How To Make A Dating App?

Dating applications have become the most profitable app categories on the market in recent years. Can there be a space for entrepreneurs and startup owners in the dating sector, given the huge demand and the market’s lack of saturation with viral apps? Dating app creation may be lucrative for you as well as a nice option for those looking for a partner. So read our article to learn how to make a dating app?

The ability to check people before going out with them is one of the reasons why internet dating has become so popular. People used to be total mysteries, and deciphering them required a personal meeting encounter. Women’s safety is of particular importance, therefore it is the highest priority expectation. Your future dating app’s strength may be the ability to gain some insight into a person’s past through some type of validation.

Furthermore, the undeniable advantage of any dating app is that it contains a pool of individuals who share your goals, as opposed to the reality where just a small percentage of people seek to find a mate.

Dating App Statistics

Relationships that bloomed on the internet take up almost a quarter of the actual relationships out there in the world.

Around the world, over 40 million individuals use dating apps and websites.

The total income generated by all dating apps is believed to be approximately $2 billion each year.

Tinder, the most popular dating app, has about 50 million users worldwide, with 60 percent coming from the United States.

Tinder’s overall value is believed to be 1.6 billion dollars.

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Business Model Of Tinder

Tinder, which was launched in 2012, aims to overcome the social and physical obstacles that prevent people from making new connections and partnerships. InterActiveCorp (IAC) is an American Internet and media firm that owns over 150 brands and products (such as,,, Vimeo, Investopedia, CollegeHumor, Match, OkCupid, Meetic, Twoo, PlentyOfFish, and others).

Tinder’s business model offers a unique selling proposition: instead of linking users with individuals they previously knew, it connects them with strangers they would not have met otherwise.

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Tinder Plus (Freemium model): Tinder Plus members get access to unique features including unlimited swipes, passport (find a match anywhere), more than 1 Super Like per day, rewind Feature (undo the last swipe), and 1 Boost per month.  Tinder plus on the other hand has different costs ( ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 in the United States) based on the age of the user.

Tinder Gold (a Tinder Plus extension): Tinder Gold is a premium subscription service that includes all of the Tinder Plus features as well as the new Likes You function, which shows you how many likes you’ve received.

Allows you to like back, reject, or view the profile of individuals who have liked you in a grid style without spending time swiping. Tinder gold also follows the same strategy of different prices for different ages as that of Tinder plus. The cost of this pilot feature by Tinder is ranging from$14.99 to $82.99.

Sponsored Profiles: Sponsored content has been integrated into their app interface to make a unique appearance in the feed. Typically, chatbots are employed for this purpose.

Boost: For 30 minutes, Boost makes the user’s profile the top profile in the region. While boosting, this increases the odds of a match by up to 10x more profile views and 3x more matches. This feature can be bought at a price range of $1.99 to $3.99 per boost due to its unique role.

Business Model Of Bumble

Bumble is a dating application that allows women to initiate contact. It sold 50 million shares at a price of US$43 apiece, raising more than US$2 billion. BMBL, which is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol “BMBL,” saw its stock rise 63.5 percent to US$70.55 in its first trading day, valuing the firm at more than US$7.7 billion.

Bumble operates on a “freemium model,” which implies that customers can sign up and use the service for free. In-app purchases and other subscription offers like Bumble Boost, which starts at US$12.99 a week, and its enhanced Bumble Premium, which starts at US$17.99 a week, provide for the majority of its earnings.

Premium features

Bumble has a vast range of unique special features that give the user a premium experience on the app which include features like SuperSwipe, Spotlight and SuperSwiping feature which gives the user an opportunity to show that they are extra interested in them.

‘Spotlight’ feature provided by bumble allows the user to put their profile on top of all the profiles in the stack for more views instantly.

Bumble gives you an option to give an extension of 24 hours in addition to the default 24 hours. This gives you a chance to show that extra bit of interest in the match. People without the Bumble Boost subscription can only avail of this feature once a day and cannot use it to the same match twice.

