SaaS Growth Hacking Strategies That Aren’t Going Anywhere in 10 Years

Many studies have shown that mere marginal growth is never sufficient for SaaS companies. Industry experts are always looking for efficient growth hacking strategies, where SaaS marketers adopt creative, cost-efficient strategies to increase their sales and sign-ups.

Growth hacking is significantly effective for SaaS companies since they have a defined audience that requires and can benefit from their offerings. These strategies are different from traditional marketing approaches based on multiple factors.

Traditional strategies use large-scale campaigns through costly mediums such as TV ads, billboards, and print ads while aiming for a large audience. On the other hand, growth hacking emphasizes nimble, low-cost strategies that are easy to test and implement.

Growth hacking leverages economic avenues like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing with minimal costs. The agility of growth hacking stands out as a defining feature, offering flexibility for SaaS companies to continually test, iterate, and scale their user base quickly.

How does SaaS growth hacking add value?

SaaS growth hacking is a dynamic and strategic approach aimed at achieving rapid and sustainable growth with creative, data-driven, and cost-effective techniques. It is centered around agility, experimentation, and a relentless focus on scalable targeting of users. Here’s how SaaS growth hacking adds value to the organization.

🔹Data-Driven Decision Making

SaaS growth hacks depend heavily on data analysis to identify patterns, user behaviors, and areas for improvement. The analytics tools can make informed decisions, optimize strategies in real-time, and align their efforts with the right impact on the target audience.

🔹Quick Testing and Iterations

SaaS companies work on the strategy of rapid testing and iteration, which helps to experiment with various strategies, from features to marketing channels. This allows them to identify the most effective strategies rapidly and discard those that don’t yield the desired outcomes.

🔹Low-Cost, High-Impact Strategies

Cost-effectiveness is the main advantage of growth hacking. SaaS companies often employ rapid testing and iteration approaches to experiment with various strategies, from product features to marketing channels. This allows them to identify the most effective strategies quickly and discard those that don’t yield the desired results.

🔹User-Centric Approach

Understanding the user journey and optimizing every step is crucial in growth hacking. SaaS companies focus on creating a seamless and engaging user experience, from onboarding to product usage. By addressing the issues and delivering value, they increase user retention and drive organic growth through verbal referrals.

🔹Optimizing Conversion Funnels

Growth hackers meticulously analyze and optimize the different phases of the user conversion funnel. This involves refining landing pages, improving user onboarding processes, and minimizing friction points that might hamper user retention or engagement. A/B testing is often employed to determine the most effective variations.

🔹Scalable Customer Acquisition

SaaS growth hacking focuses on scalable customer acquisition techniques. Viral marketing, influencer collaborations, and referral marketing are all useful to expand user attention. The end goal is not just acquiring customers but converting them into advocates who bring in additional users through organic means.

10 SaaS Growth Hacks that Help Companies to Scale


There are various growth hacks available on the internet, but we have compiled a list of growth hacking strategies for SaaS companies. These innovative strategies go beyond conventional methods, propelling them to scale rapidly and efficiently.

1. Boost Your Visibility Through Online Directories

Building a product that sells is just the beginning. To truly succeed, you need to put in extra effort and ensure that your product gets accurate attention. One effective way to begin is focusing on organic growth by leveraging online directories. These platforms provide a valuable opportunity for your product to be seen by potential customers.

According to the statistics, nearly 97% of customers take product reviews into account when making a purchase decision. Some of the popular directories for SaaS companies include;

  1. Clutch
  2. CrunchBase
  3. SaaS Genius
  4. G2

2. Leverage Quora and Reddit to Drive Targeted Traffic

It is important to engage effectively and actively with your customers and audience. The active engagement helps in identifying the platform where they are discussing topics of interest. Understand these preferred channels and provide valuable insights. SaaS companies can offer a great opportunity to connect with your audience by answering questions related to the services they offer.

How to start? Start by conducting keyword research on Quora to discover relevant conversations and grab the opportunities to provide the answer your audience is looking for.

