After Building 350+ Successful Products-This Is Our Winning Process

Everyone loves surprises- Whether it’s Christmas or Valentine’s but one thing where surprises do not work is your software. Software development is rather complex. It’s more like building a machine where numerous small parts have to come together and run in cohesion.

No doubt, software development that starts with missing parts in the process – fails. A research by Mckinsey on state of IT initiatives shows “On average, large IT projects run 45 percent over budget and 7 percent over time while delivering 56 percent less value than predicted”.

The research goes on to state that 17 percent of IT projects go so bad that they can threaten the very existence of the company.

Such high is the risk of failing if you do not get your process right.

For the last 8 years, we have continually tweaked our development process. From having a focus on just getting things done during our initial years, we have learned and evolved. The core of our process now is “Bringing Predictability to delivery and value scalability.” Infact we ship daily with our process in place resulting in faster feedback cycle and quicker reviews.

And Ofcourse the results are here to see when our customers have specifically went on and appreciated our process.

So how do we do it exactly? What processes and methodologies do we follow to achieve the best results for our clients? While there are countless factors that contribute to our progress, here are some of the major parts:

The importance of a proper plan in a software development endeavor cannot be understated. The right plan gets the right things done at the right time. At Mindbowser, we make sure that our projects are planned meticulously to start with. To achieve this, all of our projects go through a discovery phase known as a Design Sprint.

The design sprint involves:
The Design Sprint Involves
  • Research

In this step, we try to thoroughly understand the requirements of our clients and conduct proper market research to identify gaps in potential user expectations. We conduct a detailed analysis to help us innovate with our solution and provide a truly modern and scalable solution for our clients.

  • Identifying User Persona

To make sure that the product we build finds its audience, we need to give them exactly what they want. We have to know our users, understand their needs, and their troubles. The best way for us to do that is to create user personas. Adequate user personas rely on thorough research, which takes the guesswork out of product development and helps us deliver exactly what is required.

  • Apply UX Principles

UX principles are fundamental pieces of guidelines we use to make easy-to-use, pleasurable designs. We apply them to select, create, and organize elements and features in the project. Our design principles represent the accumulated wisdom over the years through research in design and related fields.

  • Finalize User Flow

We realize that creating a seamless user flow is imperative to align the needs of your business with those of your users. We base our user flow decisions on research and analysis — that our clients can test until they are satisfied.

  • Wireframes

Wireframing is an essential tool we use in our project scope definition and app development process. It allows us to clearly map out where the most important elements in the application should be and simplifies communication between us and our client or the development team. It helps our expert designers spot potential issues in the structure or flow of your application.

  • Information Architecture

Our information architecture design aims at organizing content so that users would easily adjust to the functionality of the product we are building and could find everything they need without big effort.

All of the aforementioned steps allow us to create a comprehensive and granular project scope and plan to start the actual development process. However, before going ahead with the development process, we create:

  • Project Architecture

The project is architectured in a way that is scalable and does not require mending on the days of heavy traffic. We design and finalize conceptual components within the application, their individual capabilities, and how they interact with each other to work as a complete system. This means that we design and finalize functionalities, data flow, and the entire system’s organization or structure to provide an explanation of how it behaves.

  • Development Plan

We then draw out a comprehensive development plan to tackle various modules decided in the project architecture. We decide on a plan that is required in order to develop the software system whilst chalking-out details on how each step needs to be delivered. Our plan covers every aspect – right from the process of software development implementation, documentation through to the software testing lifecycle and launch.

  • Dependencies list

We then check for dependencies in the form of external APIs and decide whether and when we would need them. This gives us a clear idea about what third party APIs we need to integrate into our project and check for the APIs in advance.

The complete project is then further broken down into major milestones that are then further divided into sprints. This allows us to divide the entire development process into small chunks that could function as weekly or even daily goals.


We utilize scrum practices for our project management. It is an agile project management methodology that allows us to deliver new components every 2-4 weeks to our clients.


  • Development Sprints

Our development sprints are time-boxed iterations of pre-planned continuous development cycles. This essentially means that, within a Sprint, a planned amount of work is completed by our team and made ready for review. A development sprint usually lasts for 2-4 weeks.