In an effort to make the subscription service more interesting, Bumble has introduced Bumble coins to be used as in-app currency to buy any additional features separately or combined while also having an option to avail these features through a Bumble Boost Subscription

Bumble Boost

All the features that a Bumble Boost subscription provide to a user

  • See all the right swipes that the users get
  • Rematch with expired connections
  • No limit to the number of matches that you give an extension of more than 24 hours.

Bumble gives users the option to choose from various subscription plans like weekly, monthly, three-month plans or 6-month plans while charging 25$ a month for the Bumble boost membership.

Business Model Of Bumble | Mindbowser

As previously stated, the key feature that distinguishes Bumble from other dating apps is its demand that women initiate contact.

This criterion not only challenges outdated dating conventions and empowers women, but also reduces the amount of harassment and abuse that many online dating services suffer from. Bumble goes even further in its commitment to provide a safe and respectful environment with technology that can detect whether a photo received through the app contains a vulgar image.

If a potentially obscene photo is submitted, users are notified and given the option of seeing it or not. Furthermore, Bumble’s connection with Vital Voices means that the business gives to a woman-focused organization for every first move made on the app. Within the app, users may pick which cause they want to support with their first move.

Finally, Bumble is unusual in that it is not only a dating platform but also a social and networking one. It is, in fact, the first to integrate dating and finding friends along with career-building into one single platform.

Business Model Of eHarmony

eHarmony is an online dating service that utilizes a compatibility algorithm to find its clients the best matches. Geographically, the corporation has four primary business segments: the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Segments of Customers

eHarmony operates on a mass-market business strategy, with no differentiation across client categories. Customers may find unique areas on the company’s website based on ethnicity (Asian, Black, Hispanic), religion (Christianity, Judaism), age, and sexual orientation. The service options in each area, however, are largely the same.

The revenue generation to the brand eHarmony is mainly by charging its users for its different services and has two pricing plans

Basic: The plan includes full unrestricted access to the website along with the compatibility matching feature. The prices for the same are as follows:

  • 1 Month: $59.95 per month
  • 3 Month: $29.95 per month,  full payment of $89.85
  • 6 Month: $29.90 per month,  $59.80 if paid in 3 installments or $179.40 
  • 12 Month: $19.95 per month, $79.80 If paid in 3 installments or $239.40 

Total Connect: Similar to the Basic plan this subscription gives all the access and features along with a feature of in-depth analysis of personality, a Secure connect option(phone calls) and an option that verifies the name and age known as Rely ID.

  • 3 Month: $44.95 per month,  $44.95 in case of 3 installments, or $134.85 
  • 6 Month: $33.90 per month,  three installments of $67.90, or $203.70
  • 12 Month: $23.95 per month, $95.80 in case of 3 installments, or $287.40 

Premium: This plan offers similar features as that of the Total Connect plan along with a guarantee of an additional one year of free service in case one could not match with anyone in a year, This plan also includes a dedicated profile advisor to assist you in the process and is priced at $503.40 for the duration of the year.

SWOT Analysis Of Tinder

1. Strengths

Tinder is attempting to diversify its products and services in order to strengthen its market position. Tinder’s diversification allows it to reach a larger client base and explore new market sectors.

Tinder can collect information about users from social media sites like Facebook in order to create the perfect match for those that select Tinder.

For the typical user, Tinder is both inexpensive and simple to use. Tinder’s user-friendliness draws a large number of users, making it an extremely popular app.

2. Weaknesses

Tinder can collect information about users from social media sites like Facebook in order to create the perfect match for those that select Tinder.

For the typical user, Tinder is both inexpensive and simple to use. Tinder’s user-friendliness draws a large number of users, making it an extremely popular app.

The lack of information that users have about one another creates an issue of predatory and offensive conduct among users. Some users’ inappropriate behavior may have a detrimental influence on the company’s position, public image, and even raise the possibility of litigation from consumers who have been insulted using the Tinder programme.

3. Opportunities

Due to the popularity of its mobile application and the general extensive usage of mobile phones and other devices by users, the firm may assume a leadership position in the industry and obtain a strong grasp of the dating services market. The company may enhance its position in other services and markets due to the diversification of its services and products. This gives tinder a huge opportunity to operate in different niches

Tinder also has the potential to improve people’s personal lives by facilitating conversation and engagement amongst them. This achievement of the firm may help to boost the company’s public image and brand equity.