In the case of platforms like Reddit, you can engage with the audience with the essential search for relevant subreddits related to your top keywords. It is crucial to respect and follow the rules of each subreddit and establish a positive relationship with the moderators. When you have valuable content to share, you can create a post with a backlink leading back to your website.

3. Chatbots to Strike a Conversation with Your Customers

When analyzing your website’s performance, it’s essential to consider that a significant portion, around 75% of your audience will leave without providing any information. This results in unidentified anonymous visitors. This is a crucial factor to address, especially considering the amount of money invested in advertising to attract these visitors to your website.

Chatbots have become increasingly popular, with 58% of companies leveraging them being B2B companies. Chatbots have enhanced website conversion rates in the industry, showing an impressive increase of 33%. As the market becomes more saturated, it is essential to adopt innovative approaches that differentiate from traditional marketing strategies.

The bots help audiences as well as SaaS companies with capabilities like;

  1. Engages with audiences on the website.
  2. Start a conversation with the audience.
  3. Enables the organization to understand the motive of the audience.
  4. Based on the motives, the bots ask valuable questions.
  5. Suggests visitors to read more articles related to the motive.

4. Intuitive Landing Page

Not every user is Sherlock Holmes. They shouldn’t have to look for clues to find the exact information they are looking for. Landing pages should be intuitive, micro-focused, and purpose-driven. Let’s understand how you can create an effective landing page layout

➡️ Simplify Navigation: Remove extraneous menus with confusing multi-level dropdowns on your landing page if the primary goal is to drive visitors toward a specific action. Provide a clear, single-click route for them to easily access their requirements.

➡️ Retain the back button: While usability is the key, it is important to ensure visitors have the option to go back. Trapping them on a landing page without the ability to navigate back may lead to frustration and prompt them to exit the browser altogether.

➡️ Reduce distractions: Avoid cluttering your focused landing page with unnecessary factors such as videos, infographics, or links to external content. Only consider content that directly supports and encourages users to take the desired action.

4. Making the Onboarding Process Fun

The onboarding process is crucial for ensuring long-term user engagement. However, focusing on the user’s interest in learning the intricacies of your platform can be quite a challenge. One unconventional approach is to implement gamification for the onboarding experience, which makes the process enjoyable and encourages users to engage more with the platform.

If the user experiences a smooth onboarding process, it lays a foundation for the long-term success of the platform. Yet, capturing the user’s interest and implementing it on your platform can be an overwhelming task. Gamification helps introduce interactive activities, quizzes, and in-app rewards for completing the task. Such an approach helps in inducing a sense of achievement that motivates the users to engage more with the platform.

Duolingo: Gamify Your Learning Experience

Duolingo, a popular language learning platform, employs gamification techniques to make the onboarding process more interactive and enjoyable for users. They introduce elements such as milestones, levels, and badges that users can earn when they successfully complete lessons with high scores. These rewards create a sense of recognition and accomplishment, which motivates the users to go further with their language-learning journey.

5. Free Trials: Another Motivating Factor

Free trials are one of the most commonly used SaaS growth hacking strategies. It allows potential customers to experience your platform without any commitment. However, there are ways to make this approach even more unconventional and captivating.

When your product or service is primarily self-serve after onboarding, the expenses associated with maintaining a “free” customer are relatively low. It’s important to keep in mind that freemium users anticipate the same level of treatment as paying customers, encompassing functionality, reliability, and service.

Image using Wrike, a project management software that takes a unique approach to its free trial. With Wrike, you can experience some of the premium features right from the start, even in the free version. But the catch is- as you complete tasks and achieve milestones, you unlock even more premium features along the way. This interactive approach makes your trial period more enjoyable and significantly increases the chances of you becoming a happy paid user.

6. Referral Marketing

In the midst of utmost competition, some companies have managed to achieve remarkable success by leveraging the potential of referral marketing. It’s truly fascinating how they have built empires of loyal subscribers solely through referrals. And it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

We inherently trust the opinions and suggestions of people we know, rather than those of strangers. The impact of referral marketing is exceptional, as experienced by the fact that referred customers have a 16% higher value compared to non-referral customers. Companies with well-planned and executed referral programs achieve 82% higher revenue compared to those that neglect this powerful strategy.