  • Daily Scrum Meeting

Our daily scrum meetings are brief meetings of our development team at the start of the day to strategize and plan for the next 24 hours. The meetings are usually standing meetings that last about 15 minutes covering the focus of the day and answering any doubts. Though not necessary the customers are welcome to join.

  • Sprint Review

At Mindbowser, the sprint review is an informal meeting between the development team, the scrum master, the product owner, and other stakeholders. Our team gives a demo of the product developed and will determine what features and modules are finished and what are not.

  • Demo Days

We conduct demo days regularly every 2 -3 weeks to show our clients our progress and get the features reviewed for potential revisions. Demo days are usually held at the end of development sprints. The demos keep us accountable and allow us to gather feedback for our work.

  • Backlog Added Back
Whatever lagging is then added back to the priority list of completion. If we are late on deploying and adding some feature, the task gets pushed in front of the priority list to be completed before we move on to other features as part of the next sprint.


  • App Store Submission

If we are developing an application for you, we take care of all the submission processes to the app store and optimize the listings. We submit your application to the Google Play Store and iOS App store with the highest quality assets for the most professional and modern look.

  • Analytics

We also add analytics to the software to capture user actions and measure key mobile app metrics and receive all the data we need to enhance the app’s performance and expand your audience. These metrics include acquisitions, activations, retention, revenue, etc.

  • Continued Support

We stay with you for quick pivots as users use your product and gather data on what’s working and what isn’t. With collected data, we help you analyze the performance of your app and continuously improve it based on user feedback. Additionally, we also promote your application through numerous channels for maximum reach.

  • Guarantee

All of our work is covered under guarantee as per the statement of work. We deliver what we promise. In addition, in the unlikely case that you’re not satisfied with our service, we will go out of our way to rectify our errors and deliver you the product you envisioned. 


Some of the additional factors that contribute to our best-in-class development services are:

  • Using The Right Stacks

A technology stack (tech stack for short) is the list of technologies used to build and run an application. This includes everything from the servers, to the database that houses all the data, to the technology used to run the application. We utilize the top and the most scalable technologies to build products that are future proof and easily scalable.

  • Automation

Our deployment and code reviews are completely automated. We use for automated code review to make sure that code does not require refactoring later. All duplication, code coverage issues, and vulnerabilities are reported through this platform.

  • Continuous Integration

Code commit is carried out every day to make sure that the product is continually being developed. At Mindbowser, we have a policy of committing once a day. We find the frequency of twice a day to be the perfect middle ground between committing too often and not often enough.


  • Demos

We offer regular demos to our clients of what has been built. This allows them to get a feel of the product and offer constructive criticism for us to improve upon. We also offer new clients a demo of our previous projects to demonstrate our development philosophies and project management methodologies.

  • Help on other aspects

We do not confine ourselves to be just your development team. We help guide your launch plan, finding product fit, marketing, and sales. We meet once a month to discuss your strategy and launch plans. Our wisdom is derived from the best of the world – StartupGrind, YCombinator, Hackernews, ProductHunt and we keep sharing what we find could help you or even find answers to your questions.


None of the points mentioned above are without their benefits. We promise. Following a systematic approach to our craft has allowed us to avoid pitfalls that many others may succumb to. The whole process ensures that the application we develop does not end up having spaghetti code. This makes future revisions a breeze.

We also guarantee that you won’t experience any launch day blues when you finally release your product. Our rigorous testing and best practices ensure that the product can endure huge amounts of load without crashing and failing. We make it a priority to have a well-defined system architecture and have a clear vision of what we’re building.We utilize industry-standard coding conventions and best practices to ensure readability and understandability.

In short, we are fully capable of handling your technological and development requirements while you, as an entrepreneur, can focus on what matters the most – your business.

We involve all the stakeholders in the software development journey to ensure that the right product is built. Our meticulous planning, thinking, and fine control lead to predictable, surprise-free software. This helps us avoid the issues that come with scaling up and also helps us manage our technical debt to be as low as possible.

Ayush Jain

CEO and Co-founder, Mindbowser Group

Ayush is primarily responsible for the group’s marketing, branding and strategy. He works closely with customers guiding them on their idea and execution. Ayush is an avid business book reader and a proud owner of a large library of books. He is also a marathoner and marksman.
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