Evolving HR Technology Trends In 2021

Modern technologies have changed every aspect of our daily lives, and it’s not surprising that the tech revolution has played a pivotal role in the human resource industry. Technological advancements have changed the traditional way of contact with the employees, communication process, data storage method, and employee performance evaluation.

The latest trends in HR technology act as a gamechanger in the HR field. According to the Deloitte University Press report, most companies’ common HR-related challenges are retention and engagement, lack of skill, talent acquisition, and performance revamp management.

With the advent of new technological trends in hrm and their impact in this domain, companies are setting up systems that stemline the work process and make correct decisions regarding their workforce. The influx of technologies like cloud, mobile, social media, big data, and analytics in different HR processes have streamlined and automated workforce acquisition and management.

Our article will throw light on how HR technology trends in 2021 evolving the industry.

What is HR Tech?

HR technology is an umbrella term for solutions that automate the human resources function in organizations. It includes employee payroll & compensation, workforce analytics, administration management, talent acquisition, and management and benefits administration. These tools benefit a company by sharpening their hiring process as well as talent retention.

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Technologies That We Implement To Develop HR Tech Platforms

Here are the top six HR technology trends in 2021 that our experts assumed to see in the human resources industry. Let’s explore the top technologies that we offer to build your idea in HR Tech.

HR tech platforms technologies | MindBowserFig: HR tech platforms technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence

Use AI algorithms to transform traditional human resources practices — from management to engagement to people recruitment. Applying AI in HR tech can automate repetitive tasks. Our AI offering can facilitate easy access to curated data and visualization, making insight-driven, strategic thinking a lot more manageable.

  • Machine Learning

Machine Learning in the HR industry can help you use the data to streamline the process, reduce errors, and improve results. From recommendation systems to web scraping as well as predictions, Machine learning is to the rescue. We offer full-fledged ML teams to help you make the most out of your data.

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  • Cloud Computing

Cloud computing in HR can help to create better availability and accessibility for your platform. Our Cloud offering helps you set the development pipeline, availability, and backup of the system.

  • Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation in HR acts as a toolset to accelerate the way businesses function, leaving tedious, repetitive, iterative tasks for bots and building opportunities for efficiently leveraging the workforce. With RPA, we offer to automate your tasks related to parsing data, scraping information, and automate tasks.

  • Data Science

Data Science helps you to analyze real-time data and process information to create a better and faster ecosystem. Using Data Science, we offer to build you data dashboards, scraping algorithms, and automation scripts.

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  • Mobility

Mobility provides the ease of availability, tracking, and on-the-go services. Our mobile app development service offers you to build different applications around mobiles such as M-learning, employee management systems, communication tools, and on-field tracking.

Advantages Of Digital Transformation In The Human Resource Era

HR Tech disrupts conventional Human resources practices with technology, automation, and data. All of the three combined make human resources more predictable and integrated. It leads to overall benefits for an organization, such as

👉 Automated recruitment and hiring
👉 Talent management through analytics
👉 Enhanced recruitment cycle
👉 Mobile workforce integration
👉 Customized alerts and pay rules
👉 Active monitoring of employees’ performance

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Why Mindbowser For HR Tech Platform Development

Ride along with the wave as technology disrupts HR functions. HR Tech is poised to be a 10 Billion USD industry by 2023. At Mindbowser, we have been working with HR Tech platforms for a decade and can help you build your idea from a napkin to launch. We deliver HR tech software development solutions across the world. Here are more reasons to consider us:


Experience building highly scalable solutions in HR tech

solution accelerators

Complete in-house team with designers, developers, and testers

In-house experts

Experience with HCM practices

360 degree service

UX led development approach resulting in
user-friendly products


Team for advanced technologies such as RPA and Data Science that can help build your data strategy


Complementary dashboard to monitor logs, performance and security

domain experts

One-click deployment process with automated code review

Framework Agnostic

Wrapping Up!

As you can see, HR technology trends in 2021 are transforming the traditional work process. Always Humans are using technology to increase their mental and physical reach. But now, tech innovation is heading to a state wherever information turns into problem-solving machines. We can assure you that coming year, technology will make more innovations to increase the HR team’s productivity.

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