15 Best Telemedicine Apps That Are Transforming The Healthcare Industry

It’s 2 am when you have woken up with a pain in your chest; what you will do at this odd time when a doctor is not available for sure. Have you ever thought of how you can save your life in such situations? Certainly, you can drive down to the nearest hospital, but how about getting care from your personal physician, who is currently 10 hours away.

Thanks to telemedicine applications that are transforming traditional healthcare processes. Even at 2 am, now you can get immediate consultation from doctors using instant video chat, massage & even get drug assistance.

Notably, the best telemedicine apps can save that important time that you can rather use to take care of yourself instead of visiting a clinic. This concept is simple, secure, and reliable.

Medicine apps have augmented the healthcare industry’s interactions where patients and doctors can intuitively communicate and share their concerns. It means without any restriction, you can reach a doctor or a physician anywhere around the clock.

Telemedicine is a growing area of innovation and is poised to get disrupted further. Keeping this in mind, we are going to highlight the best telemedicine apps of 2022, which are changing the healthcare industry.

15 Best Telemedicine Apps Which Are Disrupting the Industry


1. AmWellamwell telemedicine app

🏢 Headquarters:- Boston, Massachusetts, United States

📝 Founded:- Jun 1, 2006

👔 No. Of Employees:- 1001-5000

💰 Total Funding Amount:- $866M

About The Company

It has been the key player who can deliver the one-stop HIPAA compliant and secure telemedicine services. This application provides 24/7 healthcare support for urgent care, psychiatry, therapy, and other conditions at a reasonable price. Patients can select suitable physicians based on their availability. AmWell can document all conversations of patients and medical-care providers and make it easily accessible for both.

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2. MDLiveMDLive-telemedicine-app

🏢 Headquarters:- Miramar Beach, Florida, United States

📝 Founded:- 2006

👔 No. Of Employees:- 251-500

💰 Total Funding Amount:- $198.6M

About The Company

Cost-effectively this app has continued to deliver seamless and secure consultation from doctors. MDLive helps patients to get in touch with psychiatrists or dermatologist doctors, counselors for discussion via a mobile application. It is the most prominent and best telemedicine apps for doctors.

3. Dialogue


🏢 Headquarters:- Montréal, Quebec, Canada

📝 Founded:- Jul 5, 2016

👔 No. Of Employees:- 101-250

💰 Total Funding Amount:- $88.7M

About The Company

This application provides online video consultations to the employees who are working in various business domains in Canada. It allows employees to send instant messages or queries and participate in online video chats with nurses. They also offer real-time medicine delivery and prescription renewals free of cost.

4. Doctor On DemandDoctor-on-demand-telemedicine-app

🏢 Headquarters:- San Francisco, California, United States

📝 Founded:- Oct 1, 2012

👔 No. Of Employees:- 501-1000

💰 Total Funding Amount:- $235.7M

About The Company

This startup is steadily improving healthcare solutions in the US. With the recent $74 million investment, Doctor On Demand app, is soaring high on enterprise-level and consumer-centric services. It is giving a new direction to the health insurance businesses and delivers its services among the 50 states of the US.

5. LemonaidLemonaid-telemedicine-app

🏢 Headquarters:- San Francisco, California, United States

📝 Founded:- 2013

👔 No. Of Employees:- 101-250

💰 Total Funding Amount:- $57.5M

About The Company

It is one of the most reliable healthcare mobile apps. Lemonaid offers healthcare support and assistance and addiction management, cholesterol, sinus, acid reflux, and lab testing. Patients can easily schedule an online doctor visit according to their comfort. It also offers a fixed reasonable cost for all the services.

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6. Doxy.me

🏢 Headquarters:- Rochester, New York, United States

📝 Founded:- Jun 1, 2013

👔 No. Of Employees:- 101-250

💰 Total Funding Amount:- NA

About The Company

Telemedicine solutions are very expensive and complicated. As a result, most healthcare service providers are unable to provide superior care for their patients by telemedicine. Doxy.me makes telemedicine service simple and free for all the medical service providers. Now healthcare providers can offer the best care solutions to their patients outside the clinical setting. Doxy.me is one of the best telemedicine apps for providers; it simplifies the healthcare offering process.

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7. EndoluxeEndoluxe-telemedicine-app

🏢 Headquarters:- Atlanta, Georgia, United States

📝 Founded:- Nov 1, 2013

👔 No. Of Employees:- 1-10

💰 Total Funding Amount:- $4.4M

About The Company

Endoluxe’s offering has geared towards solving the increasing needs of big office endoscopy suites, hospital systems, and physician on-the-go with an emphasis on wireless and on-demand features. Strong innovation, combined with a clear focus on ease-of-use and ergonomics, is driving Endoluxe’s solution.

8. PlushCare


🏢 Headquarters:- San Francisco, California, United States

📝 Founded:- 2015

👔 No. Of Employees:- 101-250

💰 Total Funding Amount:- $31M

About The Company

Would you like to be given consultation by only a top doctor? Yes. Right? Well, Pedigree can be a sign of top professionals. It offers digital doctor consultations who have completed their practices from the Best 50 medical college. Support of this mobile and web app, people only have to pay visiting charges without any hidden cost.