4. Threats

Tinder’s biggest concern today is the threat of fierce competition, which is only becoming stronger. The popularity of dating services and the introduction of new mobile applications pose a danger to Tinder’s position in the market, as users attempt to use new applications that undermine Tinder’s competitive position.

Because of the rapid advancement of technology, new competitors and replacements may emerge, threatening to replace or drive Tinder out of the market. Tinder’s application and services may be at a disadvantage as a result of new technologies compared to firms that employ new, more advanced technologies that may emerge in the future.

Guide To Make A Dating App On Your Own


You’ll be able to figure out why your competitors are successful or unsuccessful if you do a comprehensive analysis of them. You may use this knowledge for your own business and create a successful app similar to Tinder. What is the age range of the consumers for whom you are developing an app? Of course, you may make a generic dating app that caters to the needs of both young and old people. So, what will your app’s distinguishing characteristic be? It will be identical to its peers, and you will gain nothing.

Study their personalities closely and their unique behavioral patterns. Mostly they have similar characteristics with minor deviations, these deviations are what prove their uniqueness and with proper research about their distinctive characteristics you can avoid the problem of plagiarizing any of their unique features on your app.  


It’s all about the setting. The closer the match to the location of the user the more he feels convenient about going ahead with the match. If you want to create a dating app that finds possible matches for the user, you may utilize a GPS-based location system. 

It’s no surprise that dating apps use GPS components in their matching algorithms. The software suggests a list of nearby users and provides basic information about them, allowing you to choose who you like and with whom you want to communicate.


The mathematical algorithm that links individuals by detecting similarities in responses supplied to a recommended questionnaire is another commonly utilized technology that you should employ when creating your own dating app. This procedure can be used to know more about the compatibility between two users based on responses. The paring happens when a certain level of compatibility threshold is attained.

The unfortunate reality is that individuals lie about a lot of things on any sort of internet forum. That is why the behavior-based matching approach should be used. This is a Big-Data-based strategy to match dating app users. 

Because they work with data collected from outside sources, behavior-based matching algorithms are more sophisticated than mathematical and location-based matching algorithms (social networks accounts, profiles, groups they visit, musical playlists, etc.). Creating and analyzing huge datasets takes a lot of time and effort. It’s here that a Big Data analytics strategy can assist enhance the likelihood of finding the correct match.


To protect the safety of your users, you must follow a detailed app security checklist. Verify the profile of people who are joining the platform using a profile verification technique. You may use social network and phone number verification to ensure that the users who join your app are genuine and aren’t impersonating someone else.


Making a dating app has certain duties, such as understanding the technological stack. The following tools and technologies are included in the construction of a dating app by Unified’s experts, but they will vary based on your needs.

Programming languagesJava, Kotlin, Swift
FrameworksNode.js, Express.js, Next.js, React Router
DatabasePostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
Cloud storageAmazon S3
Web serversNginx
Payment gatewayStripe, PayPal
General utilitiesOptimizely, Twilio, Elasticsearch, Google Maps, Google Analytics.


Google Analytics, Twilio, and Google Maps will also be required. It depends on your feature set, functionality, and the sort of dating app you want to create once again. To receive a thorough estimate, speak with one of our professional mobile app developers.


Smart app developers may use a variety of widely acknowledged monetization strategies. As a result, before you begin developing a dating app, you must decide on monetization options.

This is an easy approach to make money with your app that is simple and clear. Give customers the option of making in-app purchases.

Some project owners are ready to compromise their user experience in order to profit from advertising, offering premium ad-free versions.  Intrusive advertising will pave to your design being ruined with many competitors in the dating apps.

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Advanced Features To Make A Dating App

  • Profile verification

Though the main goal of a dating app is to meet new people it should never compromise the safety of the app user. The excitement of new people is always high but based on their previous experiences, some individuals who have already gone through a bad experience on a dating app will always need a kind of security assurance.

  • AI-based chatbots

Offering AI-based chatbots will give you a definite advantage over your market competitors, but it will also assist users not familiar with the online dating process in breaking the ice. Recommendations of conversation starters is the primary goal of these chatbots along with assistance in responding to unique messages. It’s an important feature since “what you say and how you say” has a big influence on how others react to you.

