Best 10 SaaS Marketing Strategies To Grow Organically In 2022

SaaS (Software As A Service) is the preferred way for software consumption today. It is a centralized software distribution model, where software is licensed to companies on a subscription basis and is hosted centrally. These products are developed end-to-end by the company, catering to the common needs of the end-users. In this article, we are going to cover the best SaaS marketing strategies to grow your business organically in 2022.

SaaS works both on the B2B and the B2C model, with the major aim to solve crucial problems or bring in more advanced and simplified functioning. This is a game-changer compared to traditional software models used before the emergence of cloud computing. Users have to manage, install, and upgrade the software on local servers or computers.

With SaaS, you can simply provision a server for instance in the cloud, and immediately, you will have your software or application ready for use. So all you need is a web browser and internet connectivity to be up and running with your SaaS application. There is no installation, typically no plugins involved, and no matter where your users reside geographically, you can always be up and running. 

What is SaaS marketing?

SaaS Marketing is a type of online lead generation that mainly focuses on promoting and acquiring leads for subscription-based SaaS products. SaaS is a form of doing business where companies rent or lease software to clients rather than selling or distributing it.

Businesses that deal with subscription services instead of physical products or one-time sales have a challenge of continually proving that the service is worth the monthly fee. They also need to maintain customer satisfaction and work towards getting new clients.

Best SaaS marketing Strategies for your Product or Software

SaaS companies revolve around diverse strategies for marketing and improvement of their offerings. The most crucial aspect for success for SaaS companies is their approach to effective marketing. Marketing for a SaaS company that’s a whole other ball game.

As a SaaS marketer, you have to follow a completely different business model where success is driven by retention and volume of customers. Indeed, it will take some time and trials to land on a successful strategy, but for helping you get things moving, here are some of the major aspects that can be considered for effective SaaS marketing strategy for high growth companies:

1. Run advertisements on competitor keywords: 

An effective strategy is to run advertisements on competitor brand keywords. For example, if you are Pepsi and want to use keyword marketing effectively, then you should run ads on alternatives like coca-cola or coca-cola pricing. A similar approach can be used in every segment. These competitor ads have shown a great amount of return on investment.

2. Balanced Freemium and Premium model:

Freemium is a widely used marketing strategy that many B2C SaaS companies use. It refers to providing some basic services for free and then charging based on the add-on features that the customer wishes to have. Few major mistakes that companies make in the Freemium model is keeping the offerings very minimal in the free version.

You must keep a reasonable amount of features in the free version. The major aim of this model should be to attract customers to opt for the premium version. Few experiments to find a good balance for the freemium and premium model will help you land an effective strategy. 

 SaaS Marketing strategy Codegrip Pricing
Fig: Codegrip Pricing

3. Google Ads Experimentation: 

Experimenting with Google ads is the only way to devise the perfect plan. Continuous incrementation in the Google ads budget will give enough matrix to observe and understand what is working and what is not. Keep incremental experiments with Google ads, for instance, start with 50$ then 100$ next week, and so on, and keep observing the results.

The results usually plateau at a certain cost. Hence you do not need to keep spending beyond that range. This is one of the most effective strategies you can use while figuring out the right marketing budget.

4. Upskill your content: 

Content has become one of the major deciding factors for growth through marketing. The more precise and relatable the content is, the more quickly results are generated. Make lead magnets and content to get discovered. Understanding your target audience and the content that revolves around them can be the initial step. Even write a page comparing your product with the competition. If you have a well-known competitor, it is even better.

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5. Consistent brand activities: 

There are numerous activities that can be performed with ease. Conducting weekly product demos or webinars has emerged as the most effective amongst them. Invaluable data can be collected by these activities. Schedule a fixed weekly product demo/webinars and keep a ticker running for it on your website so that new users can sign up. Furthermore, gate the webinar to get information on leads.

6.Taking ideas from customer support: 

Understanding and solving critical customer problems is vital for SaaS companies. Effectively turning user questions and their answers into a help document and making it available to customers on the website can help to solve a lot of common problems. Repetition is the most important part of SaaS success, so invest in good customer support.

7. Testimonials Matter: 

A Testimonial is something which describes what has been, and is a promise of what is to come! Testimonials are really effective in any form of marketing. Having good reviews about your SaaS product will help potential customers to understand the experience and opinions of the existing audience. 

Platforms like G2 and Capterra are popular review platforms and do give a SEO boost to you if you have a well placed profile. Another strategy that can be used is featuring customers on your webinars and letting them talk about their experiences and share how they got successful using your product. 

SaaS Marketing Strategy Capterra Testimonial screenshot

8. Change is the only constant:

Continuously innovating your SaaS product is the only option to sustain the competition. Technology allows constant innovation and SaaS products need to adapt to it quickly to deliver exceptional results. Even a small improvement in the product can sometimes give massive results. Remember that all the SaaS products that you use today took at least 3 major and many minor iterations. So plan your development and marketing accordingly.

9. Try Product release platforms: 

Product testing/ Beta releases can also be a great marketing strategy. If it is possible for the company, then launching on Product Hunt/ Appsumo/ Pitchground for testing can help understand the audience’s interest in the product. These websites are perfectly optimized for all types of SaaS products, and giving it a try can be a great add-on. 

Product Hunt SaaS Marketing strategy

SaaS Marketing strategy APP sumo

10.Consistency is the key: 

Growth takes time. SaaS companies need to be patient to see significant results after implementing various marketing strategies. Tracking the progress weekly is a helpful tactic in the initial stage. If the graph is going north on a weekly basis, it is still a good sign, and near about the same techniques can be used to move further in marketing. 

Best 10 SaaS Marketing Strategies
Fig: SaaS Marketing Strategies


These were some of my tips and tricks for effective SaaS marketing strategies. These points cover the essential topics, and while deciding on any of these techniques, it is advised to get into more details to execute the strategy perfectly. But, still, have additional questions or thoughts? I would be happy to have a conversation. Let me know. 

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