A Tech Guide To Android App Marketing Strategy

The world is full of marketers and marketing advice from marketers. Your marketing team may have made a plan for SEO, PR, and award functions. What I am going to point out today is simple – Tech Hacks for Android app marketing to make sure that your app is released smoothly and can work seamlessly.

These are some pointers that your marketing team will not tell you because they never know.

Use Proguard On Your App

This will optimize, shrink, and obfuscate your code. It is very useful for preventing code from theft. Additionally, you don’t have to delete any comments, there are automatically deleted at compile time.

(You can do so by adding the line :proguard.config=proguard.cfg in the default.properties file)

Keep The Size Minimal

Users prefer having small apps. By using Paint.net, Pngcrush or OptiPng, you can reduce image size by about 10%. Make sure your layouts are optimized as well. This can be done by changing the screen size while editing a layout in Eclipse.

An audio editor such as Audacity can be used to reduce the size of any audio.

Prefer library projects to .jar libraries. This will optimize code size.

Catch Errors

Make sure that you catch all errors on UI and display a window to show the user that something wrong happened. Nothing irritates a user more than an app crash, so a systematic mobile apps development process has to be followed. Collect as much information as possible but do not grab anything that violates the anonymous state of the user. Retrieve exceptions that happen on the user side. Use Flurry or Google Analytics.

Take advantage of Monkey Test by asking your friends to do it for you. Learning in advance, how the end-users will use your app will give you an opportunity to get ideas.

Add a change log in the app. Users like to see what changes since the last version.

Prefer external installation. You can do this by adding (android:installLocation=preferExternal in the AndroidManifest.xml)

Release Hacks

When deciding a name for your app, think about what keywords would you use to search for your app. Nearer to the keyword is better.

Be the first to rate your app with 5 stars and ask your friends and other people as well. Positive ratings will set a trend for future users as well.

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Post Release Hacks

Lastly, but importantly, get your code into source control if it’s not already. You’re sure to need to issue updates and fixes at some point, and source control can play a big role in that.

This information is also useful when you are switching developers. Can read more on things to take care of before switching developers here.

When updating, don’t forget to update the version code or version name in your manifest.

Save your signing key somewhere safe, and make a backup. If you’re letting Eclipse manage this for you, pay attention to where it creates your key store, and save a backup copy of it. And don’t forget the passwords for the key store or individual signing keys. If you lose that certificate (or lose access to it), you cannot update your app. You’ll have to create a new listing in the Android market.

Declare an Android: process and android:sharedUserId attribute!. It doesn’t hurt in case you don’t need it, but it gives you full control over which apps have access to this app’s private resources and you can update the app automatically anytime, without having to go through the Appstore.

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Taking care of these small things will make the user experience better, getting you a marketing ROI, without even investing anything.

Some of the pointers above may need you to take help from your developer and they can include the ideas from here and implement in your code.

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