What’s Inside?

In the last 2 months, I spoke with 25+ founders who have built successful companies to find if there are average metrics that we can apply on any startup. The main goal of the exercise was to find patterns among the different startup stories.

  • What does it take to build a successful product?
  • How much time do entrepreneurs spend to get to market fit?
  • How much investment on average do entrepreneurs do on MVPs?
  • How many iterations of the product’s founders do before they get to market fit?

What Matters For Startups? - Get Ans To Frequently Asked Ques By Founders For Founders! | Product Hunt

About the data

The yardstick to consider a company successful is tricky since companies can be considered successful or unsuccessful on different parameters. Profitability, number of users, usage etc may not hold true for all companies and would depend on their business model, domain and stage of their business.

Hence, we picked funding amount as the parameter to validate success as it is one parameter consistent to prove that the startup did make a successful leap. We considered startups that have raised funding in the range of 1M-10M USD in the last 3 years.

Who should download the eBook?

Whether you are a founder, an entrepreneur, a startup team member, or just an enthusiast who wants to build his/her own product, this eBook is for YOU!

The eBook gives you answers on questions that may be jumbling your mind as you build your product. ​

Sample Insights from the eBook

Seeking advice, network and having constant communications with outsiders, forming a board asap, having an advisory board is super important. You have to understand your customers really well.
While people say startups are risky, Risk of a startup is based on perception of individual and what you value.
Berk Tas
CEO, SentiAR

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