9. Simple Contacts


🏢 Headquarters:- New York, New York, United States

📝 Founded:- Jan 1, 2015

👔 No. Of Employees:- 101-250

💰 Total Funding Amount:- NA

About The Company

It is a startup that helps patients to renew contact lens remotely. This means no need to visit an optical store. The app allows the contact redness test and contacts vision test done through the mobile application. It makes contact lenses renew processes more smart and straightforward.

10. Kinesiometrics


🏢 Headquarters:- NA

📝 Founded:- NA

👔 No. Of Employees:- NA

💰 Total Funding Amount:- NA

About The Company

Kinesiometrics is a smartphone-based application to enhance the understanding of the post-operative course for patients. Based on thousands of data points, artificial intelligence will guide the intervention decision-making and recovery process. By partnering with academic medical centers, medical devices, pharmaceutical, and insurance companies, the company is conducting multiple clinical trials to delineate the relationship between objective physical activity data, and patient outcome as well as its effect on the overall health economics.

We developed A Data-Driven Solution To Measure Clinical Outcomes

11. First OpinionFirst-opinion-telemedicine-app

🏢 Headquarters:- San Francisco, California, United States

📝 Founded:- Jan 24, 2013

👔 No. Of Employees:- 51-100

💰 Total Funding Amount:- $9.8M

About The Company

It offers medical assistance from a free messaging service. First Opinion connects a group of doctors to share their knowledge in one platform. This app allows patients to share their health condition to a doctor and get advice and prescription effortlessly.

12. ThriveHealth


🏢 Headquarters:- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

📝 Founded:- Jan 1, 2016

👔 No. Of Employees:- 11-50

💰 Total Funding Amount:- NA

About The Company

ThriveHealth empowers patients and families in their healthcare journeys, supports providers in delivering excellent care, and enables healthcare systems to become efficient. ThriveHealth offers a web-based HIPAA compliant software that requires no download or additional setup to get your Telehealth practice set up. The platform includes multiple-way group call features that allow the physicians to add interpreters and specialists to the virtual visit.

Mindbowser HIPAA compliant software development services are at the fore of ThriveHealth development and launch.

Check Out Our Video HIPAA Compliance Below!

13. Dentulu


🏢 Headquarters:- Los Angeles, California, United States

📝 Founded:- Sep 2018

👔 No. Of Employees:- 11-50

💰 Total Funding Amount:- $1.1M

About The Company

Dentulu offers mobile dentistry, creating the opportunity for patients to book dental appointments through our Mobile Dental App. Once a patient registers with the mobile app and reserves a date and time, a mobile dentist will visit their choice of location as scheduled.

14. Teladoc

Teladoc App Screenshot

🏢 Headquarters:- Purchase, New York, United States

📝 Founded:- 2002

👔 No. Of Employees:- 1001-5000

💰 Total Funding Amount:- NA

About The Company

Teladoc lets you talk to a doctor, therapist, or medical expert anywhere you are by phone or video. It includes medical services like ear infections and sinus problems and has no time limits on visits.

15. Zocdoc

Zocdoc App Screenshot

🏢 Headquarters:- New York, New York, United States

📝 Founded:- Sep 18, 2007

👔 No. Of Employees:- 501-1000

💰 Total Funding Amount:- $375.9M

About The Company

Zocdoc was designed to solve patient problems related to online appointment booking. It helps the users to look for local healthcare providers and allows them to schedule in-person visits. It has over 50 categories of specialists based on the symptoms and treatments that patients look for.

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With the innovation of telemedicine, doctors and hospitals can seamlessly connect and deliver medical services to patients remotely. The best telemedicine apps are filling the gaps between healthcare service providers and patients across the world.

Well if you are looking for a reliable telemedicine app development company and build disruptive solutions like the above mentioned then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to develop a telemedicine app?

The time to build a fully functional web/mobile app is based on several factors. Customized designing work can take around 4-8 weeks, depending on the project’s complexity, user roles, and platforms.

After that, the product development could go anywhere from 10-20 weeks, depending on the functionalities. We follow an agile methodology that allows us to deliver updates and review every 2-3 weeks. Also, we have a demo day for all stakeholders once a month.

What does your development process looks like?

Our development process is based on the Agile Scrum methodology. We start by defining the project scope through Design Sprint and then divide the whole project into sprints that are further divided into milestones. Each sprint goes through a demo and customer UAT. You can read more about our process here.

How do you guarantee code quality?

All our code goes through a quality audit and review byCodeGrip.tech. The reports are available in an easy-to-understand format as part of the sprint.

Can we get started with development in the next 24 hrs?

Yes, that is possible. That being said, we, of course, would require a proper plan and structure before we start. The sooner we can get through the nitty-gritty and KPIs for the engagement, we can get started.

How much does it cost to develop a telemedicine app?
A simple app may take less than 500 hours of work and maybe budgeted in the range of 10K-30K USD. A mid-complexity app takes nearly 1000 to 3000 hours to build such a mobile app, and the pricing starts at $30,000. The estimated time frame for developing complex mobile applications is 3000+ man-hours, and the approx price starts at $80,000.

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