20 Startups To Watch Out For In HR Tech And What Worked For Them

Various sectors have been affected by technological advancements, and Human Resources is one of them. Hiring is now very different from hiring in the past. Business dynamics are also fast-changing, making it difficult for businesses to stay updated. As more and more firms emerge, HR tech is becoming one of the most popular areas in the ecosystem right now.

Several entrepreneurs are utilizing new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and analytics to solve these gaps and company recruitment demands. Companies now have a variety of options to solve their recruiting objectives, such as recruiting and hiring the finest personnel, enhancing employee performance, establishing corporate culture, and more, thanks to HR tech startups.

HR technology and innovation might provide you a better, more ambitious, and competitive advantage. AI and cloud-based systems are the companions dealing with the new technologies in HR. Artificial Intelligence technologies may assist companies in predicting the individuals they intend to recruit as well as simulating the atmosphere and working culture that will be most appealing to the target audience. AI in HR technology may enable and manage flexible working hours, as well as the ability to determine one’s own perks. Cloud-based HR technology is accessible via mobile devices and from afar, fostering a culture of sharing and improved communication across HR professionals and associated groups.

Top HR Tech Startups

Here’s a handpicked selection of the most promising startups from across the world driving the Human Resource revolution.

👉 Beamery

Beamery, a talent acquisition firm founded in 2014, offers a recruitment-focused CRM that contacts applicants who haven’t yet submitted an application. Beamery focuses on relationships rather than traditional job applications.

Beamery attributes the value of at least £92 million to a better means of acquiring future workers for the firms. It’s all about making genuine relationships, being thorough, and forming qualified groups in order to establish brand streams.

👉 Coople

Coople, which was founded in 2009 and now employs hundreds of thousands of people, is one of the largest HR tech startups. Coople connect smart businesses looking for great employees, eager to enhance their talents by matching them with tasks that meet their schedules; it feeds the workforce, and hence the employee himself. Coople focuses on all of their clients’ long-term development, while applicants have access to mobile offers and are paid weekly.

👉 Hibob

Hibob is a management software that focuses on all aspects of human resource management. Set in 2015, Bob assists in the management of people and the transformation of organizations. The firm is worth £65 million, but it also values HR technology in a complicated digital environment that allows it to expand quickly. Hibob provides a bright future for talents and job seekers by using personalized data to modernize human resources on a digital platform.

👉 Inploi

Inploi is a jobs network for London’s hospitality industry, according to founders Matthew de la Hey and Alex Hanson-Smith. The HR tech firm has added a slew of new capabilities to the site, positioning it as a professional community that can keep up with businesses. The website’s interface has been created in such a way that users may find nearby businesses by job title, with access to location services.

👉 WhiteHat GB

WhiteHat’s goal is to help outstanding people advance their careers while cultivating a select group of future pioneers. The HR tech startup, which was founded in 2016, ensures that young people have access to competent, career-focused internships. People interested in business, marketing, finance, technology, and other fields can use the platform to develop a digital presence.

👉 Peakon

When you join the Peakon community, you receive access to a worldwide network of firms committed to a people-forward approach to business.

Peakon’s Belong Community allows you to study best practices and network with HR executives from some of the world’s most prestigious companies. You may also join discussion boards to obtain answers to frequently asked questions, submit product feedback, and sign up for early access to new features. For individuals interested in sharing their own skills, the business offers an Elevate program, which includes everything from success stories to speaking at world-class events.

👉 SalaryFinance

SalaryFinance works with forward-thinking organizations to improve their workers’ financial well-being by providing better financial solutions such as low-interest employee loans. Employees perform their best job when they are encouraged and their project is trusted. In order for this to happen, executives must understand the value of employee input and consider it when designing the organization’s operations. SalaryFinance, which was founded in 2015, is one of the most reputable leading platforms for employer loans.

👉 JobLab (Stride)

Stride brings different skills and teams together by assisting people in finding an effective profession in a field they enjoy. For a variety of reasons, Stride/JobLab is a standout HR tech platform. It is the first firm to pay job searchers to look for work, has the best talent pool on the market, and has important hiring experience for expanding teams. With video introductions, screening, and machine learning approaches, Stride also provides companies with the tools they need to make informed recruiting decisions. Stride’s network of over 40K job seekers is looking for the most ambitious businesses.

👉 Qlearsite

Employers benefit from Qlearsite because it allows them to learn more about their staff. HR technology is all about people and their data, which allows businesses to obtain detailed information about their professional backgrounds.

Qlearsite urges users to understand the significance of long-term value creation and to surround themselves with knowledgeable individuals in order to build successful businesses.

👉 TalentFul

Talent, which was founded in 2015, is the world’s first personality-based job-search portal. What sets them apart is the working approach they provide, since they like to work in-house, combining their experience with insider cultural knowledge to assist firms in forming the ideal teams. In fact, they recently launched “Insightful,” a new platform aimed at matching ambitious individuals to the top opportunities in digital businesses, startups, and scale-ups.