Referral marketing tackles all three SaaS growth hacking goals; acquisition, retention, and monetization. The Saas companies need to consider that referral programs include:

  1. Offer unique value that differentiates you from the competition.
  2. Provide rewards for users to continue sharing beyond a one-to-one ratio.
  3. Ensure both the referrer and the referee receive reciprocal benefits.
  4. Create some attractive invitations that are easily shareable across multiple social media platforms.

7. An Email Marketing Expert Can Help You Grow Your Email

While the list contains numerous DIY tips, there are occasions when seeking assistance becomes compulsory. Building an email list is one such example. As we have emphasized before, although acquisition is an important SaaS growth hack, it’s solely about reaching the largest audience possible. But having a comprehensive email list doesn’t solely equate to having the best one.

An expert can help you achieve optimal email marketing results. They can carefully evaluate your email list to identify and eliminate any duplicate entries, as also as any irrelevant or inactive addresses. By rebuilding your list based on a narrow and targeted buyer persona, you will be focusing on users who are most likely to be interested in your offerings.

8. Connect Through Vast Communities

Stronger relationships with your core audience is important to engage in direct conversations and form genuine connections. The online communities can help you seek active feedback and address criticisms.

One of the effective SaaS growth hacks lies within Facebook groups. These groups present a valuable opportunity to directly connect with potential customers, industry leaders, and even competitors. Leveraging Facebook groups can be achieved through two approaches: building your own group or becoming a part of an existing one.

9. Competitor Analysis

A competitor comparison page is one of the effective SaaS growth hacks. It allows you to highlight the unique features and advantages of your product or service, and differentiate your brand from competitors. By clearly, showcasing how your SaaS solution stands out, you can attract potential customers who are seeking alternatives to your competitors.

By optimizing the content on your competitor comparison page with relevant keywords and providing valuable insights, you can target alternative keywords related to your competitor’s services. This expands the range of search terms that can lead users to discover your brand, thereby increasing your chances of attracting a wider audience.

10. Integrate Your App with the Most Popular Apps

Integration has become a highly sought-after feature among SaaS and tech companies, and for good reason. In the world of fast technology, users seek products that streamline their lives rather than complicate them. This is where integration comes to the rescue, facilitated by APIs that connect your service or app with other cloud-based apps or on-premise software systems.

But what drives this demand for integration capability? It boils down to the need for seamless connectivity and efficient workflow. Users want the ability to effortlessly transfer data, share information, and automate processes between the different applications they use.

The growing demand for integration capability arises from user’s desire for simplified workflows and enhanced productivity. By seamlessly connecting different applications and systems through APIs, users can streamline their processes, eliminate redundant tasks, and maximize the capabilities of multiple platforms working together effectively.

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Overwhelmed? We get it. Growth hacking is still a new approach for SaaS companies, and while it makes promises to help grow sustainably, it demands a lot of research and, of course, experimentation.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Mindbowser has got you covered with our expertise in SaaS growth hacking strategies and growth. Our SaaS solutions not only help you develop a successful SaaS platform but also help you grow your business. The strategies mentioned above are just the starting point. However, the key to success lies in the ability to stay agile and think of new strategies that are best suited to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Rule of 40 mean in SaaS?

A SaaS company’s health is measured by adding its growth rate and profit margin to determine its health. When a SaaS company’s growth rate and profitability margin are combined at 40% or more, the number indicates a balanced performance. Using this tool, investors can determine if a SaaS company is effectively balancing growth and profitability to achieve sustainable growth.

Can you share effective growth strategies for B2B SaaS companies?

For B2B SaaS companies to grow, they must utilize content marketing, optimize customer retention, use referral programs, and forge strategic partnerships. In addition, B2B SaaS companies can grow significantly by implementing data-driven decision-making and focusing on customer feedback loops.

What's the growth rate of the SaaS industry?

In recent years, the SaaS industry has grown at an average rate of between 20-30% per year. Cloud adoption, digital transformation across industries, and recurring revenue models of SaaS offerings are primarily responsible for this growth. This growth trend is expected to continue as a result of global digitization and ongoing demand for software-as-a-service solutions across a range of industries.

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