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Mat leads Mindbowser’s vision, experience, and development team in Boston. Prior to joining as a board member of Mindbowser, he has the track record to successfully leading global companies. His expertise lies in leading mobile and web development projects right from the idea until it’s launch. In the main, he helps companies quickly and economically invent, build, and deploy custom developed solutions in the IoT, Telematics, Connected vehicle, and Fleet Management world. He is the leading force behind articulating the best branding experience using branding architecture and creative strategy.
Also, Mat is the Founder of MLCreative. For the last three years, MLCreative has partnered with Mindbowser Infosolutions to provide ingenious solutions to all the clients with a deep and wide understanding of mobile app design, UX, and development.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Mat has worked with my company a few times on several different projects that we were looking to develop. He's been absolutely fantastic with both his technical knowledge and his business skills.

Charles Daniels

Charles Daniels

Director of AJAC web design

Mat's been an inspiration to me while working together. He has a broad knowledge of design, development, and effective outsourcing, as well as good ideas around applying Weiss's "Value-based fees" in a corporate setting.

Matthew Cornell

Matthew Cornell

Research fellow UMass Amherst.

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Build Operate Transfer

Building an operational team of experts for your business needs. The Team of experts will be handed over to you once industry standard processes and practices are in place, ensuring you get a ready-to-deploy team of experts on your payroll who are well versed with your business needs thus removing any need for training or orientation.

Team Augmentation

Our augmented team of experts help 10X your business by enabling you to trim timelines, fine-tune the foundations of transformative platforms, and turn the tide on critical-path projects, thus leading to needle-moving changes and high impact returns. We are offering highly talented experts to augment your teams.

Managed Product Delivery

Expert oversight and holistic management of solutions, customized to your business problems and needs. State of the art solution delivery managed by a team of experts ensuring maximum impact & management. Every solution goes through quality and performance testing to make sure it is blended with perfection and care.

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