How Do We Not Only Make Our Customers Happy But Actually Thrill Them


In ten years of our company, there are many things that we here at Mindbowser are happy about. One of these things is that we have over 80% customer retention rate and this is a stat we are very proud of. This means 8 out of 10 customers have chosen Mindbowser as their technology partner year after year. While we are very content of this, of course, we are continuously working to keep this intact as well as improve over the coming years.

In fact, here are a few of the reviews we have received from our customers lately😊

So what are the reasons that our customers choose us? We rather asked our customers what made them super happy about working with us. While most of our customers claimed top communication and technical expertise as the top reason, we digged deeper through one to one online interviews and meetings with our clients. We asked our customers, what are the reasons beyond these.

This article outlines what we found. In this article, we talk about what exactly goes into our recipe to thrill our customers. While researching for this article, I found that our recipe actually does not have few great things but is rather a combination of many small things. These are the things that were never meticulously planned but have evolved as a process during our pursuit to thrill our customers.

Read on to learn more about the different things we do that thrills our customers.

How we thrill our customers

1. Always Helping Customers Identify Their Needs And Requirements

After communication and technology, the reason most customers liked about working with us is that we take active participation in identifying their needs and requirements. We discuss a lot with our customers especially during the start of the project. During these conversations, our goal is to decipher the real needs and goals. Most times, we have been able to identify the needs of the customer that they themselves were not fully aware of and this is acknowledged by many customers as a major reason they have enjoyed working with us.

2. Using The Right Architecture Right From Day 1

We believe in developing solutions using the appropriate architecture to make applications infallible and prevent future failures. Choosing the right software architecture allows for early and quick decisions, enables massive scalability, and acts as the basis of a strong foundation. All of these key aspects help customers save costs in the long run.

3. Turning Geographical Distances Into An Advantage

Most customers mentioned that while we have a blended model with most developers in India and having 12 hours difference from our customers, it has never been a hindrance to work. We have rather turned it into an advantage. The developers do daily standups and they work in a time schedule that has a daily overlap. Also, all developers at Mindbowser are ready to go the extra mile during release dates and demos so customers never really miss the presence of devs. In fact, the CTO of an HR Tech startup pointed out that

“The overall overlap has been a boon. The Indian and US team keep passing the baton every day resulting in the 2X work schedule for our startup.”

4. Perks Like AWS Program, Google Credits, Event Tickets, Etc.

Being deeply involved in the start-up ecosystem, we strongly believe that all our clients need to be at the forefront of the technological landscape. For this, we offer all our clients opportunities such as Connect with AWS, Google Credits, event tickets to technology conferences, etc. This ultimately helps our customers grow in their journeys as well and save costs.

5. Involvement Of Founders In Every Project

At Mindbowser, Founders are always part of the execution of every project. Be it be fixing bugs or testing releases, we ourselves are always involved. Numerous clients love this about us as it makes the experience more nuanced and personal. Many customers acknowledge that it’s a very different kind of conversation they have at the founder level and enjoy it.

Ayush Jain, CEO & Co-founder of Mindbowser Group

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6. Just The Perfect Organization Size

Currently, our organization is close to 100 people. I believe this aspect acts as an advantage for our clients. The size is not too small to be incapable and slow as well as not large enough that one is too overwhelmed. All our clients enjoy the personalization available as well as the scalability achievable.

7. Use Of Industry Standard Softwares And Practices

While we use industry standard-software to develop solutions, we also use the best-in-class services for effective communication. These include communication tools like Slack and Jira. Our development teams also use agile methodologies for managing projects along with Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) to ship software daily. This all makes our practices pretty standardized and predictable making the whole experience smooth.

8. Design Language And Focus On User Experience

We strongly believe that the design of a product makes or breaks it. To ensure the best design language and top-notch user experience, we have invested heavily in hiring and retaining the best talent in house. Our expertise in design makes sure that our solutions follow the latest design and UX trends.

9. Code Quality Audits

A well-written code has a visible impact on the quality of your software. It is imperative to understand and measure the quality of your software and see if it is improving because of higher code quality. For these purposes, we do code quality audits using, and the reports are provided to the customers as well. That way the customer, even if non-technical knows how well written is the code that runs their business.

10. 10X Core Team

Over the eight years of our operation, we have built a core team of exceptional talent and excellent leadership to guide our teams. Our 10X core team consists of project managers, technical heads, etc. that mentor our project teams and pilot operations in our organization. These exceptional leaders are your bridge with your development team and are committed to building the solution you require. Every project is always led by a 10X guy.

11. Post-Launch Marketing Support

Our relationships with our clients go beyond just the development phase. We engage in promotion for your products through our various social channels and groups that we are part of. We get the word out on behalf of our customers to ensure that your product reaches the maximum reach it can on launch. This has many times resulted in the creation of a buzz for our customers without spending a penny.

12. Market Research

Our customers also thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Shared research Group at Mindbowser. In this group, we frequently update our customers with the latest market research and industry reports. This helps our customers to be updated about the latest developments in a particular industry or the IT industry. This ultimately benefits our clients and enables them to make the best decisions possible for their products.

13. No Corners Cut

As technology partners for start-ups as well as for larger companies business, we strictly adhere to a “No corners cut” philosophy. We take no shortcuts, always make the right technology decision and take a stand on keeping things honest and process-driven. We have found that this overall keeps things predictable and clear for our customers.

14. Developing With An End-User Perspective

At our organization, we always develop solutions and products with the end-user in mind.

At the start of the development process, we assess what could be the features the end-user will find exciting, and what can we do to enhance the user experience. Everything is planned accordingly.

We also check the software with an end-user perspective during various stages of the development process to make sure that we are on track. We firmly believe that all decisions made during development have to be in the best interest of the project. This may include cutting some features that are bloating the software or adding some features that we find crucial to the smooth functioning of the application. At the end of the day, we want to materialize the vision of our clients with our work.

15. Educated And Dedicated Employees

One of the major reasons why our customers love to work with us is our employees. Our employees are thoroughly educated with the required technologies and aligned with the company’s core values. Intent and dedication drive our employees to bring their best to the table when it comes to customer satisfaction.

16. Open And Welcoming To Feedback

We are constantly looking to improve and step-up the quality of our services. For this, we are always open and welcoming to our customer’s feedback. We treat feedback as a learning opportunity and try to rectify any complications as quickly as possible. We take customer feedback on major parameters at every sprint.

17. Transparency And Predictability

Transparency is one of our strongest assets and our customers are a testament to that. We deliver builds on scheduled dates, communicate frequently and consistently, and our invoices never surprise. We maintain maximum clarity in our functioning and demonstrate excellent work ethics while communicating with our customers. We respond to all queries immediately with a 12 hour response time as the boundary limit. This has been one of the major reasons why our clients love to work with us.



In summary, we love what we do and work with you from start to finish and beyond that. We are an agile organization, always accessible to work with you. We value our clients and your satisfaction is our top priority. We view ourselves as an extension of your team and you as a part of our family. As your technology partner, we pride ourselves on being fully engaged with your company to help you find opportunities for growth and success. For us, our success is when our customers relate to us with the song “I’ll Be There For You” from the show Friends 😊. Happy Reading !

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