👉 Syft App

Syft is well suited to locating temporary and rapid firms that are more adaptable than regular firms. Syft is a major UK company that hires new workers in the hotel, corporate, event management, retail, and facilities management industries. When it comes to holiday pay, sick pay, and, most crucially, above-industry-standard compensation, the employee benefits score is extremely high.

👉 Clear Review

Founded in 2016, the startup secured a €2.9 million Series A funding in July of last year and now serves over 200 businesses. As an alternative to yearly assessments, the London-based startup offers performance management software. The cloud-based setup focuses on ongoing employee-manager discussions with short-term goals and real-time feedback and gives the HR staff visibility and insight into the employee’s important performance indicators.

👉 Adzuna

Adzuna is a trustworthy job search engine that keeps you out of several irrelevant job postings, allowing users to locate a suitable position much more quickly. Users get access to all jobs; however, the company does not reveal their users’ information. Adzuna’s pay monitoring statistics are very impressive. The creators, Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro, met in 2005 while working together. Adzuna, which began in the United Kingdom in 2011, today has over 10 million monthly visitors and has offices in Sydney, West London, and Indianapolis.

👉 Humaans

Humaans is an HRIS (Human Resource Information System) that helps HR teams onboard, manage, and grow their workers through efficient processes, automation, and rapid access to data. It was built to be the foundation layer of an organization’s HR tech stack.

Humaans was founded by Giovanni Luperti and Karolis Narkevicius and debuted in October 2019 to solve the pain points of company executives tired of dealing with outdated systems that can’t keep up with today’s high expectations.

👉 Credly

Credly, a digital credentialing startup established in New York, is letting individuals all around the globe communicate in a common language about their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Credly is used by thousands of businesses, training organisations, associations, certification programmes, and workforce development initiatives to help people turn their learning experiences into professional possibilities by providing them with verified, portable digital credentials. Credly’s data-driven insights enable firms to recruit, engage, develop, and retain personnel by addressing skills shortages and revealing possibilities.

CEO Jonathan Finkelstein started the company in 2012 after co-founding two prior employment and learning firms, LearningTimes and HorizonLive, which were both bought by Blackboard in 2010. Credly was a logical progression from there.

👉 Appraisd

A system for measuring and managing performance with a simple, employee-first interface, Appraisd helps businesses transition from yearly evaluations to ongoing performance discussions. Its strength comes from its ability to blend in with the company’s culture and method of working. Employees are given the ability to provide and receive feedback on their own terms, set up frequent check-ins with their line manager, manage their goals, and construct their career plan.

Roly Walter built Appraisd in his spider-infested garden shed. He started his career as a business analyst at Goldman Sachs, where he designed global online HR solutions, and it was this experience that prompted him to build and establish Appraisd, which today has hundreds of clients worldwide. They’ve also relocated from the shed. Appraisd was founded in 2012 and has received no outside financing or investment so far.

👉 EnterpriseAlumni

It helps some of the world’s top organizations harness this massive untapped pool of individuals as a source of high-quality recruiting, sales, marketing, and community by powering their alumni networks. Nestle, P&G, and HSBC are among the company’s clients. Founded by siblings James and Emma Sinclair, the total investment to date is $15 million from leading venture firms including the top three European-based VCs as well as strategic investors, such as Mike Ettling, outgoing president of SAP SuccessFactors, and Lord Mervyn Davies, co-author of the UK Government’s report on gender equality on boards.

👉 TravelTime Platform

The TravelTime platform is an API and analytics tool that uses real-time travel data to allow users to search location data in minutes rather than miles, and it’s proving useful in the recruiting industry. It helps job sites give the most relevant search results for job searchers and recruiters by providing job postings that are attainable in a maximum commuting time of, say, 30 minutes rather than a distance of 10 miles. The platform, which uses location-based data, was created in 2013 by Charlie Davies, the current CEO, and Peter Lilley. Jobsites, as well as other industries where the search is a key element of the process, such as Rightmove and Zoopla, are among their clients.

👉 Intrro

Employee recommendations are one of the most successful methods for hiring new employees since they are more likely to get recruited quickly and stay in their employment for longer. Intro enables businesses to connect with eligible prospects through their employees’ social and professional networks. The employee referral tool employs machine learning to match appropriate people to vacant opportunities, allowing employees to contact their connections to inform them about the job vacancy.

Neel Jamie Shah and Nasser Oudjidane founded the firm in 2018, and it has raised $500,000 from a variety of investors, including 500 Startups, Spartech Ventures, and strategic angel investors like Saif Kidwai, the creator of Digital Gurus, a specialty recruiting technology consultancy.

👉 Personio

Personio is an HR, recruiting, and payroll platform based in Munich, Germany, that has already digitized the HR departments of around 2,000 SMEs in over 40 countries. The year 2015 The firm, which was founded by CEOs Hanno Renner, Roman Schumacher, Arseniy Vershinin, and Ignaz Forstmeier, expanded into the United Kingdom.

HR managers and company executives can handle things like attendance data, absences, and wages more consistently with the new SaaS solution, which unites HR basic elements in one digital platform. Personio has announced a $75 million Series C fundraising round, increasing the total amount raised to $130 million.

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