Content Strategy For Startups

Having a content strategy is important for any business, especially for a startup. It would help if you worked out how you will manage the content of your company, whether it’s blogging, video content, or social media right at the start. A good content strategy involves many aspects and if done right, can open growth opportunities like no other medium.

This blog will give you some tips on creating the building blocks of a great content strategy.

Building Top Content for Startups

Build a Blog First:

Build a blog before building a startup. Even before you start building your product, you should launch your blog. It’s a great way to reach out to your target audience and communicate ideas. You can even use the blog to get initial traffic and create virality.

Build a Profile:

Build a profile of your customers and identify their pain points, even those that do not involve your product. Try to find what their concerns are in life. Track what they read, watch, consume, and react to it, demystify it, or join that conversation. For example, HubSpot does a great job of this! They publish blogs not only about marketing automation (which is what they sell) but also about “managing stress”, “getting promoted,” or anything that is something their target group would like to read.

YouTube Search:

On YouTube, search-ability is great. When you create content, try to marry it with what users would potentially be searching for. Keep search-ability on top when choosing content. Start by understanding what kind of information your target audience is looking for and where do they consume it currently (the top-ranked pages/ forum answers etc.)Then try to check what is missing in the top-ranked results. Are there enough videos, good pictures, elaborated content and so on? You can target to add what is missing in others’ content.

Content strategy for startupCreate a Unique Content:

When starting your own blog, create a niche for yourself where you can become an authority. Create content that helps people solve problems and share their experiences. The more valuable your content is, the better it will rank on search engines. Once you have built your authority, you have better visibility on anything that you do.

Sharing the Content:

The best way to rank up your content is by sharing even more content! If you share the same kind of content as everyone else then you’ll be fighting an uphill battle. You’d be competing with hundreds and hundreds of other websites just to gain a few spots, where only one of them will be yours. So instead of trying to optimize and promote your content using SEO, which isn’t as effective as it was in the past; why not focus on adding fresh and unique content daily to your website?

Social Media Presence :

Remember, social media has democratized content distribution. Spend more time on crafting the story and do not fret too much on finding press and media. You can now directly integrate with influencers and even try to become yourself an influencer.

In content, David will always beat Goliath. Authenticity over fineness is important. Don’t obsess over perfection. Good information is more important. Try to build a mini media team in-house and make them compete with media companies. Try acquiring content creators of your space.

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Become an Expert:

Try to become an expert in your category. Then your content can rank on top of others. Think of creating content from the lens of educating, informing, entertaining but not selling. Don’t try to plug your product.

Educators and influencers have a wide reach. They will be more than happy to promote your platform if there is value for them. Collaborate to have such people create content for you as they already know what works.

See your Audience

See who your audience is on each platform. Then, determine what similar channels are doing for your audience. Then, make decisions about the content you post on social media according to how it will appeal to each group of people in your demographic. In order to keep things fresh and new overtime, try scheduling a variety of different posts that cover a lot of ground, from useful posts to photos or videos that capture something worth sharing with others. Give people a reason to follow you by posting great content that they’ll love.

  • Use CTAs with discount or referral codes in order to get a sense of how much impact is content able to drive in proportion to the overall business. Before publishing the content, finalize the landing page approach, page design, reach out plan and consistency.

Digital marketing platforms:

There are numerous digital marketing platforms available to promote your brand. But the problem with these platforms is that they focus on ads and not on sharing great content. It would help if you did proper research before choosing a platform to promote your content. Consequently, it helps you convert more customers, increase sales and grow your business by testing, publishing and scaling great performing content.

Content Strategy for startup
Fig: Content Strategy For startup


Having quality content on your website is incredibly important, especially when you are a startup. Your website is your first interaction with potential customers, and if they are not impressed, they are likely to move on. This blog post explains how to create high-quality content for your company. Happy Reading!

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