  • Explore events and meet-ups

Adding this unique feature will help people to spot nearby events that are in their interests where they can even meet people with similar interests and take it a step further. Categories can be created for the events like events for “animal lovers”, “romantic people”, “fitness enthusiasts”, and more.

  • Advanced search

Every person trying to find someone to spend their life with online has certain qualities that they look for. Some people are looking for a friend to date or hang out with, while others are looking for a long-term commitment. There are people who are picky when it comes to preferences such as age, gender, spiritual signs and religion. As a result, complex search tools with filters are essential to assist customers to narrow down their search.

  • Profile performance checked

The option to send a friend request makes every user check that particular profile before going forward, but most of them won to understand the perfect way to build their profile so that it becomes attractive to the ones looking at it. You can assist users, especially first-time daters, construct a profile that will help them find the mate they’ve been seeking by including a profile performance checker in your app.

  • Behavior Analysis

Artificial intelligence has given the ultimate help of being able to recognize user behavior. By entwining this feature with the dating app we can help the users find people with matching interests through the  AI’s behavior analysis based on their profile features.

  • Profile recommendation

Filters and search options have always been part of dating apps to find the right type of people for the user to match with what they are looking for. The use of AI in this process can be a game-changer by introducing features like automatically recommending to you the profiles that match your search criteria or preferences.

  • Gamification

Gamification is going to be an integral part of mapping out the user experience and everyone out there is making their app experience more and more interesting to attract the user. It boosts user participation. For instance, in the case of a dating application, you can invite matched profiles to enter a competition in which they must describe their likes and dislikes.

  • AI-based video calls

Artificial Intelligent powered video calling service is the new feature in the market that has shown some good results. Wondering what is the role of Artificial Intelligence in video calling? Well, it can of course be done without the use of AI. The truth is AI can help identify any obscene and nude content on these calls and make it more secure.

Dating Apps In The Pandemic

At the outset of the epidemic, dating apps saw surge inactivity. In an April 2020 Harris Poll, US people indicated they used social media (50 percent), virtual meeting sites (33 percent), and dating apps more regularly (11 percent ). As per a study conducted by Morning Consult in the same month, 6% of US people said they were spending more time on dating apps, while 43% said they had not changed their habits.

The way people date these days has been manipulated by the dating apps in three main ways:

Communicating about health

Users were urged to cease meeting in person and interact with each other online via pop-up messages on dating apps. Bumble sends users direct messages, while Tinder’s swipe screen displayed public service announcements from provincial governments. To break up the typical emphasis on speedy hookups, Grindr advised users that “Right Now” can wait. Dating apps operated as public health advocates: users were invited to stay home, sanitize themselves with proper physical distancing and consult a doctor in case of any COVID symptoms.

 Addressing loneliness and isolation

Dating apps also attempted to promote community and alleviate emotions of loneliness or anxiety. Online events such as concerts, speed dating, and dating advice sessions were hosted by apps such as Grindr, Lex, Bumble, HER, and Coffee Meets Bagel.

Self-care was pushed by dating app firms on social media. “It’s vital to isolate without feeling isolated,” Plenty of Fish wrote on Instagram. and we’re here to assist you in getting through it!” “If you’re simply fine, that’s OK,” Bumble remarked. “It’s acceptable to do less when you’re coping with more,” Coffee Meets Bagel said in an Instagram story.

Making virtual dating the new normal

Several applications have developed or unlocked features that make virtual dating easier. Virtual dating encompassed more than just meeting through apps; it also included a variety of online activities and exchanges that individuals may engage in while physically separated.

Free video services were given by Match, Bumble, Hinge, Jack’d, and Plenty of Fish. Other applications, such as HER, Coffee Meets Bagel, and OkCupid advised its users to communicate via Zoom or other video conferencing software, text messaging, or even traditional phone conversations. Tinder makes its passport function available for free, allowing users to geolocate themselves anywhere in the globe and encouraging them to interact with others.

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So, if you are thinking about developing and building a dating app but aren’t sure what sort of app you want to build, chat to a reputable dating app development business.

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