the project’s working version for the platform (Android, iOS, or Web).

The price will greatly rely on its development approach, perception, functionality, and preferred IT vendors.

If you are involved in developing a completely featured project containing numerous platforms (Android and iOS), a doctor panel, a user panel, an admin, and multifaceted functionality, the value to improve any EHR system development can go as much as you want.

Therefore, the finishing cost to build an EHR solution relies on the succeeding features for you to choose on the difficulty of the design/idea, number of platforms, number of features/functionality, and intent of the solution.

Do you need to calculate the cost of your EHR software idea?

Mindbowser team can study your health project and give a rough evaluation of its duration and cost. Connect with us today to reserve a costless discussion with our expert software architects. Let us discuss the particulars and study how we can assist you to build EHR software effectively!

Tech Stack To Build An EHR System

In the meaning of the technical need, a custom platform consists of back-end parts and front-end, which are interlinked with the assistance of API.

Front-end this segment includes all the components that users relate to. This product side represents the user experience and design of the EHR integrations.

Below is the list of the most common technologies used for EHR software Development.

Web Platform

type script
React native

iOS Platform

Objective C 2

Android Platform

Back-end: the server part of the EHR software that functions with data and relates to the condition where the core service jobs are accomplished and conveyed with the required outcomes at the front-end.

Following is the technology stack for back-end development:

Programming Languages


Web Frameworks

Database Servers

Cloud Server Platform

Programming Interface (API)This is a series of instructions to link the back-end and front-end, and integrate additional necessary third-party facilities to allow the service. Different kinds of HER systems will need many sorts of APIs depending on the essential functionality. Below are the services that can be incorporated when you build an EHR solution.

Delivery Services

Payment Gateways

Social Media Integration

Analytical Tools

Maps & Navigation

Healthcare APIs


Email Marketing Integration


Service Reputation


DaaS (data as a service)

Video Conferencing




How To Find And Hire An EHR Software Development Company

We suggested trying outsourcing alternatives. Many country regions are valuable in the implication of low prices and a higher level of technical proficiency. For instance, in any country, you can get EHR software development services at very reasonable prices.

Many IT companies in this business are huge with highly experienced in the most required technologies like .NET, Python, JavaScript, Android development, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, etc.

The profits of hiring experts in Ukraine are comprehensive. Aside from the benefit of cost-efficiency, you get higher security, top expert consultation, a wider skill set, faster process organization, advanced development speed, and improved risk management.

The course for hiring a committed development team is easy:

  • Do your study (prepare a development description, business objectives, technical necessities, budget prospects, pre-screening queries)
  • Prepare teams list
  • Run business screening
  • Analyze the data on businesses
  • Choose a team that top suits your requirements
  • Employ a team (make the non-disclosure contracts, sign an agreement, discuss the project deliverables)
  • Organize communication and collaboration processes with a team

It is vital to study processes like coding, testing, and data security if you are hiring an EHR system development business. Elevated responsiveness to protection will compensate in step, as you will eliminate the risk of information loss and data leaks, which is particularly imperative when you need to build an EHR solution.

Custom EMR/EHR  Software Solutions

The traditional writing prescriptions are failing their applicability in today’s modern, active, and quick world of care. The paper medications are expensive to replicate, transport, and cache, and are destroyable. They are even tough to examine and cause a considerable amount of ecological impairment. Our EHR/EMR system development solutions build strong and valuable solutions that aid in eliminating monotony and loads of papers including patient information. Our experts are specialized in EHR software development that allows providers to perform efficiently and move better medical, financial, people health management and operating outcomes. Custom EMR software development proves as an excellent alternative to improve clinical productivity, enhance accuracy, and cover reimbursement.

EMR/EHR Software Integrations

An integration links disparate platforms to convey work and data together. An EMR software development integration links an EMR solution with other digital devices or systems to enable a streamlined flow of clinical information,  coordination, and communication between the systems. EMRs create a major repository of clinical information, which creates EMRs important to achieving information-driven outcomes. However, many EMRs do not have the rich predictive and data analytics abilities to use them. EMR integration provides a way to link with analytics approaches to provide adequate clinical decision help and comprehensive medical analysis and reporting.

We Offer Custom-Build EHR Solution Across The World

Explore our customizable, cost-efficient, and easy access solutions that fulfill your patients’ needs in a minimal time-frame.

Electronic Health Record

Our Electronic Health Record system is aligned to meet the huge demands of an extensive and diverse network of healthcare service providers.

Billing Processes

The inventory management system with EHR helps you integrate your in-office devices with our software technology and manage seamlessly.

Practice Management

We offer a comprehensive tool like practice management to improve your medical service providers’ efficiency and medical care processes.

Mobile Technology

As a mobile EHR provider, our services have an advanced cloud. We design the EHR app benefits you to provide information anytime, anywhere.

Check Out Our Successful EHR Solutions And How We Delighted Our Customers

Successfully we have executed many cloud-based EHR projects for our esteem clients.

Our EHR Software Development Services

Discover how our EHR integrations have improved your clients’ practices!

Electronic Prescribing

Our e-prescribing services connect with different pharmacies across the platforms and offer them various services. The e-prescription enables physicians and medical professionals to transmit an electronic prescription to the pharmacy directly. It improves accuracy and enhances patient safety. 

We connect networks in healthcare to support the practices and patients. We deliver services from streamlining prior authorization submissions to sending e-coupons to the pharmacy. It helps the patients get the medications faster. We offer e-prescribing services such as; 

  • Medication reconciliation 
  • An up-to-date drug knowledgebase 
  • Complete medication information from pharmacies 
  • Dose adjustment based on age and weight 
  • Mail order and retail pharmacies 
  • Process refill requests via the portal of patients and pharmacies 
  • Real-time prescription eligibility and formulary 

Workflow Automation

Integrated workflow modifies your preferences and practice style, empowers you to personalize your operations truly. This automation system mirrors your unique existing processes and reinvigorates them with robotic automation and collaboration tools.

