What Does A Data Analytics Consultant Do? Skills, Roles & Responsibilities

Data analytics can be extremely useful for businesses in various industries. A data analyst can help extract valuable insights from large sets of numerical data, which can then solve problems and improve business performance.  

Data analytics consultants typically work in a consulting firm or a corporate setting or may be self-employed. They draw meaningful insights and solve problems using data sets and models. To begin, we will first try to understand what analytics consultants are, their responsibilities and what skills a data analytics consultant has.

What Is An Analytics Consulting?

Analytics consultants help organizations establish a data-driven strategy by transforming data into information to ensure competitive advantage and operational efficiency and explore insights. 

The consultant is responsible for helping shape the analytics strategy for the company, including the organization, processes and tech stack. In addition, they will be working on analytics projects that will serve the internal organization and help improve their decision-making.

Lastly, they will be helping to deliver analytics capabilities in the products. Most B2B and B2C products offer benefits using analytics to end-users, and consultants can help build the features to provide such benefits. 

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Roles And Responsibilities Of Analytics Consultant

Data analytics consultants are experts in specified areas, which involve different tasks such as reviewing data to discover insights and offering expertise in data management. The experts use the results of their analysis to make predictions and help guide business strategy and decision-making.

For example, they may identify market trends or determine new regions for growth opportunities. Therefore, data analytics consultants must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and communicate their findings effectively to non-technical stakeholders

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Analytics Consultant | Mindbowser

Here’s a list of typical responsibilities for a data analytics consultant; 

  1. Guiding data management and governance. 
  2. Designing and managing database and data flow. 
  3. Developing data models for process improvement.
  4. Addressing gaps in data journey across multiple business units. 
  5. Examine data and processes to help assess current positions and potential problems or opportunities. 
  6. Data management, warehousing, integration and migration are all important aspects of the business. 
  7. Recommend areas of the company that can improve data use. 
  8. Train and mentor the staff across several areas, such as inputting data, data analysis and using data in various ways. 
  9. They follow protocols regarding processing confidential data. 
  10. They create reports, dashboards and data visualizations using multiple systems. 

Skills Of A Data Analytics Consultant

As we discussed above, analytics consultants are responsible for poring data, discovering actionable metrics and then processing the data so businesses can easily understand what changes are to be made to achieve the desired results. Some skill sets are accepted to have in a good analytics consultant. We have listed below some of them; 

Skills of data analytics consultants | Mindbowser

Critical Thinking

A data analytics consultant is a professional who uses their skills in critical analysis to improve the company’s current data processes. They help businesses to manage their data in a relevant manner by identifying areas to improve and suggesting possible solutions. Consultants play an important role in ensuring the data is managed effectively and securely within a company. 

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Technical Expertise

A data consultant is responsible for managing, organizing and analyzing data using a computer, making technical expertise an important skill. Knowing how different software and tools work, consultants can guide their clients through installing new programs and updating the existing systems for optimal data performance. Additionally, technical expertise allows consultants to solve issues with software downloads, install updates, and get tasks done quickly. 

Efficient Communication

Data analytics consultants rely on their ability to effectively explain complicated data concepts to those needing help understanding them. Through effective communication, the consultants can develop protocols and help users to understand the issues related to softwares. In addition, the consultants assist the organizations in making their data, which demands good communication. 

Statistical Knowledge

Every data consultant should have proper statistics knowledge and skills as it helps understand the procedures of gathering and storing data. Understanding the relevant metrics and analysis enables the consultant to gain accurate results. Also, it allows consultants to advise teams on business decisions based on the analysis. 

Project Management & Collaboration

While leading a data analytics project, an analytics consultant must be impartial. Allocating tasks to the team has to be done from a neutral perspective, according to each team member’s specialization. The team member and the client must communicate every problem in detail. Finally, the solution should be brainstormed with the team, creating multiple opportunities for finding successful solutions. 

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Analytics consultants play a vital role in the world of business today. They work with the client to help identify the problem, analyze the situation, and develop a solution. Unlike other consultants, analytic consultants don’t provide specific software solutions.

Instead, they focus more on analyzing the data and identifying a solution that ensures the client’s best outcome. This may include suggestions on how to use the software or process better to achieve the desired results. 

At Mindbowser, we provide data analytics consulting services to our clients with our expertise and best practices. Our experts work in a pattern that helps you gain solutions to every problem backed by a highly professional team.

We have experience working with different industry pools and ensured success for them. Want to know more about our services? Connect with us today and have ideas come to life. 

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