From Key Performance Indicator dashboards to enterprise scheduling, data mining reports, intelligent billing, and EHR, all valuable aspects of the system are integrated with the option of customization to accelerate the processes of learning, adoption, and service throughput.

  • Optimize Collaboration
  • Improve Productivity
  • Decrease Cost and Risk
  • Accelerate Revenue Cycle
  • Enhance Service Quality
  • Engage Patients
  • Ensure Compliance

Electronic Labs

Smart lab technology connects all the labs that help you send orders and prescriptions and get all updates electronically from them. This saves energy and provides high security of data. The electronic labs utilize facial recognition with the support of an authentication mechanism to have to enable privacy and security. 

The electronic lab services enable the healthcare professionals to identify and take care of the patients with crucial lab results and follow up eventually. It enables to get access to the test results electronically and helps the professionals to improve the healthcare coordination. We provide the following electronic lab services to the healthcare professionals: 

  • Measurement technology 
  • Regulation technology 
  • Signal processing 
  • Prototype design 

Key Benefits Of Cloud-Based Electronic Health Record

Transform your medical care business with our cloud-based EHR integration solution in an advanced way that you never imagined before.

App Strategy & Consulting
Accurate And Complete Patients Information
App Strategy & Consulting
Enabling Access To Patient Records
App Strategy & Consulting
Enhancing Privacy And Data Security
App Strategy & Consulting
Reducing Healthcare Costs
App Strategy & Consulting
Improving Communication Between Patient And Provider
App Strategy & Consulting
Enabling Service Providers To Enhance Efficiency

Our Other Services

Telemedicine ebook

Free eBook on Telemedicine Platform Development

The ebook answers everything from platform architecture, challenges, technology, launch plans, and anything else that we ever got questioned about.

Partner With Us To Build Cutting-Edge EHR Solution

Mindbowser is a well-known healthcare technology provider working with top pharma and healthcare companies from throughout the world. Our domain expertise, healthcare EHR experts, and a swiftly growing healthcare clientele that makes us a notable digital healthcare technology partner.


Experience in working with top health labs and companies worldwide


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Personnel working on healthcare projects are trained on compliance and handling of data


Healthcare domain experts with 20+ years of industry experience to lead the team


Partnerships within healthcare ecosystem for solution accelerators & access to APIs


ROI driven development plans assure value right from day one

Frequently Asked Question

What is an EHR System?

An EHR (electronic health record) is the electronic version of a patient’s paper chart. It is real-time, patient-oriented records that make patient information available securely and instantly.

I have little technical knowledge. Can I still build an app?

Why Not? We have the complete process to take your idea from just scribbling on a paper to a complete application. All you have to work on during this process is to participate in discussions, understand your users, get an advisory board, plan a launch strategy, get funded. During all of these things, you are not required to be technical at all.

In how much time can you provide a mobile app?

The time to build a fully functional web/mobile app is based on several factors. Customized designing work can take around 4-8 weeks, depending on the project’s complexity, user roles, and platforms.

After that, the product development could go anywhere from 10-20 weeks, depending on the functionalities. We follow an agile methodology that allows us to deliver updates and review every 2-3 weeks. Also, we have a demo day for all stakeholders once a month.

Who will be my point of contact throughout the project?

We provide you a technical project manager based out of the US or India to work directly alongside you. During the initial plan our CTO, VP of Engineering, and CEO are involved too. Once the project journey is planned, the project manager is your main point of contact with a well-established escalation procedure.

The project manager keeps you updated as per plan on all the development information as well as acts as your primary quality analyst as well.

What does your development process looks like?

Our development process is based on the Agile Scrum methodology. We start by defining the project scope through Design Sprint and then divide the whole project into sprints that are further divided into milestones. Each sprint goes through a demo and customer UAT. You can read more about our process here

Do you sign a NDA?

Yes, we do. Our developers too are covered under NDAs and confidentiality clauses.

How do you guarantee code quality?

All our code goes through a quality audit and review by The reports are available in an easy to understand format as part of the sprint.

What are some of the most important things a developer needs to know about an EMR?

Developing EMR software in your business is a strenuous and long process. A custom electronic health record solution builds on its key features that are particularly useful to detailed health practice. Crucial Structures EMR Software Should Have – simple interface and systems integration, reporting, e-prescriptions, medication tracking, integration with laboratory, health alerts, coding analysis, a user-friendly patient portal, and cloud hosting.

What is the difference between EMR and EHR?

An EMR comprises the standard clinical and medical data collected in medical practices. It majorly includes the health and cures patient records in one run-through. EMRs have benefits over paper. EMRs allow the specialist to track information over time, easily find which person is due for checkups or screenings, check how patients are performing on certain factors—such as vaccinations or blood pressure readings and analyze the overall quality of care within the practice. But the data in EMRs do not travel simply out of the center. The patient’s information might even need to be transferred and provided by mail to experts and other team members of the health center. In that regard, EMRs are not as good as paper records.

EHRs emphasize the complete health of the person—going beyond normal clinical information composed and general of a wider interpretation of a patient’s medical care. EHRs are intended to extend beyond the medical organization that initially collects and accumulates the data. They are made to provide information to other care providers, like specialists and laboratories. Therefore, they include data from all the experts included in the patient’s medication. EHR information can be made, managed, and checked by official clinicians and teams across all healthcare organizations.

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